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Cherry Eye in an English Bulldog

Share Your Story: Cherry eye - prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid in the dog

By afletcher1973

Cherry Eye in an English Bulldog

4 days post-op, the purple dots are her torn stitches

About my pet

I have 2 English bull dog puppies, about a week apart in age. My female developed cherry eye around 5 months of age, I took her to her vet and he did a "pocket procedure" to put the gland back in place. 4 days post op the cherry eye broke through the stitches and reappeared bigger than before. She will be going back in to have the gland removed as this is our last option. My male developed cherry eye in both eyes about a week apart, he had the purse string procedure and I'm happy to say his are doing just fine.

Options my vet gave us to fix cherry eye

We did the pocket procedure on my female, and the purse string procedure on my male. His eyes are doing just fine and I am pretty sure he will not need any further care, he is still however getting antibiotic/steroid drops for the next 2 weeks.

What I'd Do Differently

  • My male is recovering, and his eyes look amazing, my female will be going back in this week to have hers removed all together, since the tacking or pocket procedure failed on her.

Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM, About.com Veterinary Medicine, says:

Thank you for sharing your dog's photo and story. Wishing them both the best.
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