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Readers Respond: Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

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Pets often eat things they shouldn't. Was it a good-smelling item? A toy that seemed like a good idea to taste? Sometimes people give human foods or medications to their pets, not realizing the toxic potential for pets.

Lawn and garden items, such as slug bait, rat poison and cocoa mulch are all very toxic, made worse by the fact that they have an appealing taste.

Finally, pets eat odd things because ... well, who knows? Some articles of ingestion will remain a mystery. Please share your stories and warnings here. You may help prevent an emergency.

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he can't get enough. ..

My lab has ate 2 albuterol inhalers and got poisioned. My pit bull ate my jumper cables and also ate some ben gay!
—Guest rescuedogs101


my cat eats anything rubber. from barbie feet to Wii remote covers it has had surgery from eating nerf bullets. i have removed anything it might eat from the house but now it trys to eat the door stops and the kids scooter handles. i think one day i will find it chewing the car tyres.
—Guest johutch

Trigger yellow lab

My yellow lab trigger has to try every thing at least once he has eaten every kind of dog toy you can buy. He has eaten throw a dry wall wall and insulation, not chewed eaten. I have had to take him to vet numerous time to have him checked
—Guest Lucas


we have a boxer mix named pepper and when we leave to go somewhere we put her in the kitchen. Last week my son forgot to put the lid on the recyclables when we left. My daughter came home and said there was shredded cardboard and shampoo bottles everywhere along with feces and urine. she also shredded 3 cookbooks, the wall, her treat bag , 12 full bottles of paint, and she put a hole in a 2 liter doctor pepper bottle. she is now crate trained and we learned that we need to keep important things above her reach.
—Guest Annalise

icky things pets eat

My Lab/Spitz combination was comical after turning over the kitchen trash and licking the lid from a gallon plastic jug of pickled jalapenos. It made her so mad that it had burned her tongue, she began barking and growling at the empty jug. Not funny? Yes, it was.
—Guest kathryn

icky things that pets eat

Poopy baby disposable diapers but even worse, a dead bird that had decomposed so badly that.it had "liquified".
—Guest kayce hamby

My Basset hound ate icky stuff

In the winter my dog eats her frozen poop and heats the snow where she peed
—Guest Espanol Girl

Sewing needle and thread anybody?

I was doing a little hand sewing repair and when finished put my sewing needle with thread attached into the little space in my sewing machine which was on the coffee table at the time. When I noticed the needle and thread were missing I looked around for a bit, then conclude it must be lost somewhere in the house. Then my dog my evacuating her bowls and I saw a piece of string, which I pulled out with a plastic poop bag on my hand. Next day Lola could not poop without crying so had to take her to emergency vet. After X-ray turns out needle was in the bottom part of the Colin. Luckily vet could remove it with a funnel up the but and a long pair of sweeter scissor things. Which Lola seemed to enjoy a little to much. Lol. Anyway vet said she had never seen a dog eat a sewing needle before and asked if she could keep it. I didn't need anything that had been in my dogs pooper. So I said sure do what you want with it. Hilarious!
—Guest April

My dogs.. are disgusting

they are crazy about human poop. they can smell it from a mile away, and they go into a frenzy, pulling the leash obsessed to get to it. I think I win, because this is the most disgusting thing in the world. I live in Budapest and there are unfortunately a lot of homeless people pooping everywhere. And I live in an apartment, its not like I can hose them down after an "incident". We are always on the watch for poop, and we avoid places we know there´s a lot of it. But sometimes we are unlucky or the homeless gets creative. They´ll also eat candles, vaseline, paper, their dog beds, lipgloss, hand creme, and cat poop. One of them likes to lick bird poop off the pavement. They are Not so interested in other dogs poo though. yet.
—Guest Elisabeth


My Bassett ate a twenty dollar bill and several days later I found it in the yard intack. I got the hose and cleaned it off. Sprayed it with disenfectant and spent it!
—Guest Cindy Winter

insatiable appetite beaglw

My beagle has eaten everything that was mentioned in almost all of the previous posts. Now she has eaten a piece off Christmas tree and has been vomiting all over the house. She has not be her usual obedient self and insists on re ingesting the vomit with the Christmas tree chunks that started this mess inside of it. The grossest part is that after she has perused all of the before mentioned treats and eaten everything possible. She vomits in hiding spots like my shoes. The cat has obviously given her away by beginning to assist her with the re eating. Yuck!
—Guest Tiff

My puppy ate a squirrel

My chocolate lab puppy, who was about 3 months at the time, found a dead squirrel in the backyard and proceeded to eat the whole thing, head to tail. Later on that night he puked it up in two phases. I'm so glad I wasn't home! My husband was there for it and he was pretty grossed out!
—Guest Ar

Marine toad

We live in the U.S. near a swamp. My two oldest schnauzers, while I was out of town, ate a marine toad. The dogs are always chasing creatures in the backyard. We had had a lot of rain, which turns our backyard and pool area into a lover's den for frogs and toads. My female, Alia, came in first and immediately seized. Then Romeo, my male, came in, threw up a toad, and seized. The vet was closed and the emergency vet was 1 1/2 away. My roommate, a nurse, and I discussed giving them milk. It seemed to work. They seemed fine till a little after 11pm. Romeo seized and died. Over the next week, the vet gave Alia different meds to deter her continuing seizures, but the toad's toxin had damaged her liver too much, so six days after her son Romeo had died, I had to euthanize my angel, Alia. I still have one schnauzer left and we will be moving soon but I caution everyone to be aware of the fauna and flora where you live. Most people who live in this area had never heard of such an animal here.

Live Baby Mouse!!!

I know my Dorgi (Dachshund/Corgi), Finn, likes his food fresh.... But a live baby mouse? Yuck!!! Unfortunately, Finn saw the baby mouse before I did... In a flash he had the poor thing... All I saw was the tail hanging out of his mouth. With one big gulp it was gone! I do not use any poisons in my home, but I was still terribly worried that the rodent may have ingested poison somewhere. Lucky for us everything turned out okay and Finn is perfectly healthy. Although, his nickname is now "Mousebreath."
—Guest MerBear

Plastic cat toy handle

Ate almost the entire plastic wand part of a cat toy.
—Guest Chris
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