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Readers Respond: Dealing with Canine Parvo

Responses: 212


What I would do different

My daughter bumped me as I was typing my first response . I wanted to say what I would do Different - wether it would change anything only god knows . First if the breeder says they have their shots - I honestly would not believe them , the very moment that pup is in hand you get their shots . When it's time for the boosters. - do not cancel or reschedule the appointment - do not put it off . . The moment your pup starts acting depressed or not interested , has vomit something is wrong. Do not wait -every second counts with this virus . take them to the vet the moment you can get in their door . If I could do it over I would leave our beautiful cupcake at the vet. - no matter how detected you are / It seems having them on IV gives them a better chance , I was over confident I could save her and I was so wrong. If I could do it over I would max that card out in a second to hold her again. .
—Guest Mother to cupcake

Our beautiful

Our sweet red heeler - corgi mix . Started acting lethargic and vomiting on Thursday . I took her to the vet that Thursday morning and it was confirmed she had parvo . To leave her there would be around $800 ,I would have to max a credit card just to pay the bill . I did research in line and there was so many who saved their pup by being vigilant and giving their pet contestant fluid . I figured I was one of those people - So we came home with antibiotics and anti vomiting meds, plus the shots she got at the vet. - I was so optimistic . I feed her pedi lite every 15 to 30 minutes and gave her the medicine she got from the vet . Our cupcake went down hill very fast -the virus ravaged her body she went from a happy beautiful pup Wednesday to dying in my arms on Friday night . It was heart breaking and very painful death for her .
—Guest Mother to cupcake

9 Month Old Sharpe/German Shep. Mix

My Sohpi had all of her shots including the Fourth booster when she was little. We went to the nearest dog park, as was our custom on sunny afternoons, and a woman brought a pack of dogs from her rescue. 10 days later Sophi puked up her dinner and was very lethargic. Alarmed, I refused to wait a single night. I took her to the 24 vet and they diagonsed her with Parvo. The vet was very bleak when assessing her chances. The only ray of hope he offered was the fact that she'd had all of her shots and was a little older. We paid $70 for the exam, $55 for the Parvo test, and over $100 for an anti nausea and antibiotic shot. We took her home and fed her 6 10 mm doses of Gatorade every two hours. Even getting up twice in the night to give her liquid. After about 24 hours she perked up almost to her normal self. She still has diarrhea but no vomit since that first night. I am not thinking she is out of the woods yet but I think that catching it AS SOON as she started showing symptoms saved her
—Guest Sohpi's Mama

In God's Hands

All I can say is this is a nightmare! My puppy has been fighting for 4 long days... It's been horrible :( but he is a fighter, and I won't give up on him. I'm so worried! :'( I hope he gets better! God help us.
—Guest YGO

Please pray for Bella

Our beautiful 9 month old staffy Bella was diagnosed with parvo on Monday I noticed she wasn't eating and Definately wasn't being herself I got her to the vet 6:30pm Monday night they diagnosed her with parvo. She wasn't very sick at that stage by the next day she was getting worse the vomiting and diarrea started by Wednesday the vet called and said she wasn't looking very well at all and said there was a blood transfusion type thing they could try which would cost $330 which we said Definately try anything you can to save our baby girl. By Thursday her temp had come down a bit but still very lethargic and unwell today is Friday she is still fighting! This morning her temp was normal an she was holding her head up by herself but still vomiting and diarrea with little bit of blood. I thought we got her there On time to make a speedy recovery but so far its been 4 heart wrenching days & 5 nights, I can't do anything I'm so distraughtfor my Bella girl. I pray for good news in the morning
—Guest Feeling broken

Apollo-American Bulldog Pup

My heart is breaking as I read all of your responses, so I am sending my prayers out to everyone who has lost their pet and hope for all the recovering puppies. We purchased our, Apollo, in MI on Thurs (3/6/14) he is 9 weeks old. During our travel from MI to TX, Apollo refused food/water and began vomitting/diarrhea. We assumed it was from the traveling. He arrived in TX this past Saturday at 6pm. By 9pm, he was hospitalized. The hospitalization for the weekend was $1200. He is still in the hospital, with a low white blood cell count, no vomitting, but still loose, bloody, stool. I pray he gets better soon...it's costing us $450 a day to keep him there. The Vet says he'll probably need another 4days, which we cannot afford. Please keep, Apollo in your prayers and I will do the same for all your Fur Babies.
—Guest MzWood

Max the rescue pup

I rescued a 6 month old pup from the shelter. He was already riddled with demodex mange and 4 days after getting out he fell very ill. Stopped eating or drinking and was very listless. Took him to the vet and he tested positive for parvo. He stayed there for 8 days and I've had him home for 3. He is eating but not drinking very much on his own. (I have to mix in his water with his food to get him to take in fluids.) Hopeful the worst will be behind him and he will get stronger ever day. He was already underweight and the virus took a toll on his body. I can now see every bone in his little body. He will have a long road to full recovery as I am trying to support him recovering from Parvo, Demodex, and now being emaciated. I pray he makes it. Please vaccinate your pets. This is a horrible virus and heartbreaking to watch.

parvo shooooo

My dog is suffring from parvo virus his name is snitch. I noticed that he vomitting and having a diarrhea contain blood. In the next morning we go to the veterinarian she said that our dog is suffering from parvo and he is dehydrated so the vet said he should be admit in the animal hospital or bring it in ur house as long as he has a dextrose. And now he survived in parvo but im worrying because he is not yet poop when he started taking his antibiotic last2 days. Is your dog have the same that he s not yet poop when he started taking his antibiotic?
—Guest mae

