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This interview is part of a continuing series of pet health insurance company interviews. I will be using the same ten questions for each of the veterinary health insurers so that viewers can learn about each company and compare what plans are available. In this interview, Randy Valpy, President & Chief Operating Officer for Petsecure, answers ten questions about pet care plans available through Petsecure.

Question 1: How long has your company been in business, and where are you based?

Answer 1: We introduced the concept of pet health insurance to Canadians in 1989. Since then, we've continued to combine our expertise in the Canadian pet health insurance market with what pet parents, industry partners, and veterinary professionals want in a pet insurance company. Today, Petsecure remains the largest and most established pet health insurance company in Canada. Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba we are licensed to sell our policies in all provinces and territories in both of Canada's official languages.

Question 2: Are clients able to go to any veterinarian, or only through your insurance providers?

Answer 2: Pet parents can choose any licensed veterinarian in Canada. Coverage is valid only in Canada, or while travelling on vacation in the continental United States of America.

Question 3: Are hereditary and breed-related conditions covered?

Answer 3: Petsecure only excludes conditions that exist prior to enrollment for coverage and conditions that present during the policy's waiting period, if not pre-existing, all hereditary and breed-related conditions are covered.

Question 4: Are age-related (senior) checkups, illnesses, and medications covered?

Answer 4: Petsecure's Secure For Life™ guarantees coverage for pets as they age and throughout their lifetime.

Policy coverage includes veterinary care professional fees, medication, hospitalization, dentistry, surgery, diagnostics, nursing, specialist referral, medical devices, alternative therapies, and behavioural therapies.

Age-related check-ups would only be covered under our Secure 4 level of coverage as this includes preventive care. Another Petsecure advantage is that we allow older pets to enroll and pay the same premium as a puppy or kitten pet parent would pay.

Question 5: Does your company offer wellness plans?

Answer 5: Yes, and it's offered with Petsecure Secure 4. (See answer for question #7.)

Question 6: What types or levels of health insurance medical plans are offered?

Answer 6: Petsecure offers one core plan with four easy-to-choose levels and flexible deductable options. Secure 4 offers unlimited coverage and wellness care; all four levels offer:

  • up to 80% coverage of veterinary fees for illnesses and accidents
  • annual renewable limits for all accidents and illnesses
  • no age limit and premiums don't increase as a result of a pets age
  • claims processed within 5 working days
  • one annual deductible, no matter how many claims, and that's only if a claim is made
  • annual dental coverage for teeth and gums, including preventive care

Question 7: If a wellness plan is available, can it be added to, or incorporated with, the medical health plan?

Answer 7: Petsecure offers one, comprehensive plan with four levels of coverage. Level Secure 4 provides for preventive annual wellness care (blood profile, urinalysis, vaccinations, heartworm flea/prevention, heartworm testing, fecal test/routine de-worming) and ongoing lifetime wellness care (vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip, dog dew-claw removal).

Question 8: Is there an annual or lifetime benefit cap?

Answer 8: Although Secure 1, Secure 2, and Secure 3 levels have annual condition limits, they are renewed to the same limit every year (and each condition is insured separately to the maximum limit). Secure 4 offers no limit for accident or illness coverage.

Question 9: How are "usual and customary" fees determined?

Answer 9: While we have yet to apply this, if ever needed we would refer to the provincial fee guide issued by the provinces governing veterinary medical association.

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