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Readers Respond: Are your pets vaccinated regularly? How often?

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From the article: Dog and Cat Vaccinations

It used to be that dogs and cats were vaccinated annually, as soon as that reminder card came in the mail. In recent years, with the development of new technologies and ways to assess risks and protection levels, vaccination protocols have changed. Many veterinarians now follow AAHA's Canine Vaccine Guidelines, advocating a 3-year vaccination protocol (unless individual exposure or local laws say otherwise).

Vaccines have greatly reduced or eliminated many diseases. Vaccination for rabies is required by law. Vaccines may also cause allergic, immune-mediated or cancerous diseases in rare cases. What do you think?

Never again!

I had my Golden Retriever vaccinated three years ago. From that point, he has flailed on the the floor, rubbed his face raw by diving into the carpet and started licking his paws until they bled. He was not doing this before the shot. I have read so many reports on the dangers of vaccines to dogs and humans that I have stopped going to my doctor and his vet. His vet was extremely adamant that I get him in for his vaccine and that the skin condition he has was not from the vaccine. He is still having "itchy" issues, but they have subsided somewhat. The town clerk says that they will not come looking for the dog and take him away, but if he is involved in a biting, they would have to take me to court and kill my dog for rabies testing. So I just keep him in the house and I have a fenced in backyard for other needs. I love my dog and myself too much to put his body or mine through the onslaught of pharmaceuticals. It just isn't natural.


I have never seen such a display of selfishness by people refusing to have their pets vaccinated against rabies. Not once have I seen any of these "protesters" be concerned about the safety of their children or neighbors. If the pet is kept inside 100% of the time, it might be ok, but if they have any outside time it shows a total disregard for human safety from the fatal disease of rabies. Our pets are always vaccinated. Sure, there may be isolated incidents of the shots being harmful to the pet, but what are the odds when you consider your obligation to your fellowman?
—Guest Woody Hilliard

I will titer & no more shots

My Maltese is 4 yrs. old. She has had her puppy shots then boosters at 1 year. I will titer next month when her shots are due. If my vet gives me a fight I will go elsewhere. He knows how I feel & disagrees. Rabies shots are the law where I live but I will not get her one. She had a reaction to the last one in her puppy shots and I will not chance it. I'm hoping her vet will give me a letter of exemption for Rabies. I've read enough to be convinced we are endangering our dogs (and cats) more by having the shots than by not having them. Keep their immune systems in top shape so they can fight off disease and they will be fine IMO. I agree with the "Guest Deb" toward the top of page 1 about sticking with Dr. Dodds protocol.


I do titers. We have over vaccinated for years. There is proff Rabies shots last at least 7 years.
—Guest Sheltimom3


My maltese is almost 13 and I do not give her shots at all since 2007. She developed Hemolytic anemia and I was told never to give her shots again. We walk around the block when weather permits or she's in the car. She shys away from other animals so I don't worry about rabies. Should I? EDITOR'S NOTE: If your dog is bitten by another animal, your dog will be considered 'unvaccinated' by law (which may differ from biology and actual protected status) unless your veterinarian is able to get a legal exemption for her.
—Guest bricktopchic


It has been proved the rabies shot does more harm than good after age six. Its also know those vaccines are a Vets largest money maker, any more questions? They are sworn to care for animals, and then knowingly do harm for the lowly buck. They can cause cancer. I am in the process of finding a understanding Vet since moving. My other Vet was great about my wishes.
—Guest love yorkies

I do what I feel is right by my dogs

I researched this topic, and researched again - and I will never again blindly trust vets regarding opinions/practices regarding vaccines. They all have different opinions, and none really follow Dr Dodds recommendations. She is the leading expert in this field, I will go with her and keep my dogs safe from over-vaccinating. I never re-vaccinate a dog over age 6, they don't need it. The exception being rabies - 3 years there, and I usually manage to get a few months or more past that, and don't do anything until their licenses are due and I can no longer avoid it. The rates of Cushings, Cancer and other diseases is increasing and research shows that vaccines are to blame. We don't vaccinate our kids over and over for the same disease. Our bodies build the immunity and that doesn't just last for a year, or even 3. It lasts a lifetime. The same for our dogs - be smart. Question, research and don't take anyone's word for it. Trust yourself - they are YOUR dogs.
—Guest Deb

Overdoing it

I think my vet is trying to run a scam on me by giving my dog a half dose of the kennel cough vaccine. I intend to nip this in the bud. It's just a scam to get me to come in and have to pay an office visit. There is no reason for a three year old, 11 lb dog to suddenly start needing a half dose when she has always gotten the full dose in the past.

poor pregnant kitty

I got a cat 6 mo old that had never had vacs. When I took her for them, I told vet she had been "running around" and might be pregnant. They gave her the vacs anyway (whichever are the standard first round) and when I took her back 3-4 wks later for the second set, they said she's definitely pregnant and the vacs could mess up the fetuses 'cause they're live vaccines, so to come back after she was done nursing. The cat is perfectly healthy. She ultimately delivered one skinny kitten and maybe four more placentas w/o kittens. The one baby died after four days. I am convinced the vaccines did that. Vet said they had no notation from my first visit mentioning that she might be preggers.... mhmmmmmmm.
—Guest prismonic


recently I `ve read all about the harm vaccines can do to my dogs ad consulted my vet asking him what his oppinion is on that matter, he clearly got so upset and took a book out pointing to me that dogs should be vaccinated every year, I am going to find another vet and will not fall victim to any stupid vet, just because he says so.
—Guest gseanix87

last year for me

My little poodle is 7 year old, this year's vaccinations almost killed him. He didn't eat or move for five days with tears in his eyes. I will never do that to him again. My groomer said this has really aged him. He is left with a very bad cough.

no more shots

i have had all my dogs to have reactions to the yearly shots and two weks altter to the rabies bad thing to go through..... i will never have another shot for my dogs ever again. my vet gave a wavier to the rabies. all my dogs almost died from the rabies shot... what if they had the yearly and rabies together. not good!!!!my little yorkie had a rough time as well as my lhasa and chi no more un needed shots
—Guest dean

Keep Your Kitty Inside

A rabies vaccine is always needed. However, you can cut down most or all of the others IF you keep Kitty inside at all times. This info was given to me by a very knowlegeable assistant at my vet. In these hard economic times, we can best help our kitties by eliminating the dangers a cat encounters when he goes out.
—Guest Barb

State Mandate for Rabies Vac

We lived in CA where rabies shots were every 3 years. Now in TN, we are mandated by law to have our dogs vaccinated every year and to display tags at all times. We live in the woods where red fox, coyote, racoons, skunks and possums are sighted frequently, so we must risk the shot rather than risk a rabies death.
—Guest Hailey's Mom

N. O. Lady

My rescued male dog has heartworms. I give him & my female dog preventative med monthly. I also apply a flea & tick ointment. It is sad to see my sweet, loving boy dog have a condition which he didn't need to get if he hadn't been abused & abandoned. I vaccinated every 3 yrs per my vet's advice. My boy doesn't need to have any other diseases to fight along w/ heartworms.
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