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Readers Respond: Tell us about your stinky pet

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From the article: Stinky Pets
Bad odors in dogs and cats may indicate a health problem such as dental disease, anal sac disease, infected ears, or a hot spot.

In other cases, a bad odor may simply indicate that the pet needs a bath.

What's your pet's stinky story? Did you find the cause, and how did you get them smelling good again?

Tell us your story

allergy possibly

I have a Yorkie just a little over 2 years old she is licking her feet and hind quarters her hair on her rump is becoming thin. She is bathed in hypoallergenic soap 2to3 times a week and she still has an odor. I have seen this before and its heart breaking. There is no real cure for allergies and Pet insurance co's won't touch it. She is such a sweet and smart dog Due to this problem I may have to find her a home
—Guest billmo


Washing your dog too often (if at all, really) is seriously not advised. You are stripping their coat of natural oils. Dogs are meant to smell distinct. They are pack animals, it's how they communicate and hunt. In the same way cats (generally) are stealth hunters, and need to keep scent-free, which is why they are so fussy about cleaning themselves. I suspect you dislike your dog's natural scent, and are trying hard to rinse it away. Which is sad.
—Guest Billy

stinky eye smell gone!

We took our Lexi to the vet. Concerned about horrible smell under eyes. Vet recommended wipes. Did nothing but add yo the odor. We changed her dog food and the smell went away!!! Now we just notice the stains are much darker, even around her peepee. Thinking it's a ph thing that might be off balance. Wish we could get rid of the odorless dark stains!!
—Guest lisa


My 4 year old Female German Shepherd starts to smell a day right after a bath and brushing. As soon as she hits the outdoor air the smell from her body starts to creep up again. She goes to the vet regularly and is feed natural dog food. She does not run wild, so to speak. Exercise consists of walks and some running in the park. No rolling in the grass or animal droppings. As mentioned the bath stops the odor for a day than when she hits the outside air it starts up again. Even when she just sits with me on my patio. I do brush her multi-layered coat at least twice a week. The vet has no idea.
—Guest Aaron

my lady

my loves to roll on anything dead! I'm could you please tell me the name for this smell. Bears do this to whats the smells name?
—Guest billie jo

My First Non-Stinky Dog

I have a Doberman Pinscher named Pippi, and she's the first dog I've ever had that actually smells good all the time! The only time we ever have stinky problems is if one of her little doggie pals pees on her at day care (has happened several times). Otherwise, she really smells good - our human friends have said that she's the best-smelling dog they've ever encountered. I wash her maybe once ever few months (unless someone has peed on her), and I do brush her teeth regularly so she has nice sweet breath all the time.
—Guest Quee

itchy and stinky pets

Please find a vet who is able to combine both eastern and western vet techniques. You will be so surprized how well your pet will respond to both accupuncture as well as chinese herbal remedies. Also become aware of high allergen foods such as chicken and grains which dominate the pet food industry. Starting a grain free diet is the first step to getting this problem under control, guaranteed. My vet Dr Steve Marsden in Edmonton Alberta Canada.
—Guest shawna

athlete's foot smell problem taken care

We were feeding our chocolate lab cheap dry dogfood and after about a month noticed that he had an athlete's foot smell to his coat. So my husband went to the pet store to look for shampoo and asked for assistance. After telling the store attendant the problem, it was suggested that we let Max try out Iams to see how that worked. Well, it worked. He still has an odor (he's an indoor dog year-round) but it's nothing like it was when we were feeding him the cheap stuff. Now he just smells like he needs to be bathed.
—Guest MaxesMama


We have had dogs for many years now one way of stopping dogs smelling is not to wash let the dog keep its oils on fur, only wash when you need to Use plaque off in dogs food keeps bad breath down as do bones. check ears and rear end regular making shure that the feet are in good condition, give dog tooth chews as well as plaque of keeps mouth clean Stop dog entering in sea or river water, washes away oils on skin, Feed twice a week sardines or mackeral keeps fur and skin oily this stops hard toweling. do not feed onions although a small amount of garlic is ok for breath, shampoo takes the oils from the fur and skin so brush the dog twice a week depending the type of dog may need more this gives more oils to skin and fur
—Guest BOB B

Non smelly dog

I have 2 small dogs that are part poodle and shitzu. They get a bath when they get a haircut every 9 weeks and in between we just love their smell. It's probably because they don't have to produce oil for their fur like hunting dogs.
—Guest Tom

doggy smells

if your dog scratches/itches and has a strong odor, yet has no fleas, check thyroid, and have also have the vet do a scrape for demodectic or sarcoptic mange or skin yeast infection. any of those will cause a smell that will not go away with bathing; the underlying medical condition has to be treated. Fortunately all these things are easy to treat.
—Guest lisette

Stinky dog

i have a year old malamute. He has a longer coat and is neuterd. About 7mo ago he started have a strong oder at the base of his tail. It kind of like a yeasty smell. I was hoping neutering would help but it did not. Anal glands were checked and they are good, No scooting. He doest seem to care, no itching, etc. He has been to two different veterinarians two times esch. They feel that due to his heavy coat he doesnt dry totally when wet.(but it only effects the base of his tail) Dry shampo to oder wipes,sprays were suggested but none work. Otherwise he is a very healthy and happy dog. He loves to sleep on the bed but we have to kick him off due to the smell. Of course he doesnt always smell, like when he is at the vet.Any suggestons on where to go from here. He can clear a room quickly when he stinks!

Shih Tzu Smelly eye

My male Shih Tzu has a recurring eye infection that really stinks. I've been to the vet and he prescribed antibiotics (both oral and topical creams). It solved the problem initially but then after a few weeks, it reappears. I clean his eyes including the deep folds around his eyes twice daily with saline and medical gauze. I dry them fully with toilet paper (I also apply the same creams he prescribed when l notice the eye is inflamed again). Nothing helps! My poor boy is suffering and his right eye itches and drives him mad. Now the hair around that eye, which l always try to keep quite short, has fallen out and the skin is dry and flaky and of course, very smelly. Tired of the Vet not having any permanent solution.
—Guest Reetvand

miracle cure for smelly dogs!

One of my dogs likes to roll around in anything dead she finds. It would sometimes takes 3 or 4 baths before even making a dent in the stench. Then I tried something. Instead of shampoo, I sprinkled baking soda, massaged it all through her coat & rinsed. That did it. Pure and simple. Only took one bath using baking soda and the smell was undetectable. It also works on skunk stench. Even better than tomato juice!
—Guest dbc

Cat urine problem solver

A friend of mine used a CritterZone air purifier to fight a cat-urine smell she couldn't get rid of in her house (she even tore out all the carpets -- still there). She says the air purifier did the trick!
—Guest Allie

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