Sadie my 4 month old white lab

It all started when I noticed my little girl wasn't being her self and it wasn't but a few minutes later I noticed she wouldn't touch her food so I took her to my local vet right then. My vet wasn't worth the hundred dollars I paid him besides the fact he told me Sadie (my puppy) had parvo. I asked him what I needed to do his advice was to take her home make her a comfortable spot and go to work ( I work night shift) and that's when I realized that this guy had no hope for my little girl. I ran to wal mart bought pedialyte a dozen eggs a turkey baster a few cans of chicken broth and some pepto tablets. We got home I force fed her pedialyte in the baster and we payed on the couch. Every hour I gave her pedialyte every 2 hours chicken broth and every 8 hours a half of the pepto tablet needless to say I lived on my couch for 4 days and Sadie almost passed on me twice but with lots of prayer and encouragement my little puppy is as happy and healthy as ever I even called the vet to brag.
—Guest Daniel

My champ Gatsby

I just got Gatsby (a 10 week old borador) for my birthday 5 days ago and yesterday he came down with vomiting and diarrhea so we took him to the vet. They did all the tests even x-rays and pancreas tests and found nothing. They sent us home with anti-nausea meds and I/V fluids. That night he started vomiting and having diarrhea again so we took him to a different vet in the morning. They recommended we leave him there all day. He had a parvo test that came back negative again, but had the same symptoms. So in the evening they took another parvo test and that one was positive. They kept him until 6pm with fluids and anti-nausea meds and antibiotics. Now I have him at home with me again and I am monitoring him and giving him a little pedialyte to keep him hydrated but in the morning we're gonna do it all over again. The great news is he hasn't vomited today since he got home and he is keeping down the pedialyte. He did have some really dark brown (maybe bloody?) diarrhea only once but pe
—Guest Bianca

Pandoras Box

We got Pandora when she was 7 weeks old, when she reached 3 months she had gotten sick. The first day i noticed her poop was white, i thought it was weird and kept an eye on her. The next day she looked like she hadnt eaten in weeks and was throwing up and had horrible diarrhea. I took her to an emergency vet clinic to find out she had parvo. She stayed at the vet for 7 days, i visited her as often as i could. I couldnt stand to see her in that state, so small, so skinny, so helpless. But i had all the confidence in the world she would pull through, she had to! This dog was bulletproof! She tumbled down stairs, ran into sharp corners and just keep going! she had no time to slow down and i knew parvo didnt have a chance to take my baby away. And now she's almost 8 months old and incredible. She still throws up on a regular basis at least once a week but she's all good and healthy now
—Guest Caitlin

There is hope

I jus bought my puppy he is a english mastiff australin shepard pretty rare but beautiful iv had him almost two weeks but he has parvo and thats how my puppy shamrock passed away in november 2013 after spending 500$ for a home care kit! I am giving my new puppy pedylite and water up his rectum and chicken broth and he is getting so much better he is a fighter but were fighting together hes only 3 months old i kno hes in pain but i will pull him through this he is my baby and i wont let a disease take over our lives!!
—Guest courtney

Layla Jill

I have 3 dogs; jack, Jill, & Layla. It is now Friday here. Last Saturday I woke up & Jill was acting weird. She wasn't as spunky as she usually is.. She passed away yesterday morning from parvo. Her daughter Layla is in the hospital, right now she's doing good, but I want her to stay as long as possible! My jack is doing ok, but to be safe, keep an eye on eveeything your dog does. How they act, etc. Jill was my baby girl, she was a great mama. She didn't deserve to die. DO NOT keep your dogs at home while they have parvo.. Please take them to a vet immediately. After you take them to the vet, it's a 50/50 chance, but it's a better chance then taking matter into your own hands. The symptoms of the horrifying disease are; lethargy, vomiting, lose and or bloody stool, no appetite, depression, breathing rapidly, then death. My Jill experienced all of that & I was too blind to take her to the vet. Don't lose hope, just pray & do what's right. The vet will do all that they can!
—Guest Jill


Our dog Tucker is fighting this terrible virus right now. We adopted Tucker on Friday night,2/14/14. He was very energetic and playful through Saturday night. Very early on Sunday morning, he vomited but I didn't think too much of it. As the morning continued, he became very lethargic, vomited a couple more times & refused to eat. By noon we were at the emergency room. The vet did a snap test which came up with a weak positive for parvo. We called the shelter & they told us to take him to their partner vet & they would cover the cost. The er vet gave Tucker sub q fluids & an anti nausea shot & we drove the 40 minutes to the shelter's vet. On Monday, the vet said Tucker seemed a little better and by Tuesday felt Tucker could come home. Before we could leave to pick him up, the vet called to say he had thrown up and needed to stay another night. We went to see him on Weds., he was lethargic but happy to see us. This morning, Thurs.,the vet called & he can come home!
—Guest Sue


I got a pittbull puppy 2 months ago just about 2 weeks ago she started puking, having diarrhea, she was even going all over herself, I immediately knew something was wrong by the second day of this. I took her to vet, they tested for parvo and she had it, they told me she would most likely die and unfortunately there is no cure for this deadly disease. I had to spend almost 300 dollars for the medicine that might not even work, I knew I couldn't afford the price for a pet hospital, I was devastated and miserable because I could not do anything for my baby girl. The week passed and she was still surviving, my friend also gave me penicillin to give her along with the medicine on Thursday, Saturday morning I woke to a tail wagging, face licking, very hungry lovable dog again! She survived through all the agonizing pain, my baby girl is a fighter, I wish the luck to everyone else it was a miracle.
—Guest val
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