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Readers Respond: How do your pets create an attitude of gratitude?

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From the article: Grateful For... Pets
Grateful for Pets
Pets bring so much to our lives. Ask any pet lover what they are grateful for, and invariably they will respond with "my pets." But what exactly does being grateful for pets mean? Are you grateful that your pet survived injury or illness? What can pets teach us about gratitude?

Pets Who Are Grateful
Do your pets show appreciation? How do they tell you that they are thankful?

Please share your thoughts about pets and gratitude. Why are you grateful?

One more day....

there is something inside a dog that I feel no other animal has..they know when I am not having a good day (battling cancer), they watch my every move..if I get up, they follow..they sense when I'm sad..they just lay at my feet and each time I move, they look up..they jump on the couch and surround me on each side, putting their heads on my lap..it brings me comfort. They know something is going on. God bless my doggies. I love them so much.
—Guest Yolanda Diaz Hamby

Our beautiful little Akita.....

Friday night all was fine, our beautiful 6 1/2 month old Akita pup was happy and playful as always... Saturday morning the nightmare began... upon giving him breakfast he refused to eat and a few minutes later vomitted although it was clear and a little foamy, we took him straight to he Vet which kept him for two days but he just got worse... on sunday the bloody diarrhea started and also bloddy vomit, Monday we took him to the animal hospital where he has been for 3 days now on an IV with fluids, antibiotics (2-3 diff types) and vitamins... yesterday he improved and has started eating again, today we are hoping to bring him home.... it has been 6 days of hell but our prayers have worked, our little boy who's life has just begun is going to come back to us.... We are extremely grateful to all the Vets and nurses who have cared for him, be sure to act quickly if your dog falls ill or you could end up losing them....
—Guest J K

An old Woman and Her Fur Kids

I'm going to be very frank ... I'm an older woman in an unhappy marriage. When we bought a little speckled puppy at a flea market for twenty dollars I had no idea the healing powers he had. He mended my heart and gave me unconditional love -- and something to love. Recently we gave him a playmate. She has the same healing powers. Who would have Known?
—Guest PatsyII

Grateful for 3 vets and my dog Casper

Our 12 year old Dachsie, Casper, suddenly was very sick two weeks ago. Initially, our Vets thought he had pancreatitis, but he had a very severe allergic reaction to a bee, wasp, or spider bite which effected his GI tract. They told us to be prepared for the worst. He might not recover. But with family and friends prayers and the 3 Vets helping him, he pulled through and is back to his old self. We are so happy. And so grateful for the Vets help and that Casper is still brighting every day of our lives.
—Guest Glenn

Grateful for my two dogs

When my husband died, my dog kept me going when I didn't want to do anything. I had to get up and feed him, walk him. He is my soul partner for he has seen my deepest sorrows. I recently adopted a puppy and she has brought love and laughter into my home. Thank God for dogs. I would not be surviving as well without them.


I am grateful that there's never a dull moment at our house, with our 6 rescued "kids". I am grateful I am not "bugged" by the endless fur around, and I am grateful to be married to a wonderful man who loves our furry kids as much as I!

just being there

The most important thing Carpark (my cat) does for me is to be there. I am so grateful that he's there when I get home from a tough day at work, and he's there when I have good news to celebrate, and he sits on my lap when I'm too tired to move. I'm also grateful to the person who left him in the parking lot where I found him!
—Guest Amanda Brown, DVM

I am grateful

I am grateful that my pets are healthy and happy. They give me days of happiness by looking at their faces when I wake up in the morning.
—Guest kathy

Why are you grateful?

How do your pets create an attitude of gratitude?

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