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Tongue Tip

Turn off paper shredder auto-run setting to project your pet's tongue


Micky Puppy Tongue © makuneros on Flickr

Micky Puppy Tongue

© makuneros on Flickr
Curious pets and auto-run paper shredding machines are a dangerous mix, and pet tongues getting caught in shredders is a messy emergency. This type of story surfaces every so often in the news and is not an urban legend; pets and small children really do get injured by these machines. Usually the damage occurs by a machine set to turn on as soon as paper is inserted, but sometimes children helping parents shred papers are also victims.

In a story from June 2009, an eight-year old mixed breed dog required over 100 sutures and lost part of her tongue due to a paper shredder accident. In this case, her owners were home and took her to the vet immediately. A dog left alone may not have been so lucky. News stories from 2006 and 2007 also detail the paper shredder dangers for pets and small children.

It's not worth the risk. To be safe, turn off the auto-run setting. Better yet, unplug and store the shredder out of reach.

Photo: Micky the Puppy © makuneros on Flickr

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