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Parasites: Worms, mites, fleas and ticks that affect dogs and cats


Parasites come in a variety of forms - worms that live in the heart, intestine or other places, mites on the skin or in the ears, fleas, ticks and more. Learn about the parasites that commonly affect dogs, cats and sometimes ... humans, too.

1. Cat Parasites

Hookworm parasite - Ancylostoma braziliense mouth parts. Credit: CDC
Credit: CDC

Some of the common (fleas, ear mites) and less common but still potentially life-threatening (heartworm) parasites that affect cats.

2. Dog Parasites

Cheyletiella mite close-up view By Kalumet on Wikimedia Commons
By Kalumet on Wikimedia Commons

Dogs are susceptible to many types of parasites, in part because of their active lifestyle (dog parks, outside time) and in part because of their love of "snacking" on things that they shouldn't. Many types of intestinal parasites, such as roundworms, hookworms and whipworms are transmitted via a fecal to oral route. Cleaning up the yard is important to reduce this transmission. Learn more about worms, fleas, mites and other common veterinary parasites.

3. Readers Respond: Have you had a zoonotic disease?

The Human Animal Bond - Getty Images News - David Paul Morris/Stringer
Getty Images News - David Paul Morris/Stringer

Zoonotic diseases are illnesses spread between animals and pets. These illnesses can be in the form of viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoal or parasite infections. Have you experienced a zoonotic disease?

Please share your experience here.

4. Readers Respond: Share your tips, stories and opinions

Herman Roosevelt Quinn - Cat Relaxing on a Rug Credit: Janet Tobiassen DVM
Credit: Janet Tobiassen DVM

The opinions, comments and tips from viewers greatly enrich this site. See what viewers have to say on a variety of veterinary and pet health topics, and add in your comments as well. Do you have tips on how you saved money with pets? Has your pet eaten anything particularly icky lately? Are you considering a career as a veterinary technician and wonder what the salary is like? Learn and contribute your knowledge to these subjects and more.

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