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Readers Respond: Has your dog or cat had a urinary tract infection or urinary behavior problem?

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Urinary tract infections in pets are common. Many of the signs of urinary problems for dogs and cats are similar. While both dogs and cats have the potential to become obstructed ("blocked"), this potentially life-threatening situation is more common in male cats. Prompt veterinary care is essential, as blocked animals may die within hours.

In some cases, the signs are mild - increased frequency of urination or excessive licking. In any case, a trip to the vet is in order to clear up the infection and search for other problems such as bladder stones. Has your pet had a urinary tract infection, blockage or stones?

Uncontrollable bladder

My 15 week old pit just recently started peeing every where in the house in a 20 min. Span even after taking him out and sometimes it would only be the size of a quarter he peed and we punished him like any other time and we were so confused all day why he was doing this then later that night he was losing balance then randomly running around the house in circles barking then would stop and start falling over again. It was the most oddest thing I've ever seen so we took him to the vet and she said it was due to something he probably ate and gave him treatment to get it out of whatever it was in his system. We're tight on money so we couldn't afford all the tests to run for a kidney problem so they said the peeing should stop along with the symptoms. Well he's back to normal but not his bladder and it's getting frustrating because we can't punish him cause we feel something is wrong. We're going for tests next week because it seems serious now. Could it be a UTI or something more?
—Guest Taylor

Senior dog losing weight too fast

I have a 13 year old Ridgeback mix...he lost 20 pounds within months. We took him to the vet and all she said was there was nothing she could find wrong. But my husband I are not convinced. He drinks lots of water, licks his paws continually and urinates in his pet bed. We know he's not meaning to do that and we are desperate for any answers to his condition. I've seen other senior dogs his size in our neighborhood and they look good. He will still eat, doesn't seem to be in pain and still loves his walks. Any clues would be so helpful.
—Guest Paula

Help me in Reno

My kitty had a UTI a few months ago that was treated by the vet with medication and would urinate outside the catbox on throw rugs. If the throw rugs were not there she pees directly on the carpet. We tried EVERYTHING! We changed the type of litter, put the litter box near where she pees on the rug, cleaned the rug etc etc. and she still continues to do it. She is the MOST WONDERFUL kitty in the world and I feel so bad this is happening, not only for her but for ME! I also changed her food. I am at my wits end. Nothing has changed in the house and we have a very calm household with no children.
—Guest Jeannie

Can't afford vet care? How about this?

I am a member of IFAW. I know that one of the services they offer is vet care for people who just can't come up with the money to provide extensive, needed care. You might want to look into this to see if there is any way they can help if you cannot provide this care. I am a contributing member because i believe that everyone should be able to have a pet, but that they should also be able to provide the care their pet needs. To help low income people IFAW does do this. If I were in the position of needing care for my animal, I would try them first to see if they have a clinic nearby to help that can help. I realize how expensive vet care can be. My cat, over the 11 years of her life has cost approxamately $4000.00. But she is still with me and there will be more costs as she grows older. I can't imagine not being able to provide that care, or to not be able to have a fur friend in the house because I couldn't.
—Guest Susie

Thank you!

Male cat started to exhibit some of these symptoms, I knew right away and got him to the vet for treatment! I saved this article and when my 4 year old male cat started to show these symptoms I knew to get him to the vet right now. Thanks to you my best friend is better and still with me! You guys saved my cats life! I cannot thank you enough! NOTE FROM GUIDE: Great news! I am glad your cat got the help he needed asap.
—Guest wendy hanson

Urinary tract problems

If your cat has problems urinating, i.e. straining to go with no result, please go to your vet. Don't wait. Our cat died yesterday after operation to unblock tract. The urine had backed up and poisened him. We got him to the vet within 48 hours but we were too late. Please don't wait to see if the blockage will clear itself.
—Guest Angela

Cat has crystal in bladder problem

When my cat was a few years old, she suddenly stopped using her box. On examination I found she was bleeding from her bladder and took her immediately to her vet. They had to do a surgical proceedure to remove crystals from her bladder. She has been on prescription food for the last 7-8 years and the problem has not returned. People have told me I am stupid to pay so much for cat food, but, one, it works, and two, that is enough for me to make sure she doesn't have to ever go through that again. She had no problem going right back to her box when the crystals and infection were gone. I clean her box every morning and check to see if she has urinated enough and has moved her bowels, because even through what must have been a very painful time she did not act sick or complain. Cats are very stoic and you have to keep a close eye on them or you might miss something important.
—Guest Susie

