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Readers Respond: Submit Your Tips for Making and Using A Pet First Aid Kit

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Building your own pet first aid kit can be a daunting task. Here are some kit-building tips for those who want to make their own. There are also many pet first aid kits available for purchase (view/compare prices).

Have you built or used a pet first aid kit? What items did you find most useful? What items could you save money by omitting? Have you taken a pet first aid class? Please share your kit-building and pet first aid tips here.


1 clue something was wrong was my little man bones kept staring blankly, like he was seeing something I coudn't. If your dog gets the runs, give water, period. If not the illness can turn into HGE. Once the bloody runs start take them to the vet. Dont wait a day it wont get better. The most time to wait maybe 4 hours. I heard that fat can cause this too. Bacon, lard anything greasy.
—Guest lauri

dog first-aid kits

While searching through several sites about dog first aid kits, I found one about a FDA recall for alcohol wipes in the kits. So be sure to make sure you don't have the recalled products in your kit! (http://www.ilovedogs.com/2011/05/dog-first-aid-kits-added-to-recall-list/)
—Guest Ms. K

Good Article

I backpack with my dog a lot and have included a few extra first aid things. A tampon for puncture wounds and anti gas medicine containing simethicone to reduce bloat in an emergency.
—Guest Bloar- Need Gas-X

Pet First Aid Kit

A great gift idea for older people too, because some people have animals that are sick.
—Guest litzy

More Items for a Pet First Aid Kit

In case of poisoning, it is also good to have hydrogen peroxide, activated charcoal, and the Poison Control phone number in your "pet" first aid kit. Remember, not all items in your "person" first aid kit are appropriate for use on your pet. The "multi-tool" gadgets are also a great addition. EDITOR'S NOTE - Great tips. In the case of suspected poison ingestion, always call Poison Control first - some toxins should be removed by vomiting, some should not (activated charcoal instead).

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