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Behavior & Training

Learn about behavior problems and how to correct them in dogs and cats. Also included is basic training of dogs and cats to make sure they have "manners" in the household setting.

Review: Through A Dog's Ear - iCalmDog Music Player for Dogs
I had seen the photos. Yet I still misjudged just how small the iCalmDog player really is. I admit that I was skeptical. Something so small could only produce a tinny, jangling sound, right? Not expecting much, I pushed the "play" button. This is my review of this player that comes pre-loaded with 4-hours of calming classical piano music.

Search and Rescue Dogs - Meet Ben
As part of the annual ACVO/Merial Service Dog Eye Exam Event, I interviewed Eric Darling, a California fireman and the handler/partner of Ben, a Search and Rescue dog.

Gentle Leader® Headcollar
Often mistaken for a dog muzzle, this unique head collar is an excellent training tool for dogs who excessively pull at the leash or interact inappropriately with other dogs or people.

Ceva - Future Leader Dog Visits New York City
Dr. Theresa DePorter is a veterinarian who is co-raising Ceva, a puppy for Leader Dogs for the blind. As part of her duties, Dr. DePorter must socialize Ceva to as many people, animals, places and things as possible. A Leader Dog must be prepared for any type of handler and situation. The trip to New York was to experience life in a big city...

Ceva Future Leader Dog
Learn about training a future Leader Dog puppy from a veterinary behaviorist co-puppy raiser.

Photo Gallery of my Dog Sophie Wearing the Thundershirt
The Thundershirt is designed to provide gentle and constant pressure on the dog's torso. Used to reduce or eliminate noise phobias, separation anxiety, travel anxiety, crate anxiety and aid in general training, no one is really sure how it works or why it works. The thought is that the constant gentle pressure calms the nervous system. For mild...

Feliway® Use in Cats - Test Subject Report!
The conclusion piece to the Veterinary Q & A on Feliway® use in cats. In this article, I discuss my findings after using this product for a month on my own cats.

DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Calming Collar for Dogs
I recently tried out the DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) calming collar for dogs on my own dog, Sophie. I adopted Sophie in 2002. She was approximately 6 months old at the time. She loves people and is generally a calm dog. Except when there are loud noises. Then she is trembling, panting, whining and trying to hide. We also deal with mild...

Is using a Feliway diffuser in a multi-cat household with a parrot safe?
This FAQ is from a viewer who would like to use a Feliway plug-in diffuser to introduce cats in a multi-cat household. They will share the home with a 30+ year old parrot. Birds are known for their very sensitive respiratory systems. Will feline pheromone air diffuser be safe for the bird as well as help the cats in the household?

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
From your Veterinary Medicine Guide Article on this condition, highlighting treatment with the medication Anipryl®.

Lost Pets: Proper ID is Key to Preventing Lost Pets
Lost pets often end up at shelters where they may or may not be found by their owner "in time." Collar ID tags and microchips can only do so much if the information isn't current. Here is the story of a lost dog we found at a local fireworks celebration, and how tags and 24PetWatch helped reunite this terrified dog with his relieved owners.

Through A Dog's Ear Driving Edition: Music to Calm Your Dog in the Car
This is the newest release in the "Through A Dog's Ear" canine music series. This CD contains 74 minutes of "psychoacoustically designed" music to keep dogs calm and the driver alert while traveling by car for short neighborhood or cross-country trips.

Through A Dog's Ear - Music CD
This is the companion CD to the "Through A Dog's Ear" book and starter CD previously reviewed on this site. This CD comes with a starter booklet -- a 26-page CD insert briefing the listener on the research that backs this "psychoacoustically designed" music and how to use it for optimum canine-calming results.

Through A Dog's Ear - Book and Starter CD
This is a book and "starter CD" to educate people about how music affects not only dogs, but people as well. The book and music are the result of 4 years of work by Joshua Leeds, producer and Lisa Spector, pianist. The trial studies used to clinically demonstrate the effects of this music were conducted by Susan Wagner, DVM, MS.

Interview with Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector, Creators of "Through A Dog's Ear"
When I saw a press release about "clinically demonstrated" music used to calm down dogs in stressful environments or with anxiety behavior problems, I was keenly interested to learn more. How was this music clinically demonstrated, and does it really work? Find out in this in-depth interview with the creators of "Through A Dog's Ear" book and CD.

