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Readers Respond: Has your dog or cat had a urinary tract infection or urinary behavior problem?

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Urinary tract infections in pets are common. Many of the signs of urinary problems for dogs and cats are similar. While both dogs and cats have the potential to become obstructed ("blocked"), this potentially life-threatening situation is more common in male cats. Prompt veterinary care is essential, as blocked animals may die within hours.

In some cases, the signs are mild - increased frequency of urination or excessive licking. In any case, a trip to the vet is in order to clear up the infection and search for other problems such as bladder stones. Has your pet had a urinary tract infection, blockage or stones?

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Uncontrollable bladder

My 15 week old pit just recently started peeing every where in the house in a 20 min. Span even after taking him out and sometimes it would only be the size of a quarter he peed and we punished him like any other time and we were so confused all day why he was doing this then later that night he was losing balance then randomly running around the house in circles barking then would stop and start falling over again. It was the most oddest thing I've ever seen so we took him to the vet and she said it was due to something he probably ate and gave him treatment to get it out of whatever it was in his system. We're tight on money so we couldn't afford all the tests to run for a kidney problem so they said the peeing should stop along with the symptoms. Well he's back to normal but not his bladder and it's getting frustrating because we can't punish him cause we feel something is wrong. We're going for tests next week because it seems serious now. Could it be a UTI or something more?
—Guest Taylor

Senior dog losing weight too fast

I have a 13 year old Ridgeback mix...he lost 20 pounds within months. We took him to the vet and all she said was there was nothing she could find wrong. But my husband I are not convinced. He drinks lots of water, licks his paws continually and urinates in his pet bed. We know he's not meaning to do that and we are desperate for any answers to his condition. I've seen other senior dogs his size in our neighborhood and they look good. He will still eat, doesn't seem to be in pain and still loves his walks. Any clues would be so helpful.
—Guest Paula

Blood in dog urine

15 year female spayed 45 lb Irish setter. She wakes up every night about 3-4 AM crying to to urinate. Treated for 21 days 875 mg. Amoxicillin/Clavulanate for possible UTI, then 10 days of CIPRO. Urinalysis revealed large number of Red Blood Cells ,bacteria and glucose are negative. Vet says “thickening” of her bladder could be cancer or “benign” growth. Not a candidate for general anesthesia for bladder exam. Duralactin prescribed for "inflammation" Diazepam as a sedative at night (no effect!), Benadryl (no effect) Not in pain. Walks, no arthritis problems or pain, has appetite, sometimes vomits if drinks water too fast or in large amounts. Itchy hairless spot on neck about 4 inches long and wide. MalAcetic Ultra lotion twice a day(no effect), NO problems walking, has an appetite. What can we do to get her to sleep through the night and treat the red blood cells in her urine?

My cat is spraying everywhere!

My 13 year old female cat sprays/urinates on furniture, kitchen benches, appliances etc almost daily! Her urine showed no signs of FLUTD (she has been on a FLUTD Maintenance Diet for years) so the vet recommended Feliway but it hasn't helped. Her behaviour has changed a fair bit in the past year (clingy, doesn't go outside much anymore, vocalises etc) and I worry she has developed dementia. I also have a 13 year old male cat and they have never gotten along but he seems to be spraying now because she is. I have 3 litter trays that are cleaned regularly and there haven't been any new potentially stressful occurances lately that I can think of. I am at a complete loss and do not know what else to do.
—Guest Help!

Kidney and Cushings Disease

My dog had developed vision issues and weight loss very quickly. I took him into a VET who told me that it was all age related. The VET did say that it looks like he has allergies so here is a shot of cortisone to make him feel better. My dog's symptoms became much worst so I took him to another VET. The vet ran test and said he had cushings and diabetes. I mentioned to the orderly that another vet gave him a cortisone shot and I could hear the VET in the hallways saying , "oh my God, you are kidding". Supposibly the cordisone shot escalate glucose levels in dogs with diabetes. My dog was totally blind over ther the weekend and was losing weight every day not to mention drinking excess amounts of water and urinating. He was so tired and slept so much. I was willing to do whatever needed to be done but the VET said he also has a bleeding disorder and it would be better to put him to sleep which I did. The hardest decision in the world to make. I really miss you Hoover.
—Guest RavenVoyager

