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Readers Respond: Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis - Prompt veterinary care is critical

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Ozzy, my Miniature Schnauzer crashed in the space of 3 hours and is now in hospital on fluids and taking anti-biotics. That was yesterday. Today he has been X-rayed and that's clear. He's still passing blood and will only come home when that is normal. I'm just so glad I didn't hesitate and got him to hospital asap. From what I have read time really is critical. I am so worried about him though because he really is so precious to me.
—Guest Helen

My bichon baby

We are at the emergency vet now. Lucky began vomiting and having diarrhea 4 nights ago. It had seemed better but I took her to vet. They have her anti vomit meds and sent us home. Then the really bloody viscous bowel movements started. At emergency vet now. With iv plus other meds. Hope they can save her. Love her so much.
—Guest Carol

I am SO glad I took my dog in...

I had never heard of this disease...my healthy, 4 year old dog we got from a rescue a few months ago began vomiting yesterday. I thought it was normal as it was upchucked food and she eats very fast. This am I woke up to bloody diarrhea spattered everywhere, took her right away to the clinic where they started her on an IV. I have not gotten the HGE diagnosis for sure yet, but this is what they think it is. I cringe to think about what would have happened if she hadn't gotten so sick in the night, and I had left for work. She may not have made it through the day. I pray she makes a full recovery.
—Guest Erin

Finally diagnosed after 3+ years

My 5lb Yorkie, Allie, has been dealing with this for at least 3 years and was just recently correctly diagnosed. We have spent so much money and brought her to so many places to get her treated. It's such a horrible disease as there seems to be no real cure. Allie has recurring episodes, sometimes once or twice a mo. up to a few times a week. Last night was the worst. She had explosive bloody diarrhea and projectile bloody vomit. We brought her to the ER and they said she was so dehydrated that she might not have survived the night. Thankfully they can be brought back to health, but unfortunately never fully cured. HGE can be caused by many things unlike the poster suggesting we are the cause by feeding table scraps. My dog has been on a bland diet for YEARS and is still suffering. So, I know for a fact how frustrating this disease is when a cause is unknown. It helps to talk about it here with others who know what it's like. Thanks.
—Guest BeccaBell78

not just for little dogs

My st. Bernard has been in the hospital on iv's and anti-biotics for 3 days now. She has been so terribly sick that the vet didn't know that she would survive. She's improving slightly, and I'm praying that my baby makes a full recovery. This disease is not just for small breeds as the literature says...but can strike even the most over-protected large and giant breeds. If you see the symptoms appear get them help at once! I hope and pray to get her back home with me soon.
—Guest carrie44

My Dog Bubbles has HGE

My morkie 13.5 lbs. now has HGE. It is 12/31/10 and she was fine and ate a tiny rawhide bone, only chewed 1 knot on the end totally and then I took it away. That night she started with vomiting, then came diarrhea and then bloodyness diarrhea. Went to the vet, diagnosed with pancreatitis, then told not that, sent me home w/meds which she threw up, diarrhea/bloody got worse, she went to vet, they took xrays, no obstructions, gave her IV's, pain meds, fluids, antibiotics, had to go 2 ER overnight, diagnosed w/HGE, no obstructions, got fluids, barium series tests, antibiotics, now back at regular vets finishing up IV for today. Cost over $2,300 so far but she is alive! I hope nothing happens to her after this. Vet said could be from the bone or smelling poop outside or bacteria!She's been sick for 4 days and still alive! Thank God! So glad I didn't just put her to sleep.... Brought bubbles home from the ER VET overnight, now finishing up her IV at my regular vet, and home tonight. Hope she survives, cost over $2,300 so far...

HGE with my Mini Pincher

I had never heard of HGE before and did not know the warning signs. Over Christmas we experienced many changes - spending several nights away from home, taking benedryl as a sedative, shredding some children's toys with a lot of foam and some wood, and eating a bit of food he wasn't used to eating. All of these factors together lead to him having a bit of diarrhea one day after getting back to his normal routine. Then the diarrhea got worse, then the vomitting began. I panicked after 4 hours of vomitting and continued diarrhea; worried that severe dehydration would set it. Once we got to the vet's office he began to vomit blood, then came the liquidy bloody diarrhea. I was very worried and scared. The emergency vet's office decided to keep him overnight and treat for HGE after a PVC (blood test) indicated the early stages of it. IV Fluids overnight and a bland diet when he showed improvement. If your dog is having diarrhea and vomitting combined, urgent care is needed. Don't wait!
—Guest Lesley

very angry

I woke up on the day after christmas 12/27/10 and went out to the shed to let my 3 pit bulls out (cold nights), and noticed duke my 2 year old about 65 pounds easy, laying on the concrete instead of his house. I went to see what was wrong with him when I noticed a lot of blood at his rear end. He was extremely weak struggling to breath, and I threw him in the truck and hurried for a vet. Do to the holiday I couldn't find any place open and he didn't survive the trip back to the house. He bled out once more on the road. From my research I can only guess it was HGE. My new worst enemy! Its horrible I can't believe I've never heard of it before. I'm just happy my other 2 dogs are still healthy. Ill miss him and my heart goes out to all of you who didn't have a chance to say goodebye.
—Guest chris w

HGE when we were Out of TOWN.

