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Readers Respond: Have you had a zoonotic disease?

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From the article: Zoonotic Diseases
Zoonotic diseases are illnesses spread between animals and pets. These illnesses can be in the form of viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoal or parasite infections.

Some diseases, such as rabies, are fatal. Lyme disease is a serious illness with many potential outcomes. Others, such as ringworm and fleas are usually just irritations, but nonetheless a problem. Controlling parasites and practicing good hygiene reduce or eliminate many disease risks.

Have you experienced a zoonotic disease? Please share your experiences here. Share your experience

Skin/Hair problems

Hi. My dog keeps on shedding her fur on her torso and on the top of her ears. She keeps on scratching and I saw a reddish spot where she most frequently scratches. We've been thinking if that's scabies or just the result of her scratching. Please help. I don't want to lose her, I don't even know how to treat her. My dad told me to rub calamansi on her body. Is that effective?
—Guest Penny

I found a kitten with roundworms

Sh has been vomiting and pooping up worms. She had a pot belly when i found her. I think the vomiting is from stress because she was in my shed during a tornado and isn't vomiting now that shes in my basement. She is my friends kitten and i've always suspected roundworm was in their cats, but they never listen to me. I'm going to be a vet and knew they probably had worms. But her family is so poor.
—Guest Chloe Rutt


A friend of mine agreed to watch my dog while I went out of town. She had just gotten a new puppy which was fine because my dog lovers to play with puppies. What she didn't tell me was that she had to take her pup to the vet just days before my dog was to arrive at her house and he was treated for Cheyletiella. Within a few weeks my dog, Capone was an itchy wreck. I have to be very careful with Capone because he has severe allergies that he is treated for daily. His reactions are much more severe than that of a healthy dog. I took him right to the vet and told him that he caught cheyletiella from the puppy but he didn't believe me because it's rare in our area. He brushed it off as sarcoptic mange. Its treated the same so I didn't argue. Did I mention I foster animals? They all got it. 3 dogs and 3 cats. I had to pay for treatment for everyone including us 5 humans. It's been about a year now and my cat still shows signs of it. Warning! These things don't go down without a fight!!
—Guest Sarah


I got a kitten and several days later my 9 month old had severe bloody stool rushed to er done tests.. came back positive for caampylobacter. public bealth said it was frm kitten.. soon after i contracted it.. horrible
—Guest dianna


My dog was infected with ringworm's and may be again. The easiest way to tell if your animal is infected is by looking at your dogs skin under a black light (the fungi will glow). You may also notice bumps in the animals fur before the hair starts to fall out. The initial antibiotic that I was given from the vet helped at first, but once my dog ran out, and by the time I received more medication the ringworm's would begin to return. The best option to treat ringworm is the sulfuric dip (smells like rotten eggs). After about 3 uses the ringworm infection became noticeably better and within a month they were gone. Also if you are unable to get rid of the infection within two months don't bother with any more drugs, ringworm typically only live for 3 months. Hope some of this advice helps
—Guest James


When I was in Vet Tech program I heard that cysts can develop in humans in chest area. I wonder how these cysts affect the body and how long a person can have them if untreated?
—Guest Diana


I was recently released after 4 days in the hospital after going in for chest pains, diarrea, fever, chills, cramps, nausea, and severe headache. Lab culture found campylobacter w severe abdominal inflammation, after 3rd day. I was treated with several antibiotics by IV, sent home w Zithromax for 5 day oral meds. I had a triple by-pass 14 yrs ago due to diabetes which made the bacterial infection much more serious. I had an X-ray, a CAT scan, another CAT scan w contrast to check out swelling right colon, and a colonoscopy to rule out possible tumor. Actually it was the degree of inflammation that was caused by the infection, no sign of tumor. I'm not sure where I got it. But may have contacted outside working in garden near birds or dog, after handling the garden hose. Not a simple matter - can be serious and debilitating.
—Guest Larry

