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Breeds - Cat, Dog, and Equine

Links to animal breeds, both common and rare. Learn breed history, physical characteristics, and view photos.
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Vala the show dog and seizure alert service Canaan Dog
Vala is a 4-year old female Canaan dog. She is a show dog and a service dog for her 14-year old handler, Ethan. Vala received her "training" from Ethan's previous Canaan dog, who also served as a seizure alert dog. Both dogs were self-trained seizure alert dogs, receiving no formal training, but definitely aware when a seizure was about to happen so they could alert family members.

Service dog in action - Zorro the Belgian Malinois
For this Belgian Malinois dog, life in the show ring is secondary to his real job; that of being a service dog for his handler and trainer. Sara, who has a congenital hip deformity known as coxa vara, has trained Zorro since he was a puppy. He is trained to provide physical support, stability, and physical assistance, as well as retrieve dropped items. Meet Sara and Zorro, an amazing duo who work…

DNA Testing: Discover your Pet's Pedigree - Something to Consider For Your Pet?
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Westminster 2009 Spotlight: Annie the Senior and Julia the Junior
Julia sold her pony when she was 8 years old to purchase Annie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They have been showing together for 9 years. As a way to "give back" to the community, Julia started a reading literacy program called "Reading with Annie" (patterned after Reading With Rover (sm) and visits seniors in local nursing homes. Meet Julia, Annie and her other dog Angel in this spotlight on Westminster 2009.

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