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Veterinary Q & A Archive

Answers to common veterinary questions


Frequently Asked Questions and Topic Areas
Each article is a single question/answer topic.

Additional Veterinary Q & A series articles
Each topic covered in depth with a series of questions and answers.

  • Anal Sac Disease - What do to when your pet scoots!
  • Anthrax - Veterinary and human information about this much-talked about zoonotic disease.
  • Aspirin - Can you give a pet aspirin? Read the answer to this common question.
  • BARF Diet - The diet with the interesting name -- the "Bones And Raw Food" or "Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods" (BARF) diet, has people talking. Read about this method of feeding your pet, and what our viewers have to say about it.
  • Bugs & Benadryl® - Learn what an insect bite/sting allergic reaction looks like in a dog (photos), and a viewer's account of using Benadryl® to counteract an allergic reaction in her dog.
  • Catnip - Is Catnip safe? Why do some cats go crazy with Catnip?
  • Chocolate Toxicity - How much is too much?
  • Dental Health - Do pets need their teeth cleaned? Yes! Learn about pet dental health, and how to keep your pet's teeth healthy.
  • Dietary Indiscretion - Why do dogs (and cats) eat the things they do? We may never know all the answers to this seemingly simple question. Probably because it smelled good, they were hungry, or just plain curious. Is it something you should be concerned about? Maybe.
  • Dog Days of Summer - A viewer asks: "Does the color of the coat of a dog make much difference in the dog-days of summer?" Learn the answers to this interesting seasonal question.
  • Feliway® Use in Cats - What is this pheromone product about? Does it work?
  • Be Free of Fleas - Part I Flea life cycle.
  • Be Free of Fleas - Part II Flea control and eradication.
  • Heartworm Disease - Learn about the worm life cycle, how this disease is treated, and why prevention is so important.
  • Help! I need a diagnosis!- What the Internet can and can't do for pet owners.
  • Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) - HGE, or Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, is a potentially life-threatening diarrheal disease with no known cause. Learn about this disease, and why it is important to seek veterinary care early for a successful recovery.
  • Holiday Eating & Pets - Holiday feeding guidelines to keep your pet healthy.
  • Holiday Emergencies- Tips for when your pet is sick and your vet's office is closed or on holiday schedule.
  • Hot Spots - How to keep your dog "cool" when skin irritations flare up.
  • Itching, Scratching, and Hair Loss - Why does my pet itch?
  • Limping & Lameness - Is the leg broken, or just a strain? The purpose of this article is not to learn how to self-diagnose, but rather, learn if it is an emergency or not.
  • Lipomas (fatty tumors) - A common lump in dogs, occasionally seen in cats. It is always advisable to have every lump checked out by your vet.
  • Mad Cow Disease (BSE) - What causes Mad Cow disease? What are the symptoms in cattle?
  • Neutering - Learn about this common surgery, also known as castration, and why it is important for the health of your pet.
  • Pancreatitis - Fatty foods and other risk factors for this disease. Find out what to watch for.
  • Parvovirus - Learn about this potentially deadly disease in dogs, and what you can do to protect your best friend.
  • Poisonings - Learn how to identify a possible poisoning, and how to keep your pet safe.
  • Rabies - Health alert information about this fatal viral disease that is transmissible to humans.
  • Salivary Gland Cyst - Learn about this condition also called sialocele or salivary mucocele.
  • Seizures - How to identify a seizure and what medications are available to control seizures.
  • Senior Cats - The feline senior years -- what to expect, when to call the vet.
  • Senior Dogs = - The canine senior years -- what to expect, when to call the vet.
  • Should I Call the Vet? - Is my pet really sick, or should I wait to call the vet?
  • Spaying - learn about this common surgery, and why it is important for the health of your pet.
  • Suture Site Healing - A veterinary question from the Veterinary Medicine Forum. A viewer asks if her dog's postoperative healing is normal.
  • Torn Toenails - How to take care of torn and cut-too-close toenails.
  • My Stinky Dog - What to do when shampoo isn't enough...
  • Why Does My Vet Do That? - Answers to common questions about veterinary care in general.
  • Zoonotic Diseases - Diseases that are transmissible between animals and humans.

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