Glossary Term: Psychogenic Alopecia
While there are many causes of hair loss, stress can be a major factor; especially for "nervous" cats. Hair loss from stress and subsequent overgrooming is commonly referred to as psychogenic alopecia. Typically the skin is not involved and there are no other lesions besides the hair loss (or broken off, short hairs). Only your vet can diagnose what is going on for sure after a physical examination of your pet.

Glossary Term: Separation Anxiety
In veterinary circles, separation anxiety is a term most often thought of as a "dog problem", but cats can suffer from this condition, too. What signs are seen with separation anxiety and what behaviors to dogs and cats share? Learn more in this glossary entry.

Pet Socialization and Behavior Tips For Veterinary Office Visits
Here are some basic behavior tips to work with your new puppy or kitten to help ensure that your pet is able to be examined fully and with as little stress as possible for visits to the vet, groomer, kennel and any public outing.

Family vacations: should your pet stay at home or travel with you?
I am noticing more "pet friendly" places to stay and visit lately, which supports the idea that more people are choosing to bring their pets on trips and vacations. Do you travel with pets, or are you more inclined to find a kennel or petsitter? This Quick Tip examines taking your pets on vacation and if it is a good choice for your particular...

If your dog could talk... A training guide for humans
This book review features a book that is subtitled "a training guide for humans". That is a good description - this book is a wonderful "training guide"! Learn why dogs do what they do, and hopefully build a better bond with your dog.

The Viewer Viewpoint: Rescue Facts - Medical Info Packets
Medical histories now can be included in a pet’s collar — saving time, and maybe lives. A company called Rescue Facts, which unveiled a medical-information packet for seat belts this spring, now is marketing a similar fact-sheet fastener that can fit onto dog and cat collars.

Unique Calming Formula Recommended for Stress Related Behavior
Environmental stressors for pets include changes to the pet's environment; moving or traveling; boredom or separation anxiety; and fireworks and thunderstorms. Pet Naturals® of Vermont offers a peaceful solution with its Calming Formula for Dogs and Calming Formula for Cats.

Puppy Safety Alert: Dangerous Baby Gate
Puppies and Safety: be aware of baby gate dangers!

Feliway® Use in Cats - Viewer's Opinions
Another companion piece to the Veterinary Q & A on Feliway® use in cats. In this article, viewers express their opinions and "findings" using Feliway® with cats. Does it work? In what situations is it most effective? Learn what they have to say here.

Veterinary Q & A - Feliway® Use in Cats
A new FAQ on the use of Feliway® in cats for behavior modification. What is Feliway®? What does it used for? Does it work? These questions and more answered in this Veterinary Q & A.

Viewer Viewpoint - A Deaf Dog As A Service Dog?
From the veterinary medicine site - Viewer Viewpoint. Viewer Mindy Riddell shares her story about how her boxer puppy came into her life, and how she is training her to be a service dog.

What Animal Communicators Do
The Viewer Viewpoint - Rev. Nedda Wittels, M.A., M.S., describes her life as a professional Animal Communicator.

Summer Storms, Fireworks, And Cowering Pets
Veterinary Product Laboratories offers pheromones that can ease the season’s anxiety for pets and their owners. D.A.P.® (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) and Feliway® for cats are synthetic pheromones that naturally control and manage pet behavior associated with anxiety, fear, stress and phobias without drugs or electronic training devices.

Loud Noise Phobias
Learn how to protect your pet and how to help ease the loud noise phobias triggered by fireworks and thunderstorms.

7 Things to do NOW to be ready for fireworks
Every year I think "oh it won't be so bad" when the fireworks start. But, as those of you who live with a noise-phobic dog (or cat) know, it always is that bad, and sometimes worse, than I expect. All it takes is one ka-boom and the trembling starts. Here are 5 things to get in place now to ease into the noisy season.

Firework Toxicity
Firework and thunder noise phobias and anxieties may cause dogs and cats to tremble, drool and pace. In more serious cases, animals have been known...

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days
Veterinarian Sophia Yin offers very comprehensive one-on-one puppy training in this book, giving your puppy a head start on training good socialization tips to last a lifetime. Learn how puppies develop, from Day 0 to adulthood. Filled with 400 photographs on puppy care and behavior, canine behavioral and training concepts are easy to understand...

Aggression in Cats - Interview With A Veterinary Behaviorist

Aggression in Cats - Interview With A Veterinary Behaviorist

Aggression in Cats - Interview With A Veterinary Behaviorist

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