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Readers Respond: Tell us about having your dog or cat spayed or neutered

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Spaying and neutering are considered to be routine, elective surgeries. And, for a young healthy animal, they are. After a short recovery period, the pet resumes life as normal. Sometimes though, the pet may be in heat, pregnant, do too much licking or be too active post-surgery.

There is also some debate at what age (if at all) pets should be spayed and neutered. What's your opinion?

Please share your pet's spay or neuter story or your opinions about spaying, neutering and pet overpopulation. Share your story

false heat

thank you!!!! we are in a jamb. we have a young spayed female (6 months post-spay) who suddenly got our males out of control. no symptons. ok now but will take her to our vet & make sure no infection. but thanks cause we had no idea how a spayed dog could suddenly cause what looked like an obvious heat.
—Guest rich es

Spay/no Spay?

My first yorkshire terrier, which I got as a puppy, I did not spay. Had her 16 years without a health problem. No mammary cancer no nothing. Of course I watched her & I never had problems with her heats. After losing her I waited 6 years to get another companion. I decided to have this yorkie spayed because they scare you into it. So I did and the poor thing was in pain and would not come out of her crate for three days. I said never again. There are now studies being done that early spaying may attribute to the rise in cushings. Very personal decision. It seems the smaller dogs have more problems. I have no intention of breeding but no spaying for me.
—Guest Bobbie

Spay during heat

I dropped my Calico off 02/25/14 for a spay and the vet did not tell me she was in heat until after the surgery was done... no additional cost and she explained the possible complications..MiMi is doing great!
—Guest Chan

Spay while in estrus

I foster Weimaraners. I am currently caring for a 2 or 3 year old female who had puppies about 12 weeks ago. When she came to us her last puppy had just been adopted(at 8 weeks old), so we had to wait a couple of weeks for her milk to dry up before we could have her spayed. After 2 or 3 weeks we had the surgery done and found out that she had already started her heat cycle again! I am very surprised that she is in heat even after her surgery, but I am glad it had been done when it was. There were no problems from the surgery and she is healing wonderfully.
—Guest Weim Jess

Animal lover

I've had boo coo animals in my life... I now have 9 dogs & 6 cats. About half rescue. I've not had any " oh my god" moments due to nutering. It's best to get them fixed ASAP!! Too many animals ' not enough good homes.
—Guest Deb

Please spay / neuter!!!!

I've had 3 dogs since I was a child who all have been fixed at different ages. My childhood golden retriever was spayed as a puppy and had no complications. She grew up thinking of us kids as her own pups. My now 3 yr old Yorkie was neutered after he had already dropped. I wish now I would have done it while he was a puppy because while he was a dog looking for a female he taught himself to jump OVER fences and now even though he no longer is interested in females if he gets board he's going to jump the fence. Me and my fiancee just got a 9 month chocolate lab mix and she was in heat when we got her ... Not only was it a mess for us to clean up but it was extremely uncomfortable for her. She would be playing or laying at our feet relaxing and then out of nowhere she jumps up whining and humping the air. We got her fixed and even though she is uncomfortable now here in a few weeks it will be all over and she will never have to go through it again. My parents did research on every vet av
—Guest Amie

Ask Questions!!

When I brought my year old hound in to be spayed I asked every question under the sun. The vet kept telling me the whole thing was very routine and not to worry. While I really liked the vet up until this point and was very comfortable with the practice I was not feeling comfortable with the curt answers. Needless to say my hound and I left. I was not going to keep an appointment where I was not happy. I asked friends and coworkers about their experiences and found a vet I was comfortable with. We had a great experience with our new vet! She is happy and healthy with no complications. Remember this is YOUR dog if you don't like what the vet has to say LEAVE!!
—Guest squeaker1

my bby chi..chloe

3 days ago I had my 11month blue chi spayed I can understand that its better for her health but Im starting to regret having her fixed 1she was in pain in her sleep she was whimpering im not sure if it was cuz she was in pain or was she traumatized from the surgery now shes also having trouble controlling her bladder is this normal or am I just overacting ....
—Guest iris

Why? For what Purpose

My question to vets and animal lovers is this: What purpose do the hormones produced in the testicles or ovaries of our animals serve? Both of my Goldens had tumors and were not neutered. My current Golden is very bright and yet he does not have the drive the others had. He is not aggressive nor were the others. Testosterone provides protection in humans and animals from many illnesses. Review the data and don't get your dog neutered. We don't neuter male humans because as we age we know testosterone declines and so do the symptoms of andropause and diseases.

Neutering your male

I have to say that the only change I have seen in my two males that are neutered, is the fact that they shoot blanks. One was a year old when neutered and the other was 6 months. They both still hike their leg and pee on everything and will still hook up with a female in heat. So spaying my female was the only excellent results I have had with the spaying and neutering situation, and that was a true blessing in the fact that no more heat cycles.

a stressful move

Recently we adopted a 3 year old chihuahua x dachound. she was spayed 2 days before we got her. On the Satuday when we got her she seemed totally fine and recovered, wanting to explore the house, mark her territory and watch the chipmunks but was still casuous of her jumping ect. After about 2 hours of having her we noticed one of her stitches had come undone and her intestine was hanging out so we got her straight to the emergency vet. They told us it was very rare as when we told her on the phone she suspected it was a bit of tissue, which is normal. Turns out it was extremly rare and had to go into life saving surgery asap. I was terrified as we drove home, and for the rest of the night until we had a call saying it was the best possible situation and they just needed to clean her up and sew her back together. (As before they thougth they may have to cut off an intestine.) the next morning I was so happy to pick her up from the vets and now shes settled nicly into her new home.
—Guest Courtney Parson

My pug getting spayed

My baby pug She is one year old now and I decided to get her spayed because I thought it was the best thing, vets didn't explain anything to me just took her off me and I went to work. They called me at 2:00 saying she is doing ok and to pick her up at half 5. I went to pick her up and they took me in a room said her heart stopped under during the op but she is ok. I took her home she looked so sad, I thought what have I done to my beloved pug. She looks uncomfortable all the time I took her back for her post op check and they just removed the plaster and checked her temp that was it. Have to wait another week til the horrible metal stitches all up her stomach can be removed and the horrible Plastic cone is cutting into her little neck :-( I wouldn't get my next pug spayed. Not after this. Poor thing.
—Guest Alison

My dog

My dog was just recently neutered, and he is a year+ old. His marking stopped immediately. Within hours after his surgery, he was peeing and draining his bladder at that point, not reserving any to mark. When I take him out now, it's one pee, one poo and lots of walkies. :) He still has 10 more days left before the e-collar comes off, and he's doing great.. same sweet, amazing dog, just not as nuts as he was before.. :D
—Guest Akiko

Get them spayed early

Our 8 month old puppy is scheduled to be spayed in 3 weeks. She's in heat now and I wish we would of had her spayed sooner because this is not a pleasant experience to have to deal with. Having to deal with all the bleeding and having to buy doggy diapers and make sure she's wearing them at all times so she doesn't bleed all over the furniture (and this heat cycle can last up to 3 weeks or longer) so I suggest you have them spayed as soon as 5 or 6 months because its a hassle if you wait like we did.
—Guest Holland


My pup was neutered at 3 months and not a problem at all. Stray female 6 months just adopted us from abusive neighbor went right into heat, now we must wait the 6 weeks for her to return to normal to be spayed. I wish people would stop thinking everyone should have a dog. Take care of it, feed it, let it live with you, train with patience, praise and perservrance then you have another family member. Thanks for letting me rant.
—Guest Animal lover

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