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Readers Respond: Scorpions Snakes and Insects - has your pet been stung or bitten?

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From the article: Scorpions and Pets
Dogs and cats are naturally curious and sometimes they are hunters. This combination can lead to bites and stings from insects, spiders, scorpions and snakes.

Dogs commonly snap at flying insects, while cats paw at them. If stung, this can lead to swollen paws and lips. Read more about swollen paws (and lips).

Scorpion stings, spider bites and snake bites are all potentially serious.

If you suspect your pet has been bitten or stung, call your veterinarian immediately for specific advice. A photo or specimen of the pest is helpful.

Please share your pet's story and outcome here to increase awareness for other pet lovers. Share your experience

my mix was bitten :(

My dog was playing outside and he was fine. The next couple of days i noticed he would cry when he would jump on you or even try to jump on the couch he would cry. This happened a couple of days ago and we figured it was not a poisonous bite but we are unsure the surrounding area of the bite is sore.
—Guest laura

Schmidt dog stung by scorpion

Immediate swelling and making a honking coughing noise. Took him to the vet who said to watch him for vomitting but the reaction time is usually about 30 minutes before it starts to calm down. He is 50 lbs so 50 mg of benadryl allergy- NOT COLD AND COUGH!!! Schmidts eye is red and there is less swelling. He seems to be doing better and its been 2 hours since the sting.
—Guest Dee L.

2.5lb 8mo. Teacup chihuahua stung by ?

I did not see what stung Ivy. She cried out in pain. She came to me, I tried to console her. I had Metacam on hand. I gave her that. I held a jelly ice pack on her foot. The foot was the size & color of a red grape. That seemed to help, she didnt pull the foot away. She gagged & was retching. It took at least an hour or more for her to calm down. This happened very late at night, and we are very rural. The gagging & retching tapered off the next day. I don't know if it was a scorpion or a brown looking wasp. We are in Texas.
—Guest Austinite

maltese stung by scorpion

This is my Maltese 3rd time being stung. He cries out in excruciating pain. Then for next 3 days he has this awful continuous cough that sounds like he's quacking. He also shakes his head a lot and scratches at his ear. Cough meds don't help. We just have to wait it out
—Guest kim

Not Sure What bite my cat

We live in the desert and have a 14 year old 16 pound cat who is 25% bob cat. Something bit him in the front paw 2 nights ago. He suddenly had difficulty breathing, his paw and leg tripled in size, he was bleeding a bit and we the strike mark was turning grey and black. He was lethargic. We assumed it was a rattler as we have found a baby rattler recently in the yard. We found the only 24 hour vet 1.5 hours away in San Diego. AS he started vomiting we loaded him for the windy trip through Mt. roads. The vet found only 1 strike mark, not two that a rattler would have. Blood tests show his blood was coagulating properly which again did not support a rattler. Lots of pain meds, antibotics and TLC. Two ays later the swelling is going down, his leg is pinking up, the strike mark is over 1/4 inch diameter. He is doing great. Note I did not give him Benedryl because I was arfraid it would delay anti vemon treatment at the vet.
—Guest Desertrose6

Wasp or bee sting

I let my collie/cattle dog mix out in the back yard (we live in southern Az) and I noticed he snapped at the air. He must have caught and been stung by a wasp or bee because within half an hour his muzzle was breaking out in hives and within 2 hours it was very swollen. Benedryl didn't seem to help so I took him to the vet about 8 hours after the sting. He received steroid and benedryl shots. Swelling still took 24 hours to go away and it's been 1 1/2 weeks later, he's fine now but has a red spot on his lip where he was stung.
—Guest Kyla

Chihuahua stung by scorpion

My Chihuahua was stung by a scorpion last week in Arizona. It happened right in front of us and he got nailed right in the face! The scorpion is very dead and got flushed! We are from New England so needless to say it was a horrific experience for us and him. Thankfully it was a larger one. I always keep children's benadryl handy for my dogs, as he is allergic to bee stings and immediately gave him some. He was gagging, crying, was agitated and his skin and gums turned blood red. The emergency vet gave him a steroid shot and within a few hours he was much calmer and able to sleep. Now back home he jumps every time he sees any insects!
—Guest Doeyes

Cat stinged by scorpion

I found my cat unconscious on the yard. I didn't know what happened to him. He was paralyzed, hard time to breathe and had a swollen area on the upper front leg. He had diarrhea, salivating and unable to walk or stand well. It was really hard to make him eat, so I forced him to drink honey and milk. The next day I found a scorpion dead next to where he usually sleeps. I usually let the cats outside. So presumably, he was stung by a scorpion. Now is two days after the sting. He was still unable to walk right, but he could eat something.
—Guest Manik

Husky bitten by spider or scorpion

My 44lb female Siberian husky I left at noon & upon my return around 5pm she was very slow, drooling a ton, gaging, glassy eyed, & swollen around the snout. I'd never seen her like this, so I rushed to the vet; they said it was a spider bite most likely and gave her bennadryl. They also did various tests. She's okay now
—Guest JD

Spider Bite

My 4 year old lab was bitten by what we think was a brown recluse spider. Her leg swelled up and she had licked the area bloody. ER clinic said it was an allergic reaction & gave her benadryl. Next day took her to our vet who diagnosed with spider bite, debrided the wound & started her on various drugs. Many months & 2 skin grafts later, (the 1st one failed) including a vascular graft in another state, & $$$, she's ok but we are always watchful for any change in skin or behavior. Do not accept a simple diagnosis of an allergic reaction if you think otherwise.
—Guest Capie

Dog Bitten by Bark Scorpion

My 3 lb Yorkshire Terrier was bitten by an average size Bark Scorpion. This is very dangerous bite. I'm a little sleepy cause it's been a long night so bear with me. She was bitten on her paw and screamed her lungs out for over a half hour. She could not walk and having been bitten myself the pain comes and goes a bit as it seemed to with her. I called the Vet, she said to watch for allergic reaction like face swelling and difficult breathing. My little dog was not able to walk for 6 hours and now she still cries a bit and limps but she's doing fine. I found and "disposed of" the scorpion.

shih tzu stung by scorpion

My 2 yr old shih tzu was stung by a scorpion, and to my dismay there is no Saturday emergency care in Yuma, Az., called his out of state Dr. and was told to give him children's benadryl. EDITOR'S NOTE: Always call your vet or animal poison control for drug recommendations and dosages.
—Guest doris

Gradie Taffie (bee sting)

Gradie is a golden retreiver and is very allergic to bee stings. When he gets bitten his face swells up his eyes get swollen almost shut. The vet told us to give him benedryl every 4 to 6 hours. It calms him down and the swelling goes away. Needless to say we keep a very close eye on him when he is outdoors.
—Guest Wanda

Dog stepped on a bee

My dog was literally frolicking in the yard when all of a sudden she jumped backward and then started trembling. I saw a bee fly away from her but I didn't realize she'd stepped on it until later. I carried her into the house and when I put her down, she was clearly lame and still shaking uncontrollably. I took her to the vet right away, and the vet could see that the bottom of her paw had been stung. A steroid shot in the office and some antihistamines and painkillers for later that day helped her a lot. By the next day she was back to herself.

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Scorpions Snakes and Insects - has your pet been stung or bitten?

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