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Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy

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Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy - courtesy PriceGrabber

Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Ball Toy

Courtesy PriceGrabber

The Bottom Line

This is a great toy to keep dogs busy, even for dogs who aren't extremely food-motivated. This toy would be ideal for dogs who eat too fast or want to eat all of the time. The large ball will hold 2+ cups of food, so the dog can work eating their "daily meals" for a long time.

The Kibble Nibble ball is easy to clean and inspect. I recommend inspecting this toy after each use to check for excessive wear or cracking and washing out frequently.

If the kibbles are too large for the feathered opening, you may cut away a plastic prong or two, but the change is permanent - no easy way to adjust the kibble opening size.

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  • Both of my dogs enjoyed this toy, even with different food/play perspectives
  • Easy to fill and keep clean
  • The rubber lattice helps dog get traction on the ball
  • Money back guarantee from my retailer against breakage


  • The large ball cracked (like a windshield crack, no pieces missing)
  • The rubber lattice is chewable/removable with lots of chewing
  • The small ball has a pretty small opening - not adjustable


  • Two sizes of kibble-dispensing treat balls, large and small.
  • The ball screws open at the middle, easy to add food and clean.
  • Rubber lattice work around outside of ball makes it easy for dogs to grip and paw around.
  • Small openings at each end have plastic "teeth" to randomly allow food/treats to exit the ball during play.

Guide Review - Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy

I purchased both sizes (small and large) of the Kibble Nibble dog toy for my own dogs. I am working on keeping my dogs busy as part of a larger plan to address separation anxiety.

I purchased this item on the recommendation of a veterinary behaviorist that I am working with, but honestly, I was a bit skeptical about this type of dog toy working for my dogs. This is because Sophie is not very food motivated and Argos, who does love his food, hasn't had any experience with this type of treat-dispensing toy. (And he gives up easily.)

I filled the Kibble Nibble balls with kibble and some very tasty "extra" treats. The ball screws open/closed at the equator. It is easy to fill and keep clean. I definitely had the dogs' attention.

I videotaped how each dog reacted to the Kibble Nibble. Argos had a wild time, nosing and pawing it around. He was so wild that he would totally forget/not notice the treats flying out.
Watch video of Argos.

Sophie took a much more practiced and typical approach; she cornered the Kibble Nibble and worked diligently on extracting each treat.
Watch video of Sophie.

Eventually, Argos calmed down and got the idea of the Kibble Nibble. He still tends to play/use it while standing up, nosing and pawing at it, following it around, and eating the trail of treats. Sophie continues as she did from the start. Photos of my dogs and their Kibble Nibble Balls.

Over the last few weeks, I have been very pleased that both dogs, independently and throughout the day, will find and play with a Kibble Nibble ball. They have played for over an hour at a time on some days, which I was very happy about.

One small negative point: I did find a hairline crack in the large Kibble Nibble ball after lots of play. The crack did not pop any plastic out or present immediate danger. The manufacturer guarantees against cracking or breaking, so I will return it to exchange for a new one to avoid any injury.

In conclusion, I am very happy with these toys for keeping my dogs busy and engaged. I think they would also make excellent toys for dogs who eat too fast or want to eat all of the time. This is a great way to keep them busy without overloading on food all at once.

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I purchased these items for use with my own dogs.
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