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Readers Respond: Dealing with Canine Parvo

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serviving parvo

My dog simba.was about 6 months when he caught parvo. We woke up one day went to feed him and he wouldn't eat or drink I knew something was wrong. I tried to give him some lunch meat so he would have something on his belly. He wouldnt take it. I told my husband something is wrong he won't even take table food. So next morning same thing I took him straight to vet they ran test and said yes it is exactly what I thought. They said he had to stay over night hooked to ivs and things but no promises they usually don't make it. The next day we went to get him they said he hadn't used the rest room at all the whole time. As we were walking out the door he shoot diariha everywhere. And I mean everywhere all over my pants and shoes it was bad. So we had to cover our car seats in trash bags and put on a doggy diaper. We made it home with no problem . But I had to keep him I'm the bathroom for I think 3 days becasue he was vomiting and shooting poop everywhere. We felt helpless.
—Guest Teena

Tiny Tim, Peanut, Jenny

Tiny Tim our 8 week old 1 &1/2 pound Chihuahua died Friday evening at the Emergency Vet Hospital. He started showing signs of being sick Friday around noon, tested Parvo positive and is dead. Now my 11 week old Chihuahua/ Yorkie mix is on her 3rd day of being sick & my 8 month old 52 lb. Jenny won't eat. My twin daughters are devastated, I'm bleaching everything I threw away all of Tiny Tim's stuff...this is heart breaking. I don't understand if they get shots how this happens. After almost 1,000 dollars of Vet bills I am stuck just trying to use Gatorade, ice chips, syrup on the gums for blood sugar and constantly cleaning up diarrhea and vomit. I'm not complaining I will do this for as long as it takes if they will get better, but after reading most of these and already knowing how horrible Parvo is I do not think they will survive. We have never had a sick dog in our lives. I bought Tiny Tim 3 days before he died & have to believe he brought it to my house. The breeder said he was u
—Guest Arrin Guest


This is a terrible thing for any poor puppy to go through. We got a puppy and took it in for its shots the next day these would be his first round of shots with us but his second Round overall. He tested positive for parvo and the vet said it was due to his weak immune system. Pugs are very sensitive. My fiancé and I couldn't give up on little Frankie so without a doubt immediately put him in the care of our vet. Iv and antibotics right away for treatment. So pricey but worth every penny. After three days in the hospital our vet recommended we take little Frankie home to continue treatment because he wasn't improving but he wasn't doing worse than before. He said constant love and attention would be better. We have fluid injections an his meds but we are still dealing with light blood in his throw up and diaherra. He randomly gets burst of energy and as long as he has hope we will keep fighting for our little Frankie. Prayers are greatly appreciated!
—Guest Frankie boy

Don't give up

I had a 2lb Shih Tzu puppy @ 7 weeks diagnosed with parvo. After the vet's diagnosis, we treated her at home with a medicine dropper hydrating her with water and feeding her baby food as often as we could. It didn't seem like much, but it must have been enough, because she survived and is thriving now. When I took her back for her scheduled visit after the initial diagnosis and her at home treatment, the vet techs and vet were all genuinely surprised to see she had survived. Each one tried to play nonchalant but it was obvious by the expression on their face that they didn't think she was going to return. So, do NOT automatically put them to sleep as one had suggested. For if we did that to our precious Elle, she would be her laying on my feet as I type this!!!
—Guest Beachmom3

baby lili

My german shepard puppy lili was diagnosed with parvo yesterday.. My heart is breaking as i didnt have the money for her to be treated until payday(military doesnt get paid nearly enough) a friend of mine gave me a bottle of amoxicilin and Ive been pushing gatorade and infant cereal down her throat. She seems to be up and doing a little better. Im just praying and continuing to do the same things i have been. I love my sweet lili and i have faith we will beat this!
—Guest chellie

My Dog Icy

Yesterday was one of the saddest days in my life my male maltese Icy passed away due to parvo and also due to my ignorance of not getting him fully vaccinated. I had only taken him to get 2 parvo shots, i didnt take him in time to get the rest he needed. First i noticed on saturday that he was really tierd and didnt really eat, but then later in the day he showed more energy as how he was, running and playing . Sunday in the evening he was weak again, and depressed and had diareah, the vets are closed here in my town on weekends. I found out that about an hr. Away from were i live there was a veterinary emergency hospital i rushed him there as soon as i saw how he was. He spent 2 nights there, the second day he looked so much better i had my hopes up that he was going to make it through, but sadly he didnt. It was so painful seeing him suffer and it hurts not having him anymore not being able to see him run waggin his tail, i lost my best friend, i tried to give him the best but i fail
—Guest Alejandra

Juno and Ace

I have two German shepherd pups that just came through parvo. Juno started vomiting on a Friday night then the diarrhea started Saturday. Went to the vet on Sunday. Treated her at home with antibiotics and anti-vomiting and iv fluids. Ace came down with it 2 am Tuesday morning. I gave him the shots at the first sign of vomiting.Ace would not eat or drink for 2 days then stated eating again Thursday and is now back to normal. Juno drank water the whole time but would not eat. She ate a couple dog treats and chicken Thursday night then ate some chicken and rice on Friday morning. She vomited again Friday afternoon and is now refusing to eat again. It is now Sunday. Ace is completely back to normal. eating and drinking and playing but Juno still will not eat. She is still drinking water and acting herself just sleeping more often. Any suggestions on getting her to eat again? We are on day nine now and i dont know how she is keeping her energy up
—Guest DeAnn