My dog pees while laying down

I have been noticing my dog laying in her pee a lot lately. After watching her more carefully I'm noticing she's unable to control her pee. And now every time she lays down for a period of time she pees what could be causing this? PLEASE SEE: http://vetmedicine.about.com/od/diseasesconditionsfaqs/f/FAQ_urineincont.htm
—Guest Sarah


Our Amos died today from at least a urinary tract infection, I wish I had found this site earlier. He saw the Vet Friday, Developed the urinary symptoms on Saturday, could not pee, showed blood, etc. The catch is it is a long weekend holiday and our call was not returned and we did not know the Urgency of the situation. Surely Vets could co-ordinate an emergency call back service, not just be away. They deserve a holiday as much as anyone but advice for emergencies might have made a difference.
—Guest Peter

13 yo w/UTI

My 13 yo cat went potty on my dogs bed 5 days ago and today on my own bed. I took her to the vet this morning suspectng a UTI> She didn't produce enough urine throughout the day for vet to get a sample, so she is spending the night there so they can get some in the morning. Hoping she will be okay and that I didn't wait too long! Missing my baby girl!
—Guest mamabev

Canine UTI

My 13+ year old cattle dog tested positive for Lyme in Aug, and a routine urinalysis also showed a UTI. She was put on Doxy for 30 days for the Lyme (ended last week), and when I dropped off another urine sample, it still showed evidence of the UTI. She is now on Clavamox for 2 weeks (started yesterday). Preceding all of this was the start of occasional urine leakage when she was in a deep sleep. Is it possible that the leakage was due to what would now be a long-standing UTI? How does a dog get a UTI? Will this be a chronic condition or should it clear up? And the urine leakage-UTI or old spayed female dog? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to clean the stained hair around her vaginal opening?

wakes me up every night...

our cat likes to "paw" all over me every night about the same time, 4:00a.m...He will NOT STOP until I get up with him. He usually wants running water from the bathroom sink. He has even urinated on me on several occasions if I do not get up. Why does he do this?
—Guest Ivan

Cat soiling in all rugs

We have a 15 yr old female cat we started bringing in my sister in laws male cat he won't go home so I let him come in. Now my cat soils on every rug we have down. I'm ready to get her a new home or other . Don't no what to do help help. NOTE FROM GUIDE: Your cat needs to have an exam at the vet - many possible medical problems at her age to be causing these signs.
—Guest Slim shady

Dogs bladder stones

My little dog had a bladder stone the size of a banny egg when she was only two. She had to have surgery, she was so far gone, one misdiagnoses with one vet. Then for three years we had her on homemade dog food, checking her PH balance...she stayed clean. I had to be out of country and we put her back on dry dog food, and 3 months she has a stone the size of a quarter. So she is on the diet to disolve the stone, then she will be back on homemade dog food.

house is the cat box

I have three cats. One is an 18 year old tuxedo, male who urinates and deficates on the carpet & furniture, mostly on the carpet. I have a gray & white female who never has an accident and a Bengal, female age unknown who was left in our neighborhood. The Bengal uses our furniture when she is hacked off and can not get outside, she and our male have thier issues but co habitate now under live and let live conditions. I have not noticed my male having trouble urinating but his poop is rock hard sometime during his life he did use a cat box, he has moved with us several times to new states. Being 18 yrs old I can not let him go despite his potty problems. Our cats have thier own room covered in cardboard, with play furniture, eating station and cat boxes on the other side of the room yet my male will go outside in the back yard, use the carpet repeated but not the box. I give! We have lost our carpet, and furniture I love my cats & will care till thier death but no more!

struvite bladder stones

Hi Haileys mum, great job following your gut on not doing long term on prescription diet. Watch fish intake, high in calcium and phospherous which cause struvites, oils are ok but no other fish type should be given. apple cider viniger is also great for keeping pH down, but remember to check at the same time every day. Food and other things effect it throughout the day. good luck!!!!
—Guest livia Metcalf

Cat Urinating

My cat always goes to the litter box but she sometimes pees outside of the litter box while she is in the litter box
—Guest Richard

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Has your dog or cat had a urinary tract infection or urinary behavior problem?

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