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Readers Respond: Tell us about your stinky pet

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From the article: Stinky Pets
Bad odors in dogs and cats may indicate a health problem such as dental disease, anal sac disease, infected ears, or a hot spot.

In other cases, a bad odor may simply indicate that the pet needs a bath.

What's your pet's stinky story? Did you find the cause, and how did you get them smelling good again?

allergy possibly

I have a Yorkie just a little over 2 years old she is licking her feet and hind quarters her hair on her rump is becoming thin. She is bathed in hypoallergenic soap 2to3 times a week and she still has an odor. I have seen this before and its heart breaking. There is no real cure for allergies and Pet insurance co's won't touch it. She is such a sweet and smart dog Due to this problem I may have to find her a home
—Guest billmo


Washing your dog too often (if at all, really) is seriously not advised. You are stripping their coat of natural oils. Dogs are meant to smell distinct. They are pack animals, it's how they communicate and hunt. In the same way cats (generally) are stealth hunters, and need to keep scent-free, which is why they are so fussy about cleaning themselves. I suspect you dislike your dog's natural scent, and are trying hard to rinse it away. Which is sad.
—Guest Billy

stinky eye smell gone!

We took our Lexi to the vet. Concerned about horrible smell under eyes. Vet recommended wipes. Did nothing but add yo the odor. We changed her dog food and the smell went away!!! Now we just notice the stains are much darker, even around her peepee. Thinking it's a ph thing that might be off balance. Wish we could get rid of the odorless dark stains!!
—Guest lisa

scruffy the dog

Scruffy is a mid-small dog (terrier). He's very very gun shy. He jumps at the slightest noise. He does claw at his ears some but not always. But he as this "wet" smell always bath or not. One vet told us it was his skin another said it was the food. We've tried everthing. It's my mother's dog (she's 89 yrs old) and she don't think anythings wrong but I can smell him 6 to 8 ft away. Where do you start ? Thanks. Bob
—Guest bob

Stinky Paws

My poor lttle dachshund has stinky paws and they look terrible. He can barely walk. It is really sad. I have had him to the vet so many times, we even took him to Texas A@M hoping for help. All they give is antibiotics, it is so sad, I cry.

Stinky Dog Tears

Our 14 year old poodle had bad breath and stinky tears until we got a tip from a friend that it was caused by his plastic dishes. We switched to stainless steel and within a few days the tearing stopped, the odor was gone and his breath was fresh. Our friends had the same results for their 2 dogs. Don't know what causes it but happy that the problem is solved. It also can't be healthy for the dog. So, THROW AWAY THE PLASTIC and switch to glass or stainless steel bowls. I would never give a dog another plastic chew toy either.
—Guest Dan

smelly dog the cure? possibly

An update on smelly dog. Vet has identified that the area around her mouth, in the folds is festering with bacteria. So Hibiscrub antibacterial wash and antibiotics. The smell subsided alsmost immediately with the wash to day so after every meal and before bed. I did insist that that a swab was taken and grown to make sure she is on the right ABs. It was reading another smelly dog story about the folds that got me going to the vet. Thanks whoever that was

Smelly dog

My 2 1/2 year old bitch cocker has the most appalling dead fish smell. She has always been a little less than fresh, but it is really nasty. She eats the same as my other cocker bitch, who smells perfect after a bath, they are both rollers-she has been spayed and has had anal glands removed. Her teeth are fine and she has plenty of energy. She was tested for diabetes so come on guys why does my little girl stink.

Outdoor dog oder

My dog A small two coated dog has a very strong oder when he comes in from outside even for just a few mins. Hes not rolling in anything or ruting. the oder will subside after 20 mins or so inside. this only happens when outside (anywhere)
—Guest David H

Smelly dog

I have an 8 yr. old female yorkie who started to smell like vomit. She's an indoor dog and there is no evidence of vomit. She was groomed professionally a week ago.
—Guest Evelyn Olson

I have a stinky dog

I have a five pound chihuahua I rescued from the pound a year ago. Her skin was a mess when I got her with lots of hair loss, it is much better now but she stinks. I was feeding her some food with lamb in it but lately I have been feeding her grain free dry only. I think it is a bacterial infection that makes her stink, last night, I washed her with a microbacterial shampoo that I got at the vet and she did not stink this morning, usually she does. So I think maybe she started out as a food allergy and then she got some microbes in her fur and it just built from there. So for stinky dogs, think of bacterial infection.
—Guest birdinflight


My dog was always smelly even though she was clean she smelled like she rolled in something. Then someone at the kennel said that dog food with lamb in it makes dogs smell. I changed her food to purina one with salmon and the difference is amazing. She has no longer has any odor problem-unless she does roll in something!
—Guest cindy

Stinkey dog

Our dog is bouvier standard poodle cross, the smellies dog ever, he loves to swim and his coat is so thick it doesn't dry, about 1 hour with a hair drier, so we now shave him. so sad.
—Guest Elaine

Check for hypthyroidism

Tell your vet to do an inexpensive thyroid blood test. As with regular doctors, our vet had our dog on antibiotics and using expensive anti-fungal shampoo - in other words, treating the symptoms. When we had a stroke of inspiration and asked him to do a thyroid test, turned out our dog's level was .50 instead of desirable .92. Within days of taking thyroid supplement, she went from being a black-bellied snarfling and scratching annoyance that made the entire house smell like a barn, to a more playful and energetic dog than she had ever been before. She's also starting to look slim instead of porky for the first time in her five years, and her skin color has returned to normal. BTW, hypothyroidism underlies 50+ diseases. If you have mysterious not-wellness yourself, do a search for Barnes Basal Temperature test - simple, self-administered, but of course not profitable for drug companies which is (ya think?) why you've never heard of it.
—Guest priehl

Dog Odor

My dog has a bad odor. We give his bath regular but odor never leave for long. He is keep out side would that be a cause. Brought him inside for the last 2 days to see if that helps. Temp has been hot here in Houston. EDITOR'S NOTE - extreme summer temps can be fatal for pets kept outside. Make sure to provide fresh clean water to drink and cool off in each day.
—Guest Jimmy

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