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Lily Toxicity

Easter Lily Dreamstime / Fedor Kondratenko

Spring is here and plants and flowers are popping up everywhere. One seasonal plant, the Easter Lily, is deadly to cats. Learn about the dangers here.

Poisonous Plants and other Hazards
Veterinary Medicine Spotlight10

Why (and what) is my senior dog "leaking"?

Monday April 14, 2014

Old Blonde Retriever by chriswsn on FlickrMany dog owners have been startled to find a wet spot on the floor or bed after a pet gets up after a nap. The dog is usually feeling fine otherwise and may not seem to notice the leakage.

This is different than other types of soiling accidents; the dog isn't aware that the leakage is happening. Have you noticed this with your dog?

Learn more: Urinary incontinence in senior dogs

Photo: Old Blonde Retriever by chriswsn on Flickr

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Cat Fights Part 3 - Help at Home and Beyond

Friday April 11, 2014

Bacon the Cat / Theresa DePorter, BS, DVM, DECAWBM, DACVBVeterinary behaviorist Theresa DePorter, BS, DVM, DECAWBM, DACVB continues the discussion on reducing feline aggression in the household with more tips to make cats feel comfortable and secure, hopefully reducing inter-cat stress and aggression. Also in this interview, learn about the clinical trial that Dr. DePorter is working on to assess management and resolution of aggression between familiar housemate cats with a new pheromone formulation.

Learn More: Cat Aggression Interview Part 3

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Photo: Bacon the Cat / Theresa DePorter, BS, DVM, DECAWBM, DACVB

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Cat Fights Part 2 - Reducing Cat Housemate Aggression

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Cat Confrontation - Gandee Vasan/Iconica/Getty ImagesIf your cats are just not getting along - due to age, gender, or personality differences - or worse, if your cat has been injured by a new cat housemate, is there any hope? What can be done to help smooth things out?

Veterinary behaviorist Theresa DePorter DVM DECAWBM DACVB offers insight and tips in this installment of of the Reducing Cat Aggression interview.

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Photo: Cat Confrontation - Gandee Vasan/Iconica/Getty Images

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Cat Fights: Understanding Feline Aggression

Monday April 7, 2014

Brand New Images/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesCats are tricky. Solitary in nature, some cats do enjoy feline companionship. It is hard to predict just how a new feline addition will be accepted into an established household. In some circumstances, a stressful event may alienate previously friendly cats.

In this interview series with veterinary behaviorist Theresa DePorter DVM DECAWBM DACVB, learn how to identify cat stress, the signs of inter-cat aggression, and tips on keeping everyone happy -- cats and humans alike.

Part 1: Understanding Feline Aggression


Photo: Brand New Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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