Ringworm in House with 6 Cats

I do TNR (trap-neuter-return) for feral cats. I rescued a kitten that had hair loss on its ears. Vet at local SPCA did a lime-sulphur dip, cultured for ringworm, and told me not to dip the kitten--wait 10 days for culture results (mistake number 1). I took usual precautions (wearing latex gloves when handling, bleaching its bedding regularly, keeping it quarantined in a room in my basement). First culture was negative. Brought the kitten to SPCA for another problem. Vet again noticed hair loss on the ears--did another culture and had me start dipping the kitten twice a week. Second culture came back negative. I took fewer precautions in handling the kitten. 10 days later the kitten went to a new home. A week later I developed a lesion on my hand. Didn't know what it was for 2 weeks and handled my 6 cats, 5 of which got it. The mom and 3 kids in the adoptive family also got it. Lessons: Don't trust 10-day cultures (21 days is now standard), and insist on finding cause for all hair loss.
—Guest Pamela

never ending Giardia

I had giardia 1 year ago. It all started after drinking a contaminated water source. I had extremely bad nausea, vomiting, fatigue, dehydration, loss of appitie, weight loss. I had to undergo 3 lots of anti biotics and my symptoms continued long after the infection was gone. I also had other illness as a result of my weakened immune system. This all lasted around 8 months. They were the worst 8 months of my life !!!
—Guest shazy

Coccidiosis is epidemic!

I don;'t understand why this parasite isn;t mentioned. I live in Georgia, and fostered for The Humane Society. One recent year virtually every kitten that came in had coccidiosis. My daughter and I sat up many many nights with kittens who evacuated from both ends and were so weak and miserably sick we were always amazed that they made it through the night. The reason I stopped fostering is we got a kitten in tht had coccidiosis, fleas, worms and treatment resistant giardia. It took a us a year to get her cured, and I couldn't take any other kittens during that time - plus I was exhausted by the time we got her! Please, no matter where you get your kittens from, have them tested for coccidiosis and giardia, even if your vet insists there are no parasites in his area. Vets deal primarily with the pets that have the most responsible familes, so they don't frequently see parasites, but shelters do see them.
—Guest Lulu


I have it now it's mii first time n it's on mii thigh and it's red and itchy to the max! I'm using cream and I hope it would heal in 1-2 weeks cuz I gotta go to mii pool lessons! Please try to prevent this cuz it sucks!
—Guest Kiki


I brought my 2 4-month old kittens home from a shelter on a Friday and the following Monday, I took them to the vet because they both had awful diarrhea. They were tested for parasites and both ended up having Giardia. I immediately started treatment and had one of them retested a month after treatment was done and found that he still had it. I had done 3 rounds of treatment for both kittens and the one still tested positive for it. My vet told me that sometimes tests can still come back positive even though they don't show signs. Is this true? My kittens will be 2 years old in April and one of them weighs almost 16 lbs. but the other one is 1/2 the size and still has diarrhea from time to time. Can one have it and not the other? Good news is that the shelter I obtained the cats from paid for the treatments and re-testings. They both seem to be doing well now and after having 3 re-tests, I gave up on doing it again based on what the vet told me about testing positive!
—Guest Lynda


Hi my name is mieke i am a black cottish terrier. I never had a ringworm until i was two years old. I was at three different vets and they told me that it is fleas. Its now two years and i still have ringworms alot of them. My mom only realized now when i had four beautiful babies that i have ringworms. I am getting treatment now. And hopefully i will be healthy soon. Please pray for me cause i had enough of these ringworms taking my body over and now they are messing with my babies.
—Guest Mieke

I had ring worms

I had ringworms and I use walnuts and it killed it and I am still using it today I think I got it from my dog becomes I love playing with my dog
—Guest Sanrina


I am a 4-month old Coton de Tulear with a diagnosed case of Giardiasis. My vet prescribed medication. After 3 days/doses of medicine I am still suffering from diarrhea & my appetite is absent. I've had quite a few accidents in the house. I don't have much energy. My owners are quite concerned that I'm not eating. My medication us Panacur suspension 10%. I take a 2 ml dose once a day for 5 days, stop for 7 days & repeat for 5 more days. I hope I feel better soon. I was on a boat trip on the Rideau Canal for 10 days; maybe that's where I got this parasite. My owner is practicing good hygiene (cleaning up fecal matter, cleaning my crate, washing hands. Etc) so that I dont re-infect or infect them.
—Guest Bijou

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