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DAP Spray - Dog Appeasing Pheromone

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DAP Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray


The Bottom Line

DAP spray is a great 'quick' way to help calm your dog in stressful situations and for travel. The price tag is a bit steep for one bottle, but the pump is a micro-mister, and used judiciously (3-7 pumps per use), will last a long time. I use the spray on dog beds, crates, and even bandanas as collars when my dogs need some calmness.

The DAP spray is shorter-lived and overall not as 'powerful' as the DAP collar, which remains my favorite DAP product.

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  • Works quickly to calm dogs
  • Non-toxic, may be used with other therapies
  • Does not stain or affect clothing or material


  • Expensive
  • Caution needed for glass container


  • Synthetic version of 'dog appeasing pheromomes' used to calm dogs, aid with confidence.
  • Safe and non-toxic, this spray may be used on dog beds, crates, and clothing. Do not spray directly on the dog.
  • The pump produces a fine mist, easy to use and disperse in a large area.

Guide Review - DAP Spray - Dog Appeasing Pheromone

What is DAP and What is it Used For?

DAP, or Dog Appeasing Pheromone, spray is a natural and non-toxic aid to calm dogs stressed by loud noises such as fireworks and thunder. DAP is also useful for a variety of other stressful situations, such as car rides, meeting new people or a new baby, separation anxiety - at home or in a kennel, and busy holiday times.

DAP spray, like the DAP collar, contains a synthetic version of a pheromone secreted by the mother during lactation. This pheromone, aptly named 'dog appeasing pheromone,' gives the puppies a sense of well-being and reassurance while nursing.

DAP is often used to reduce stress for adult dogs, but DAP may also be used during puppy training, to create a sense of calm and confidence as the puppy is socialized, house-trained and obedience trained.

Is DAP Toxic?

This pheromone is odorless and non-toxic, and is not detectable by any species other than dogs, though other mammals have their own species-specific version of this type of pheromone. For many dogs, the calming effect present at birth/early puppyhood remains through life, creating a sense of calm and confidence in stressful or fearful situations.

DAP Spray Uses and Effectiveness

DAP spray has a much shorter duration than the collar; 2-3 hours versus 30 days. I use the spray for 'short acting' applications - a few sprays on the dog bed, a crate, a Thundershirt, or even a bandana if I do not have a collar handy. Do not spray this product directly on the dog. The spray has an immediate effect in these situations, and I use it alone or in addition to a DAP collar or DAP diffuser.

It is important to note that the spray has an alcohol base, so I always spritz a few sprays then let it dissipate for a few minutes before putting the item on or near the dogs.

My dogs - two Greyhounds and Sophie, my noise-phobic dog, do very well with DAP. So well, in fact, that one of them - I suspect Argos the Greyhound - found the DAP spray bottle and completely chewed off the plastic pump. The bottle is glass, and thankfully no damage there, but a good reminder to put the DAP spray up and out of reach.

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Manufacturer web site: DAP Spray by Ceva

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I purchased this product for use on my own dogs.

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