Starr 5 month old blue nose pitt

Today is day 3 of Starrs battle . We are trying so hard to keep her hydrated . I haven't seen blood at all I'm hoping its a good sign . We give her pedialyte every 30 min with a syringe , Pepto 3 times a day as needed . Yesterday she vomited for the first time (5) times . Today she hasn't . I'm hoping and praying she survives this .
—Guest Jackie

my princess Coquis

It was august 25, 2013. We were waiting in the line to cross back home from tijuana when we bought her. She was little puppy with the most beautiful expression in her eyes and tiny nose. We noticed that sometimes she was very serious and just slept all day. I thought it was normally because she was a baby. Her poop scent was very strong, but thought it was stronger because it was really hot outside. 12 days passed and her diarrhea was getting out of control and her appetite was being lost. We decided to take her to the backyard to sleep in her dog kennel and let her out during the day. As the days went by her behavior was more and more strange. First, the diarrhea, then the loss of appetite, then she started limping. I immediately began to look for something that matched her symptoms. I found she had parvovirus. She was severely sick for 5 days and passed away on 9/11/13. I stayed by her side those days to make her feel extra loved. It was pure pain to see her go, but happy to see her
—Guest Dafne13

Pit Pup 5 months

We just moved to a new house less then 2 weeks ago & everything seemed to be going great until my wonderful pit bull puppy Yoda started getting sick. I immediately noticed a difference. He became lethargic, vomiting everything he ingested and just wanted to lay around looking at me with sad eyes. We brought him to the vet this morning and he was diagnosed with Parvo. Yoda isn't our puppy, he's a member of our family. He's my four year old daughter's best friend. We love him & hope & pray that he will make it. He was admitted into the hospital today & god willing will survive. The people who lived in my home before us had a dog & we think he must have gotten it from something he came into contact with in our new yard. I'm going to disinfect everything I can find in the yard & the house. I'm truly sorry for anyone on here who has suffered through losing their loved one to this dreadful disease. I will pray for the ones fighting it still. Please pray for Yoda as well.
—Guest Jenny

Chopper tiny but has a big heart

Got my 6 weeks pup last Tuesday. Spent 4 days with him after he showed the symptoms. When I saw him shaking and couldn't stand we took him straight to the vet/hospital. He was confined since Sunday and now it's Thursday. We saw him today but he doesn't seem like he is progressing. He looks so tired and weak and too small to handle it. I wanted to take him home but the vet said its not a good idea if we want him to leave. A few hours ago I got a call informing me chopper is not looking good. He may not make it through tonight. I am still hoping and praying to The Lord he will survive. I feel the pain of every pet parent who has Parvo pups. I couldn't stop crying and think about him. He is too young. He needs live and enjoy life. I hope this virus won't strike anymore dogs. It's too traumatic.
—Guest Mary Anne

our boy Scrappy

After both our pups passing away from Parvo we thought that it was over our 7 year old Staff cross contracted Parvo we could not belive it he was vacanited when young and we had a booster shot a week after the pups died he was of his food for a day and a half before he had the diarrha and that smell you will never forget it we rushed him to the vet we thought he would be ok he seemed to perk up on the second day but on the third he started loosing his sight the vet checked him and found his liver was failing we took him home that night and he died the following morning we where heart broken and in shock we have had to send him away for a postmortem as we still have a 0 month old spanial and are terrifed she will go the same way. We not have a terror that our last dog will contract it as our vet is trying to find out from the drug company if there is a new strain and waiting for results from the labs on the samples from our beloved Scrappy will will miss him always
—Guest kenneth

our pups Blossom and Poppet

0ur puppy's Blossom she was 11 weeks she had her first shot for parvo she became sick within 10 days and lost her fight three days in our vets and poppet who was 14 weeks became infected two weeks later and also died died after four days with our vet it is so heart breaking to see them sick and you cannot do anything for them our vets where great fought hard to save them but they could not be saved we love them bought and they will be always in our toughts
—Guest Kenneth


I recently adopted an adorable puppy. I was told that he was off his food. Later that night he began vomiting. It developed so bad that I called my vet. She told me to give him Pedialyte hourly. I did that, he continued to vomit but seemed comfortable in his bed so I went to sleep thinking I could skip one hour of the Pedialyte. When I awoke, I found him lying in a pool of urine, dead. He had been vaccinated for Parvo and never had any diarrhea. I feel so bad, and I'm second guessing myself. A lot of "if onlys" Could he have been saved if I insisted that the vet see him? He was so sweet and he died alone and that just breaks my heart.
—Guest Susan

my babies

I have a 7 month old and 1 1/2 yr old pomchi they r brother and sister I love midnight more then life its self. Boy boy the youngest got Parvo first he was hospitalized the he came home Friday he is doing good. Last night midnight got sick and I had the meds that were given to boy boy and started her on them right away. She is now being hospitalized I need her to make it I can not live with her cause she is my daughter. Please pray for them both
—Guest jennifer schible

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Dealing with Canine Parvo

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