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Readers Respond: Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis - Prompt veterinary care is critical

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sudden vomiting of blood

myl ittle 5 year old yorkiejack mitzi suddenly started vomiting first of all it was like white froth then suddenly she vomited what looked like an enormous amount of blood, she whimpered to go in the garden and passed more blood then vomited blood again rang vet and took her straight in gave her antibiotic injection and had to take her back next morning another antibiotic injection and three lots of antibiotics to take orally for five days it was terrifying to see so much blood from something so tiny and precious as my mitzi i would urge anyone to seek medical attention from their vet immediately i honestly thought i wouldn't be bringing my mitzi back home with me but thankfully she is on the road to recovery
—Guest sam

Sudden HGE

My always healthy dog suddenly vomited a large amount of blood after vomiting up her dinner one night. The whole episode lasted a few hours before she actually vomited blood. My dog did not have bloody Diarreah and still has not. I took her to an emergency hospital immediately after she vomited the blood and she was diagnosed with HGE within an hour. She was unbelievably lathargic and didn't even want to move. It looked very bad. She was already severely dehydrated even though it came on so suddenly. With the antibiotic and IV she was considerably better by the next morning and the vet released her from the hospital. There have been no more episodes of vomiting. It is 24 hours later and she is now eating a special wet food from the vet and drinking and has much more energy. I would not wait to take your dog to the vet if there is any sign of blood in the vomit or stool; it could be HGE. My dog is a 5 yr old cocker spaniel female who is rarely around other dogs. Any dog can get HGE.
—Guest Susie


Taking our 3 mile walk down "squirrel alley", playing soccer in the front yard., etc... Than gone??? Here one day, gone the next. HGE robbed our family of Jake, our beautiful Golden Retriever. He just turned 6 on Dec. 25th and passed away 1 month later. Began with vomiting, quickly progressing to bloody diarrhea and lethargy. Took him to the vet right away, he layed his head on my lap as the vet looked at him. That was the last time he would have the strength to be in my lap. He did not respond to any treatment, and died 24 hrs later. Our family is still in shock (in fact, the whole neighborhood is) Everyone loved him and we can't even begin to explain the void in our lives because of this horrible illness. Take your loved pet to the vet RIGHT AWAY, than look on line to familiarize yourself with treatment, labs, etc... Ask questions and demand they work aggressively to save your dog. We are heartbroken and miss him so much. RIP to our best friend "Jake".
—Guest jake

Hge experience

After a six day ordeal he is back to normal. He was on sulcrate, metronidazole and anti vomit and anti acid meds for two weeks after and is eating only gastro intestinal royal canine wet food. I'm sure this hge has something to do with what we are giving out pets to eat.....I'm going to take him in for allergy testing soon....but after spending $4000...I need to start saving again. I can't believe they can't figure out what is causing this problem. So many dogs have had the same experience. Diego was healthy and active, we had him on nutro natural dry puppy food before this incident. He is 1 year old and he did eat some meat from the table. He will now be on vet prescribed food and no treats. I just wish we could figure this out so we can prevent it.
—Guest Diego's mom


Harvey my rescue beagle is currently in hospital with this condition, he is 3, he regularly goes off his food so I wasn't worried at first then the vomiting came that night but no blood in it only water, still nothing from the rear end, I took him to the vets the next morning, she examinated him and thought it was a blockage and admitted him to the hospital, he was severely dehydrated and needed a fast flowing drip, had blood tests, an X-ray and ultra sound. No blockage found and all internal organs were working normally it wasnt till a few hours later the diarreah showed itself and then he was diagnosed with HGE. Please just be careful with your pets folks and be aware as Harvey showed no real signs of HGE. He is still in hospital having treatment so I'm hoping and praying that my boy pulls through it x
—Guest Kelsey Ann

fortunate husky

My 8 year old siberian husky had HGE a few months ago. Went to bed late, he was totally fine, woke up to him vomiting white foamy stuff, diarrhea, then collapsing. Rushed him to the vet where he started to have bloody diarrhea and go into shock. He spent 4 days in the ICU at the vet hospital and was given alot of fluids and many tests were run. Diagnosed with HGE, caused by a possible bacterial infection but not known for sure. Very scary and VERY fast. If I had not been right there it may have been a different outcome. He is a very lucky dog and so am I!
—Guest ollie

Chi died within 8 hours

My three pound five year old chihuahua ate his breakfast slow so I thought he didn't feel well. About 2 pm he started having bloody diarrhea.I rushed him to the vet and he was given fluids and meds and more for me to give at home. He had a seizure on the way home and vomited blood and died as I drove in the driveway. My 42 pound dog also got it same day and after fluids and meds is doing better. She is 5 also. My other 3 pound chi is fine. This is awful. Comes on very fast!

So so frightening...

