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Readers Respond: Methods or tools you have used to prevent pets from licking and scratching

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Most people are familiar with the traditional "cone" or e-collar used to prevent dogs and cats from licking or scratching at incisions or wounds. Traditionally purchased from your veterinarian post-surgery or after cleaning up a wound, e-collars may now be purchased at many pet supply stores. These collars are a great way to prevent self-trauma, especially for recurring situations such as hot spots, paw or tail injuries, or lick granulomas.

Have you used an "e-collar alternative" for your pet such as inflatable collars or fabric cones described here? Please share what worked or ... what didn't work. Share what worked for you

sock and dish towels

Thanks to Peg. Your idea saved us! Didn't have cotton so I rolled up dish towels and stuffed them in a sock instead. Worked in a pinch!
—Guest Liz

Pro Collar has it's issues

I recently bought this for my cat who has a gash just below his ear. He keeps scratching at it with his back leg, so when it begins to scab, he opens it all up again and it can never get to a point of healing. I've had the Pro Collar on him for nearly a month. Why so long? The first one he punched a hole in. Yes, hard as it may seem to believe, he got through the canvass and punctured it. I bought a second one, and he did the same thing. I finally just took the inside out of it and stuffed the actual collar with cotton and plastic bags. It's worked to keep it full, but now, twice already, he's managed to finagle himself out of it! I'm at my wits end. I wind up having to tighten it, which I don't like because I feel like it's hard for him to breath. At this point, it's a fight between him and I. This is like it's never ending.
—Guest WickedCats

I Discovered My Soft Knee Pads Work

I wrap it under the kitties neck with the vecro, and she can do it all, except lick her Spay surgery scar!!

Onesies work well

Purchased several for .50 each at Thrift Shop, cut holes through which to put collar; snapped snaps around tail or cut hole for tail. Much more comfy than the E collar. and worked.
—Guest Peggy

E-collar alternative: Novaguard worked!

I was frantic trying to find an alternative, none of the above appealed for my dogs upcoming eye operation, then I found the Novaguard. http://www.provizorinternational.com/novaguard-video.html Roughly the same price as an e-collar but much more comfortable and easier to wear, I'm glad I found it , I have some disasters in the past trying to home make a comfortable alternative, although I did use my old lycra leotard when my dog was neutered and it worked a treat. But the Novaguard or the Optimiser are definitely the product for any eye operations. Love it!
—Guest Tj Burns

StopBite Collar By Far The Best!!

I've tried the ProCollar and the Kong Cloud collar for my 2 poodles (about 10-15 pounds each). The ProCollar and the Kong Cloud didn't allow my precious poodles to move hardly at all. However, my friend recommended the StopBite Protective Collar for my dogs. The size of the collar was perfect and allowed my dogs to move naturally. It didn't constrict the neck of my dogs and they were able to eat and drink from their dog bowls perfectly. I highly recommend the StopBite Protective Collar for any pet owners who need a substitute from a traditional E-Collar. The StopBite Protective Collar blew away my expectations!!
—Guest Robert Redman

plastic inflatible dog collar

My blue tick coonhound had eye surgery. Initially I had the plastic cone, she bumped into everything was miserable. I went to PetSuppliesPlus and bought a inflatable donut. She was so happy and in two days was able to remove. They are wonderful and I'm looking for smaller ones for my other dogs, no more plastic
—Guest manydoglover

A better way

My cat had an incision between the leg and neck area on her chest. They gave her the cone, she couldn't get her head into a bowl. It was torture. So I went to a pet store and bought a sweater for a cat. Covers a large area of the back and most of the chest. Covered the surgery area and she loves it so much more.
—Guest Nadias Dad

Sock and cotton wool

Thanks Peg for the sock filled in with cotton wool idea!!!! Brilliant!!
—Guest Mart

Alternative Elizabethan Collar

I've tried many of the soft e-collar alternatives, and have had the most success with the Cuddle Cone (www.designerecollars.com). The foam used is stiffer than the Comfy Cone, and there is fleece lining which seems to make my dog more comfortable. I've used the Cuddle Cone for eye surgery on a pomeranian up to allergy itching on a labradoodle and the sizes were equally effective.
—Guest Nichole

alternative to an e-collar

Fill an old sock with cotton and secure with safety pins. It's soft, allows the cat to eat and works better than those expensive e-collars your vet gives you to prevent your pet from licking. Necessity is truly the mother of invention.
—Guest Peg

Neck hugs: more than a medical solution

I work with a Bichon Rescue group and we had a "furkid" that was small enough to squeeze through the vertical posts in the fence of her new forever home. Since she already had a neck hug from when she was spayed, her owner put it on whenever she was in the yard (until she could have her fence fixed). Seems like the neck hug is not just for medical. Thanks Wagtail Farms for your support of our rescue!

Neck Hugs--the best!

I love the Neck Hug by Wag Tail Farms. They're big soft rings that not only prevent your dog or cat from reaching the wound, but they seem to calm animals and relieve anxiety and gives your pet a place to rest its head. Check out the neck hug. Your pet will be calmer and happier right away.
—Guest Hilary

Soft E-Collar called the "Neck Hug"

Wag Tail Farms has developed a unique soft E-Collar called the "Neck Hug". We have received rave reviews from our customers on how comfortable it is and yet it does the job of restricting the pet from getting at a new boo boo or continuing to have paw chewing problems. There are lots of photos to see on our website: www.wagtailfarms.com We can also be reached at wagtailfarms@yahoo.com. We participate in community adoption events and support several rescue organizations, spay/neuter clinics and we are presently in the process of adding a halo attachment to the "Neck Hug" to aid blind pets navigate through their environment which will be released in March 2012. Bark at us if you have feedback☺

Soft Elizabethan Collar

Our dog had to wear an e-collar after surgery, and we felt so bad for her clanging around in the plastic cone from the vet. We ended up with the "Cuddle Cone" from www.designerecollars.com. It is similar to some of the others, but is unique because of the fabric and inner fleece lining. It made a huge difference in her recovery comfort!
—Guest Tracy

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Methods or tools you have used to prevent pets from licking and scratching

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