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Keep your pet safe in all kinds of weather. Learn about the effects of temperature (heat stroke, frost bite), seasonal toxins (antifreeze), and other seasonal considerations. This page contains general weather information, for summer or winter specific topics, please click on the "More Categories" links.
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  2. Winter Health Hazards (15)

Winter Pet Safety Tips
Cold weather poses special risks for pets, such as running out of water (frozen over) and increased pain from arthritis. Winter dangers aren't just about the cold temperatures. Learn about other potential hazards seen in winter such as antifreeze and deicer toxicity, and get tips on how to be pet-prepared for winter storms and power outages.

Summer Pet Safety Tips
Summertime and the living is easy. A nice thought and often true, but not usually without some foresight and planning where pets are concerned. Humans can change into cooler clothes, get inside for the air conditioned coolness and pack a water bottle to stay hydrated. Pets have a harder time of it when the temperatures soar. Learn about the dangers of summer heat, thunderstorm and fireworks phobias, water safety and more in this summertime safety tip archive.

Critter's Inflatable Pet Life Vest
This pet life vest is unique in that is self-inflates when it hits water (or when the cord is pullled). The vest can also be inflated by mouth using the attached tube. Unlike traditional pet life vests that cover a lot of surface area, this vest is very low profile. This allows for ease of movement and much cooler on sunny boating days.

Pet Summer Safety Tip: Water - Don't Leave Home Without It
Warmer weather is on the way -- are you prepared? This Quick Tip offers a way to have fresh water available on the road for your traveling pet companions.

Summer Fun - Summer Safety
Summer pet safety, keep your pets safe from seasonal hazards

Summertime Pet Safety - Share Your Tips For Keeping Pets Safe in Summertime Heat
Summertime is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors and longer days with our pets, but caution is advised; danger lurks on these bright beautiful days. The living isn't always easy if you are overheated, ate too much or suffer from parasites. Have you experienced summer weather problems with your pet? Please share your tip or warning with...

Fireworks and Thunder - Loud Noise Phobias
Fireworks aren't just for the 4th of July anymore. We have them to celebrate New Year's Eve, amusement park shows, and baseball games. Same with thunderstorms, while more common in spring and summer, they can happen all year round. Here are resources to learn more about fireworks and thunder problems in pets (loud noise phobias) and how to keep...

Winter Pet Safety - Share Your Tips For Keeping Pets Safe and Comfortable in...
Many dogs (and a few cats, too) like to play in the snow and enjoy winter time activities with the family. The beauty and fun of winter snow and ice may become dangerous quickly. Care must be taken to ensure that your pet stays warm and comfortable during winter months. Keeping pets warm and comfortable, protecting paws, and planning for power...

Fireworks and Thunder - Tips for Coping with Loud Noise Phobias
How dogs and cats react to loud noises varies widely. Some animals seem unaffected, others will jump through glass windows in terror. For animals that are afraid of loud noises, they can't help it, and the effect often multiplies if left untreated. What works for one pet may not work for another. Here are some things to try to help reduce loud...

What are the signs seen with antifreeze toxicity in dogs and cats?
Acute cases of antifreeze toxicity (when an animal consumes antifreeze) often present as if the animal is intoxicated with alcohol. This is an emergency situation, and life threatening within hours. Please see your veterinarian immediately. Success of treatment depends on quick treatment.

Power Outage - Your Tips for Pets Emergency Preparedness and Power Outages

Halloween and Fall Safety
Fall is the time when the focus turns indoors. Is your home pet-proofed? Halloween is the first holiday of the winter holiday season, and with that brings additional holiday hazards. Here are some tips and ideas for keeping your pets safe through the fall and winter months.

Safe Mosquito and Fly Repellent for Dogs and Cats
Bugs bug dogs and cats just like they do people. Furry haircoats help some, but flies, mosquitoes, gnats and other flying, biting insects can and do bite pets; sometimes spreading disease (heartworm, pink eye) and causing rashes. Learn how to safely use insect repellents for pets and how to reduce your pet's exposure to irritating and...

FURminator Deshedding Brush Tool for Grooming Dogs, Cats and Horses
The FURminator company makes several grooming tools, shampoos and treats for optimal coat health of dogs and cats. This review is focused on the FURminator deShedding Tool for large dogs (4 inch blade).


Should pets wear clothes?
I am seeing more and more "cute" clothes and wearable accessories for pets. My first thought is always: if it is safe for the pet? Will they get tangled? Will they ingest all or part of the item? Is the piece constructed out of non-toxic material? Maybe I just worry too much, but here are some things to consider for the comfort and safety of...

Camping With Pets
Summer is almost here, and for many people, that means dusting off the camping gear! The fresh air, recreational activities, camp food, campfire, and some well-deserved relaxation are all part of camping. Unfortunately, so are the insect bites, burned or soggy camp food, lumpy beds, and bad weather conditions. Learn how to prevent accidents and...

Power Outage - Plan for Pets: Tips for planning ahead for loss of electricity
We usually don't think of electricity on a daily basis, but during a power outage, every little bit of light, heat, and fresh water counts. Learn what to have on hand to keep your pets comfortable during a power outage.

Harsh Weather Pet Protection
How to protect your pet, as well as humane and legal issues to consider if leaving pets outdoors in winter.

Sunburn: Not Just For Humans -- Protect Your Pets, Too
People are finally learning about the dangers of sun exposure. Now this sun care attention is turning to our pets. White animals and those that have a summer hair cut or with naturally thin (or nonexistent!) hair coats are particularly sensitive to the sun, and may suffer the same ills as humans: sunburn and skin cancers. This Quick Tip offers...

Tips To Prevent Heat Stroke In Your Pet
Hot weather creates additional hazards for your pet. Unlike humans, animals can't change their wardrobe or turn on the air conditioning like humans do to keep comfortable. Follow these common sense tips to prevent a heat-related pet emergency.

Hot Feet: Protect Your Dog's Feet from Getting Burned on Hot Pavement
Dog's feet and pads are tough, right? Most people are aware that foot pads can be injured by stepping on something sharp, but what about something...

Temperature converter
Easily calculate conversions for fahrenheit to celsius and vice versa.

Tips for Exercising with Dogs and Cats
In a 2010 study on pet obesity , only 35% of dogs were considered to be "normal" weight. Of the remainder, 5% were underweight and a full 60%...

Photo Gallery of my Dog Sophie Wearing the Thundershirt
The Thundershirt is designed to provide gentle and constant pressure on the dog's torso. Used to reduce or eliminate noise phobias, separation anxiety, travel anxiety, crate anxiety and aid in general training, no one is really sure how it works or why it works. The thought is that the constant gentle pressure calms the nervous system. For mild...

Frostbite and Hypothermia in Dogs and Cats
Pets do feel the effects of cold weather and can suffer from frostbite. Learn what to look for and how to prevent frostbite.

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