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Readers Respond: Monitoring Lumps and Bumps in Pets - watch without worry

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From the article: Lumps and Bumps in Pets
You found a lump on your pet. I know the fear and worry that comes with it. The first thing to do is make an appointment with your vet for help in determining what the lump may be, especially if your pet is lethargic, in pain, or bothering the lump.

After seeing your vet, if your vet says to "watch the lump" for growth, what is the best way without worrying daily?

I have shared a lump-monitoring tip here. Do you have any tips for monitoring lumps?

Please share your tips and experiences with pet lumps - did you monitor or go to surgery?


4 year old Tootsieroll has lumps on top of his head and muzzle. By his nose and eyes are swollen and it goes away and comes back
—Guest Tootsie

8yo f cat lump size of tennis ball

3 days ago I noticed a lump on my cats neck. I cut the fur away to get a better look. when I felt it if was soft like there was fluid in it and honestly I didn't think she would make it. I sterilised a sewing needle and made a tiny prick in her skin and then put some wound stuff on it. The next day being the weekend I couldn't call the vet. I kept an eye on her and come Monday when I went out to check the mail I caught her and immediately notice that the lump had disappeared. she had put a hole in her neck and drained it herself! I have cleaned her up and put plenty of that same wound stuff on it. she is a little shakey I suspect this is shock. she is looking so much better. I am so relieved as I had decided that I was going to take her to the vet today (Monday). if I see any sign of its return then I will not hesitate to go straight to the vet.
—Guest rebeccabryant

Schnauzer mps

My female Schnauzer has these small lumps on her body. Some of them ooze and some don't. Her mother had them as well. When I took her to the vet I was told they were Schnauzer bumps and that lots of terriers have them not to worry. The mom lived to 14 we had to put her down a month ago due to her heart. Honey isn't sick and she has had these a long time. Is this something to worry about should I take her to another vet?? Help!!!
—Guest Evie

Hanging Nipple

My Roc/lab mix 7yrs old has one hanging nipple that looks like a raisin hanging Princess is her ne she has never had a litter and was fixed after her first heat can anyone telle what might be wrong with my Princess
—Guest NanaDiva

Bleeding Lumps on feet.

My 7 month old Great Dane has developed over 10 red, angry lumps on her 3 of her feet, We immediately took her to the vet and they did a fecal floatation test to test for hookworm which came back negative. We gave her Strongid wormer and have her on amoxicillian. These are red raised angry almost look like warts or skin tags but bleed. we have tried Lime Plus dip, a bunch of Fungacide sprays and ointments. They don't seem to be spreading but are not getting better. My Vet is Stumped. HELP
—Guest Great Dane

10 yr old gsd has small bump

Greta my 10 yr old GSD has pea sized fluid filled bump at her chest just a couple inches from where her front right leg meets her chest. She is going to vet today at 2:40PM. She as been thru so much from ehrlichiosis to IVDD. I have finlly found something to get her comfortable now this scare. Wow I sure love her and it really upsets me to think she may have cancer. I will just have to see what her vet says today. It is so tiny I hope they can get something out of it to biopsy. I have had older GSDs that got sebacceous gland "problems" but they were way bigger then this. Wish us luck


First diagnosis xmas 2012, removal of toe 2 wks later...4 mos. later, another toe on same foot. Now Feb. 2014 has 2 tumors in the liver. He is happy, eating, etc. He is a cockapoo and our baby. He just turned 12 and we are keeping him happy after chemo for 2 mos. was a miserable effort.
—Guest Linda

Osteo sarcoma of the front of the head.

I have own a 12 year old rott/boxer dog about three weeks ago all of a sudden he had a large hard lump appear on his forehead .I took him to my vet and he said it looks like it came from some sort of injury.Yhe vet gave us a 2 week supply of rimadal to help reduce the sweling and it didnt .I brought him back in 12-31-2013 for follow up visit my vet kept him and did some head+chest xrays.They xrays show that he has osteo sarcoma in the frontal lobe about the size of extra large egg the same size as the outer one.The chest xrays showed that it already spread to both lungs . The vet said take him home with some pain meds and keep him comfortable the prognosis was bleak he said maybe a month left of his life .The dog started to bleed from his nose on tuesday 1-7-2014 and the cancer was in his sinuses also the outside tumor was growing larger and caused him to loss sight in his left eye.I then brought him to the vet on wenseday 1-8-2014 he was in alot more pain we then had to P.T.S.
—Guest Michael Witt

tumor on right paw.

My white German Shepherd had a small lump on.her right paw so I had it removed only it grew back bigger. Biopsy said it is cancer. It is now starting to abscess. Don't want to face the inevitable.
—Guest tanya

Vet said its cancer

We have a 8 year old male dog that is a golden retriever and chow mix. We noticed that he had lumps forming around his neck about 4 weeks ago and his activity level has diminished to him not wanting to go outside and he wont eat his dogfood. We also noticed that his breath has gotten really bad in the last few months too. He went to vet today and other lumps were found. Vet said it was cancer. Vet said he would live 3 weeks and if we gave him steroids (prednisone) twice a day he would live maybe 6-12 weeks. My wife and are devastated to say the least. He will be missed very much.
—Guest Tom Kohlman

Strange lumpy swelling on side of neck.

About a week ago we have noticed a swollen area on the side of my dog's neck alongside the throat. He has loose skin so it is hard to see anything aside from the swelling, but upon close examination it seems more soft and moves around the neck/throat area along with his skin. We are very concerned about this because his behavior seems to be a lot like it was back when he was hit by a car. He also make strange sounds when breathing sometimes.

my dog has a lump on his head

My dog has had a lump scince we have had him but all the sudden it started to bleed I was cleaning it and thought everything was ok untill today the whole side of his head has swollen and he is in pain I love hime so much just don't now what it is I'm taking him vet first thing in the morning
—Guest stacey

Get a second opinion

Our 10 year old, breed unknown, beautiful dog has been with the family since 3 mos. In February we noticed one of the two getting sick, having accidents, and Honu was moving slowly. First vet visit resulted in IVs overnight for 3 nights, an expensive test for Addisons, and my kids freaking out at Honu's illness. They said it was just whipworm, but now I've got to wonder. Shortly after Honu came home we found a lump on his from leg at the joint. It grew so quickly... and they wanted to cut it out, but said it was so big they didn't think they could. So we "watched" it. Watched it grow to the point my puppy won't play or eat. He's showing signs of pain and now I have to help him out of the pain- and it sucks to be the grownup :(
—Guest Honu's Human mom

Lump on side of face

My dogs a lab husky mix hes 3 yrs old and i noticed a lump on his right side of his face. Took him to the vet and they looked at it and said it was a cyst. Now its been there for 6 months and I'm getting worried that it could be something else. Going to get another opinion very soon.
—Guest Lacey

border collie

my 11 yr old border collie mix has a lump about 2inches in diameter on her right hip not sure what it is and vet will operate but it`s 700 dollars need to get the money fast hoping it`s not cancerous
—Guest Misty Varin
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