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Loss and Grief

  1. Pet Loss Support Hotlines (11)

Taking Care of Seniors - Pets and People
Meet veterinarian and chaplain Delana Taylor McNac D.V.M., D.Min and learn about her work with hospices around the country, bringing loved ones and their pets together to say goodbye. Dr. Taylor McNac also believes that senior dogs need a special place of care and social interaction, and in December of 2012 she founded Dogville, a day care and...

Introducing Jaime Glasser DVM
I would like to welcome and introduce Jaime Glasser DVM, a new forum host for the Veterinary Medicine forums. Dr. Glasser specializes in animal hopice, palliative care, and end-of-life issues for pets. This is an all-too-common theme in the forums, with many people questioning "is it time?" or "did I do the right thing?" concerning their pets. Dr. Glasser will be helping people navigate these emo…

Hospice Care for Pets - What Does Pet Hospice Care Mean To You?
Pet hospice helps people come to terms with their pets' illnesses and decide their comfort level with treatment versus making their pet comfortable. For some, it may mean time to perform euthanasia, for others, it means palliative (pain relieving or comfort giving) care until their pet dies naturally. In the past, most end-of-life choices for pets were limited to euthanasia and pet owners were le…

What is pet hospice?
Hospice Care for Pets is modeled after Human Hospice: Hospice care seeks to provide medical and palliative (pain relieving or comfort giving)care for animals, mostly pets near the end of their lives. It also includes holistic care for owners struggling with care decisions, euthanasia decisions, and strives to help pets and their owners to say goodbye. Learn more about pet hospice from guest autho…

Euthanasia and knowing when it is time - saying goodbye to our pets w…
This is a very common theme on this site and forum; the decision to end the life of a beloved pet and how to cope with grief after the loss of a pet. Sometimes the decision "happens" on its own, and other times, our pet slowly declines, leaving us with lots of time for questions and indecision. Usually, deep down, we do know when it is time, whether we can admit it or not. How did you "know" it w…

Twilight Time: The Long Goodbye - Knowing when it is
The "how will I know it is time" question is one of the most common questions asked on this site. Of course, there isn't one clear-cut answer for this question. The nature of the disease or condition, the general health of the pet, and the household/living situation all play a part in this process. This is a very personal decision, but here are...

Pet Safety Alert: Garage Door Opener Hazard
This is a story submitted by Brenda, a viewer of this site. Nothing is predictable with pets. Sometimes taking a minute to be "extra careful" may help prevent a tragedy. I thank Brenda for sharing her story to help alert others about this risk.

Saying Goodbye - Resources for dealing with losing a pet
Learn about euthanasia, coping skills after the loss of a pet, dealing with guilt, and the many online and "real life" grief counseling sources available to people dealing with the loss of a pet.

Dealing With Terminal Illness and Grief
Sometimes, after receiving a terminal diagnosis for a pet, the "waiting" time is the most painful time. Grief is a daily bittersweet experience. A couple of recent posts in the VetMed forum clearly stated this time of confusion and loss, with owners seeking solace and tips for coping from other forum members. This article explores this period when we try to celebrate our pet's life while saying goodbye.

Dealing with guilt - - did I do everything I could?
Guilt can be a powerful block in the healing process. Identifying feelings of guilt associated with grief are often the first steps in grief recovery. After reading the FAQ article "Dealing with guilt -- did I do everything I could?", a viewer posted her own experiences relating to this topic after losing her beloved Schnauzer. Read what she has to say in this article.

Dealing with guilt -- did I do everything I could?
Pets depend on us for food and shelter and cannot directly tell us how they feel, so when something happens to our pet (i.e. illness, accident, death), the feelings of "letting our pet down" often turn to feelings of guilt and anger or denial. What can be done to ease the guilt when we are feeling low? Read this FAQ for some tips on dealing with...

Helping Children Deal with the Loss of a Pet
Dealing with the loss of a pet is never easy. When children are involved, special considerations must be made to help them understand what is going on and how to deal with pet loss and grief. This article will address planning for euthanasia, how to recognize signs of grief in children, and ways to start healing after loss.

Pet Loss & Grief
Today, with pets living longer, healthier lives and enjoying such an integral position in the human family, grief over losing a pet is a serious concern. Thankfully, pet lovers, veterinary schools and counseling professionals now offer a wide variety of resources for those experiencing the pain of losing a dearly loved pet. This article...

Guest Book Review: How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery by Jim Willis
Popular author and animal rights advocate Jim Willis reviews a new book on pet loss and grief called "How to ROAR: Pet Loss Grief Recovery" by author Robin Jean Brown.

Audiobook Review: Journey Through Pet Loss
Comprehensive review of the audiobook, Journey Through Pet Loss, by Deborah Antinori, MA, RDT, LPC, NBCCH.

Euthanasia - How Will I know When It Is "Time" To Put A Pet To Sleep?
Having to make the decision to end a pet's life is never easy. How to evaluate "quality of life", and make a decision that that won't be filled with regret and guilt.

"Difficult Decisions - Understanding Euthanasia"
From the Veterinary Medicine Guide. What happens when a pet is 'put to sleep' and how to assess the situation to make an informed decision.

Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss
Author Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed. does an excellent job of covering the various emotions people feel after loss of a loved one and how to start dealing with the loss and start the healing process.

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
Non-profit organization dedicated to helping people experiencing loss and grief from the death of a pet. Extensive resource information at this site.

Common Grief Symptoms
How people express grief can vary greatly depending on the individual and on the circumstances surrounding the loss, but this article details some common grief expressions and symptoms.

Factors That Can Complicate Grief
Situations and factors that can complicate grief and possibly make the grieving process longer more difficult to complete.

"Grief And Pet Loss"
Overview of the stages of grief, and how to start healing. Also discussed is pet grief (pets missing their companions).

Grief Resources for Families & Veterinary Medicine
Grief and loss resources for veterinary teams to assist pet owners. From the web site: "the Mission of the Argus Institute is to prepare Veterinary teams to successfully meet the emotional needs of pet-owning families.

Journey Through Pet Loss
An audiobook from Deborah Antinori, a Registered Drama Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor with specialties in pet loss, drama therapy, hypnotherapy (advanced clinical hypnotherapist) and expressive therapies.

Personalized Pet Memorials
Digital Art Photo Studio specializes in unique mini poster 12"x18" size prints of personalized pet memorials that help to get through difficult times experienced with the loss of pets.

Pet Loss Hotline from Washinton State University
This grief hotline is staffed by veterinary students who have been specially trained in grief counseling by a licensed therapist. The purpose of this hotline is to provide support to those grieving as well to serve as an educational aid in training compassionate veterinarians.

Pet Loss Products and Services
Many items here related to pet loss and grief - gifts for those in mourning, remembrance charms, books, CDs, cremation urns, caskets, headstones and more.

Losing A Beloved Companion
Touching tributes and poems shared by readers.

Pet Loss and Children: Helping kids deal with loss and grief after losing a pet
Dealing with the loss of a pet is never easy. When children are involved, special considerations must be made to help them understand what is going on and how to deal with pet loss and grief.

Pet Care Planning
Pets don't live long enough. We always assume that we will outlive them. But what if the unthinkable happens? If you die or become injured, what will happen to your pets? Do you have a plan in place? A recent story of a dog "orphaned" in a kennel after her owner died while on vacation got me thinking about pet care planning. No one knows what...

Hospice Help: Guidance for Knowing When it is "Time" to Say Goodbye

Pet Memorials - Ways To Remember and Honor Your Pet's Life

Hospice Help: A Veterinarian'sPerspective

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