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Readers Respond: Share Your Tips For Keeping Pets Safe in Winter

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From the article: Winter Pet Safety Tips

Many dogs (and a few cats, too) like to play in the snow and enjoy winter time activities with the family. The beauty and fun of winter snow and ice may become dangerous quickly. Care must be taken to ensure that your pet stays warm and comfortable during winter months.

Keeping pets warm and comfortable, protecting paws, and planning for power outages are a few tips to keep your pet safe during the cold winter months. What do you do to keep your YOUR pet safe in winter? Please share your tips.

Summer Pet Safety Tips
Share your summer safety pet tips


I can never get my long-haired dog to come back inside when it snows, she loves to play in it! To protect her feet, I always make her wear boots when she is out in the yard for more than a few minutes.
—Guest Alivia

Walking Dogs During the Winter

Never let your dog off the leash in snow or ice. Although it may seem like a fun option to let your pup frolic in the snow, it can prove to be extremely dangerous. Dogs tend to lose their sense of smell in extremely cold weather and become lost. Believe it or not, winter has the highest rates for lost dogs!
—Guest Heidi Ganahl from Camp Bow Wow

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