Urinary behavior problem solved

Yes my cat had a urinary behavior problem which turned out to be because the litterbox wasn't too clean. I used clumping litter and I guess there was stuff left after I scooped. If you have this problem I would suggest buying Clumperdumper because it worked for me. It gets litter very clean and stopped my cat from peeing on the side of the box or the floor.
—Guest TGeorge12

cat peeing on the rug

My 14 yr old fixed female cat has been peeing on the bathoom,kitchen and laundry rugs for a few months now and I just noticed she has started to lose weight and I cannot afford to spend a lot of money at the vet as I am barely getting by as it is

my cat chance had a second bout with uri

this was the second time my cat had blockage,it was recommended that he have surgery.basically they turned my neutered male into a female.he is not a happy cat. he has a lot of stitches so he has to wear the lampshade for 2 weeks,he hates it.he wants to go outside and run free ,he can't.he is one pissed off cat.he's urinating and defecating on the floor.he is urinating on my bed and furniture.I DON'T KNOW IF WE WILL SURVIVE ANOTHER WEEK OF THIS,BEFORE HE GETS HIS STITCHES OUT,..I know he's upset and doesn't understand and is actually depressed.and is showing his feelings the only way he can.i even fenced in a part of the yard where he can go into the shed for shelter.so he could at least go outside and be safe.he thinks its another form of punishment,he goes in the building,lays in his bed and sulks.I am totally frustrated.

Cat urinates on rug after our vacation

After we are gone for a prolong vacation (3 weeks+), my cat will start urinate on my rug upon our return. We have cat sitter but I think my cat has behaviorial problem and does not like us to be away for a long time. Also, making sure her litter box in perfect condition will probably help a bit of a cat's social problem.
—Guest Jo

From puddles to lakes!

I have a senior dog, he's about 17 or 18. Every now and then he'll go on a streak of leaving us huge puddles in the dining room floor, and just a second ago he left us with...a lake streaking from the dining room all the way into the kitchen. Vet bills are expensive at the moment, so we're going to try limiting his water amount because he does drink a lot of water. Thanks for the article! EDITOR'S NOTE: I do not recommend withholding water - it could lead to dehydration and other problems. Please call your vet for advice.
—Guest Lindsey

She Peed On The Couch!

Our 14 year old cat Spooky has always been really good about using the litterbox but lately instead of crouching down to urinate she's been standing up and rising as she continues to go. We've put plastic up behind the litter boxes to contain the overflow but then this morning she actually peed on the couch and I saw her doing it! And just like in the box, she started in a semi sitting posture and then rose as she pressed down with her tail up and kind of trembling as she was going. She gets super stressed about going to the vet so I'm unsure about what to do. EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, a vet check is in order as soon as possible to rule out an infection. For reducing trip stress, please see: http://vetmedicine.about.com/od/cathealthfaqs/qt/FAQ_cattravel.htm
—Guest Bob in DC

dog urinary tract infection

I thought that I was going to lose my pom to UTI even with vet care. Started feeding him NutroUlta holistic. food saved his life
—Guest jill mitchell

cats unable to urinate

our male cat was seen lying on his back a lot which didn't concern us at first. as time went on we realized he had a problem urinating. he would squat alot but didnt seem to be able to urinate. we made a vet appt. put him in the garage and when we went out to get him to go to the vet he had died. i realize now the reason he was lying on his back was probably a way to releive some pain. it doesnt take long for them to die from this. a vet told me he had to of had a obstruction in the urinary tract. too bad we did not get him to the vet sooner. anything out of the ordinary could be a sign of problems.
—Guest mojo

Struvite Bladder Stones

My then 5 yr old female collie mix was diagnosed with a bladder infection as well as struvite stones. My vet and I decided to treat the stones with diet rather than surgery. Months of antibiotics and Hills Prescription diet dissolved stones as big as nickels. The vet recommended a life long diet of Hills Prescription Diet, though my research showed this food is anything but nutritional. As I found that the stones were caused by a bladder infection, my quest was to eliminate future bladder infections - hence eliminating the formation of future struvite stones. Hailey had been on Hills CD kibble and I switched her cold turkey to a raw, dehydrated diet which was turkey based. She also gets 1 cranberry capsule (to ward off bacteria adhering to the bladder walls), raw and cooked turkey, sweet and white steamed potatoes, mackerel, tuna, salmon, eggs and Omega 3 oil. I also check her urine PH to keep it just under 7.
—Guest Hailey's Mom

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