I got a call from our new pet sitter that one of our two dogs (and the youngest at 3 years old) had been experiencing diarrhea for the last several hours and had lost his appetite. The following day, he had bloody diarrhea all over the house and luckily, they took him to our vet who diagnosed him with HGE (after the Parvo test came back neg.). He was kept there all day and sent home with an IV. Back to the vet today to be observed. But thankfully, he is recovering quickly. His level was at 58 (60 is considered the sign of HGE) and they think we caught it early. Thank goodness for good pet sitters!! I had never heard of this disease before. It was so sad to know we were so far away from him and couldn't do anything to help.
—Guest Charlie's Mommy

Bella and HGE- horrible

Woke up this morning to find blood all over the house. Freaked out not knowing if it was one of the cats or the dog. My Mom told me that Bella had been throwing up for hours.... the I noticed the blood all over her back side. Called vet, took her in and they said she had HGE. I had never heard of this before, so scary. I have never seen that much blood. We hope she will have a full recovery and quickly. She is the pride and joy of my parents and life would not be the same without her. My heart goes out to all of you that have lost your babies and best friends.

loss of my second son

I lost my second son (my dog zyon) to HGE tonight. He was healthy until this morning. It started with vomiting this morning. Then he was fine. Then things went down hill fast. By the time we got him to the hospital he had started bleeding in the car and lost so much blood there was nothing we could do. We love and will miss you zyon.
—Guest zyon

Dear Emmy

My best friend, Belgian shepherd, died today from HGE. Vomiting during the night.... I went to work - came home to much blood on the floor...rushed to emergency vet...she stayed over night...more bouts of blood..blood in vomit, too.....after a few hours a blood clot to her brain....I am devastated....this is a horrific sickness. Love my Emmy...
—Guest Pat

My Baby Boy

My 7 lb Maltese told me his stomach hurt (yes, he tells me by putting his front legs down and his butt in the air) I thought it was the normal Mom I'm hungry act. I tried giving him some chicken which he didn't want at all. This was very odd for him. Thought his stomach was just upset. About 2 hours later he started vomiting and it was like foam. At this point I thought he just ate something. Then the vomiting got worse and more intense. Next came the diarrhea. Both were normal in the beginning. When I first saw blood in the diarrhea I said somethings wrong. I called the emergency vet who said bring him over right away. When I got there they put him in an oxygen tank and pumped him with fluids. They wanted him to spend then night. I went to go say good night to him and the crate looked like a murder scene with all the blood. The next morning I was able to bring him home and he is fine now. The earlier you catch it the faster they will recover. Don't wait!
—Guest B's Mommy

This Sucks!

We lost our Kelti last night to HGE. She was a 9 year old Border Collie mix we got as a 4 week old pup from a shelter. We went for a walk last night to a field we normally go to. She did her "business" once suddenly started this nesting behavior she does when trying to get a comfortable place to lie down. She was listless, and didn't want to move. I carried her home and layed her down, but couldn't get comfortable. She jumped in the bathroom tub where she goes to hide when afraid of thunder or fireworks. Suddenly I had this thought that she was looking for a place to die! We took her to our Vet. where they assessed her and got her somewhat stabilized. Then to our Critcal Care /Emergency vet. Labs were drawn at both Vets. Fluid infusions, and packed red blood cells. She improved slightly, but never recovered. She was gone in about 6 hours. We asked to do a post mortem. The Doctor told us she bled out into her intestine. She was my friend.
—Guest Mike and Diane

My little Katie is fighting this now

Woke up this AM and made breakfast for Katie and her sisters, she would not eat. Held her in my arms for about 30 minutes while she slept. Felt her bottom was wet and she was bleeding quite a lot from her rectum. I took her in immediately. She is at the Vet's on IV drip and antibiotics. I never knew this awful disease existed before this morning : ( Katie is a 7 year old Beagle. One of 5 I am mother to.
—Guest Gloria

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