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My Cat Pi -- because he has 3.14 feet!

Share Your Story: Tell Us About Your Special Needs Dog or Cat

By Caryn

My Cat Pi -- because he has 3.14 feet!

Pi is pretty!

My Cat Pi -- because he has 3.14 feet!

This is a closeup of Pi's amputation

My pet's name

Pi -- because he has 3.14 feet! And I am a science-lover.

My pet's age

4 years old

How long we have been together

3 years

My pet is special needs because...

I adopted Pi when he was a year old. He had a fully-healed amputation of a hind foot. I loved him right from the start! He was rescued and no one knows how he lost his foot, but the vet has said that it is indeed an amputation and not a birth defect. I will always wonder -- but Pi doesn't! He doesn't know the difference. He gets around great and makes lots of friends. He has a super personality and quickly cuddles up to visitors.

What I have learned from having a special needs pet

I had been looking for an adult male cat with a gray coat. I'd also been looking to adopt a cat that would have trouble finding a home, like an older cat. I found Pi through a Craigslist ad. He was everything that I was looking for! I learned that special things can come in packages that you don't expect, and so I have become even more open-minded to people around me who may be more than they first seem.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pi would probably do better on carpet than my hardwood floors; he'd get more traction on his footless leg that way.
  • He has gained some weight and is now on a diet. I wonder if he gained weight because he exercises less.
  • Pi gets into less trouble than some other cats I've had because he can't do things like jump high places or balance to get into a trash can or toilet.
  • I would absolutely adopt another cat with an amputated limb. They have a resilience that I find inspiring.

Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM, About.com Veterinary Medicine, says:

What a face! I love how you came up with his name. Thanks so much for sharing Pi's story.
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