From being a very lively, cheeky Airedale Terrier on Thursday night, Friday early morning we were at the emergency vets with severe vomiting, depression and projectile bleeding and diarrhea from the rear. A scene from the Exocist would best describe this!! I have never been so scared and it was sooooo aggressive. She has spent all weekend in hospital on IV - I have missed her so much and we don't know how she contracted this. Thankfully, she is one of the lucky ones and is recovering....but as soon as you notice any signs of this, get them straight to the vet - this gets a hold so quickly and violently.
—Guest Angie

Hits hard and fast...

After several days in the country I arrived home with all my dogs in typical great form. By morning my 18lb Schnausser was vomiting and presented bloody Diarrhea. Took her to MedVets who kept her overnight. They informed me this breed can deheydrate rapidly and also noted she would likely not have survived another day had I not brought her in. $1000.00 later, she's back and feisty as ever...well worth the money. Fast forward three months to today and my Aussie started the same symptoms. I took him immediately to the vet and left him for treatment and observation. I'm worried, but know he's in very capable hands. I hope to have him back soon. I guess my uneducated point would be this: at first sign of bloody diarreah, vomitting and lack of appetite, take 'em in...don't wait and more likely than not you'll have a favorable outcome. Best of luck!
—Guest Scott

Osacar R.I.P

we lost our beloved Labrador of 9yrs to HGE. I had never heard of it. Oscar started vomiting and the diarrhea with blood and also blood gushing out rushed him to vet was kept in overnight on iv and antibiotics but died 15hrs later we are all in shock he died 14th December and my children and myself in shock. we miss him terribly and i am v depressed. please take yr dog immediately to the vet as we did although they tried they could not save my darling baby oscar we are all heartbroken.
—Guest anita

Do not hesitate to go to the vet.

I am lucky enough to have caught HGE early enough to be sitting next to my dog right now typing this. She is still very lethargic and a little dehydrated but she will be fine. This is the second time she has gotten HGE, the first being 2 months ago. Her stool was very runny and bloody and there was blood in her vomit. She was going potty so often and constantly throwing up. Luckily, my vets are great and have helped me both times and I haven't had to take her to the emergency room. If I had to I would, though, because this disease is very serious and can be fatal. It is so sudden and at first doesn't seem too bad, but if anything appears out of the norm, call your vet immediately. My vet today pumped her with fluids, gave her a shot to settle her stomach and gave me metronidazole and pepcid to give her. Last time she was given amoxicillin and it seemed to work, but he said he likes this better. She will be starting her bland diet tonight. I am so happy she will be ok.
—Guest Lindsay

HGE After Boarding My Dog

I have a Great Pyrenees who has boarded successfully in a low-volume facility for 1-3 days. My family took a 7-day vacation over Christmas and we boarded the dog. I think he developed HGE as a result of the extreme stress of boarding. After being home for less than 12 hours, he started vomiting. On the second day he developed diarrhea. I stopped feeding him for a day and a half, though he drank lots of water. His gums stayed pink and he did not seem dehydrated. We reintroduced boiled chicken and rice, but the vomiting continued. Diarrhea became bloody. Gums became grey and shocky. We took him to the veterinarian who diagnosed HGE. I don't think we will tempt fate by boarding him in the future now that we know the stress it clearly puts him under! We are still in recovery mode, giving 20 mg of Pepcid about 30 mins before eating and continuing with the bland diet. Not a fun experience for our dog or us!
—Guest Maya Raab

Sick Pooch

Our Chi-Weenie Scooter is gravely ill with HGE! It all started with a minor potty accident in the house on Tuesday... I should have suspected something was wrong since Scoot never has accidents in the house. He seemed okay the next day- but was quieter than usual and seemed a bit lethargic. That evening he had another potty accident in the house but it did not look remarkable... I really just thought it was an upset tummy because we had given him some ham at Christmas lunch. When I got home mid-day yesterday he was vomiting blood and passing it ... it was the most awful thing I have ever seen. I knew right away he had to be rushed to the vet. But before I could get him loaded up in the car he was passing blood again... He has been at the vets since yesterday afternoon and has been on IVs and antibiotics. If you notice lethargy, blood in stool or vomit go to the Vet ASAP!!!! Do NOT wait! This stuff is serious; it kills...
—Guest Ana


I'd never heard of this either, but my Shiloh Shepherd (115lbs, age 3) came down with it Saturday, by Sunday he was vomiting everthing he drank and refusing all food, bloody diarreha. Monday morning my vet gave IV fluids an anti-nausea shot, and a course of antibiotics. It came on fast and hit hard.
—Guest Michelle

My Beanie Baby

My toy chihuahua just got sick on 12/12/12 with HGE ...I had to work a 12 hr shift and when i came home i found myself dealing with my sick baby ...I rushed to get him some pedialyte and right away started giving him with a seringe...i did that every hour ...then i rubbed some maple syrup on his gums also...I gave him some penicilin mixed with his pedialyte and waited to the morning to take him to da vet ..the vet gave him to shots one was to stop the diarrhea and the other was an antibiotic..took him home da same day vet prescribed amoxtacillin and anti diarrhea meds my Beanie baby was up and walking dat same night im very happy my dog is doing fine now
—Guest Mayra

HGE episodes with my pet

Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis - Prompt veterinary care is critical

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