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Readers Respond: Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

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Pets often eat things they shouldn't. Was it a good-smelling item? A toy that seemed like a good idea to taste? Sometimes people give human foods or medications to their pets, not realizing the toxic potential for pets.

Lawn and garden items, such as slug bait, rat poison and cocoa mulch are all very toxic, made worse by the fact that they have an appealing taste.

Finally, pets eat odd things because ... well, who knows? Some articles of ingestion will remain a mystery. Please share your stories and warnings here. You may help prevent an emergency.

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Tell us what happened


my dog just ate the battery from our tv remote! :( EDITOR'S NOTE: Batteries are very toxic. Please call your veterinarian immediately if your pet has swallowed (or your suspect they have swallowed) batteries. More info: http://vetmedicine.about.com/od/toxicology/f/Beware-Of-Batteries.htm
—Guest mr. cuddles in da house

Chew on this

Rat terrier. 3 yrs old. An 18 pack of peppermint flavored Extra brand gum. She was fine, and thankfully freshened her breath for a bit. From Editor: Caution as xylitol (ingredient in sugar free gum) may be toxic for some pets: http://vetmedicine.about.com/od/toxicology/qt/xylitol_tox.htm
—Guest Thomas

the laundry list

My two Boston Terriers have chewed into soda cans,taken the keys off my laptop and have eaten chocolate cake and many more things they have done they have survived all of it thank goodness but one of my dogs just broke his molar on a nylabone so everyone get information from your vet about what things they can have.
—Guest Elizabeth

Why pets eat odd things

If your pet is chewing on or eating unusual things, there may be an obvious cause. 1. Make sure the pet is not hungry. Some animals chew on things when they want to eat. 2. Reduce stress and competition with other animals in the home. Chewing may be a manifestation of stress. 3. Notice WHEN the chewing occurs. Around dinner time? When you are gone? At night? The pet may be bored or having some anxiety about being left alone. Try not to show anger toward the pet even if damage is done - an outburst from you will only make the pet more insecure and the problem worse. A simple "no no no," and taking the item away is all that is needed to make the pet understand. Finally encourage the pet to chew on things that are meant to be chewed on, but ALWAYS ONLY with your supervision. I've known a dog who actually swallowed an entire rawhide chew toy - sadly, later complications caused the dog's death. I think there are always unknowns why pets do things - but maybe this may help someone.

Dead fish

My old lab swallowed a whole dead fish while my mother was babysitting her. Shortly after we picked her up, she began to heave and was obviously nauseated. Not only was it shocking to see her vomit up a good sized fish, it was disturbing as well. Very nasty to say the least. I will spare you the details but I think you can imagine up a mental image.
—Guest Jen

cats and litter

The first time i switched cat litters from tidy cats clay to fresh step crystals my kitten didnt know it was litter and tried to eat it... which promptly got removed from his mouth as i died laughing. Fast forward years later his mom and uncle were refusing to use the box anymore so in an attempt to find an acceptable litter i tried the wheat litter, which my older boy promptly decided was food! I did finally find a litter that was acceptable and now i have happy memories of a now deceased cat as a silly kitten and his copycat uncle.
—Guest Us Coons

Chickity Chihuahua Likes His Chicken

Chickty Chihuahua likes his chicken. He ate a whole chicken leg. Now his belly is kickin... LOL we were eating chicken wings and watching tv. My chihuahua jumped, and took off with my DH's wing. I went to grab it out of his mouth, and he swallowed it hole. Paco is such a little guy. You could literally see it in his belly. We were stationed in update NY. Everything was closed due to extreme cold weather conditions. Thankfully he passed it. It was whimper heard around the world. Luckily the bone didn't splinter.
—Guest Christians Mama

4 mastiffs and ALL eat Everything!..

Every single one of our mastiffs eat anything they can get to. They are crated when not around due to it! shoes bowls gloves plastics cardboard books wires nails towels (death after surgery from the towel) tennis ball whole(surgery, survived, nothing smaller than a soccer ball allowed for my dogs anymore). I have become a paranoid freak since the death of our Armando. and Surgery for Aida. But even trying to dog proof and supervise, It just still not 100% preventable. Just yesterday one broke out of crate and chewed insulation and possibly screw nails she some how reached from a Reno we are doing. It is a constant stress, that wont seem to end with these guys. Love them too much to lose another to eating something. But I am not secluding them to pens for it, that's not a fulfilling life.
—Guest May

Eat everything!

Grossest thing one of my dogs ate...a used tampon. I discovered it when she (luckily) pooped it out. She was an American Pitbull Terrier, and she would eat ANYTHING! I have 2 more now, and they eat furniture, cat poop, shoes, wallboard, gates...
—Guest jennymay

1 GRAPE!!!

I literally got a dog yesterday and my mom was smart enough to give him a grape. We're waiting for a call from the veterinary clinic. Hes a very small dog. I really hope he wont die.
—Guest AJ

Cooper......a 140 lb bloodhound

I took Cooper to the vet for what seemed to be stomach pain. While waiting in small room for the vet, I notice he was passing a small long limb with branches protruding from it. The vet walked in and I pointed to Cooper's rear and said I think I see the problem. The vet helped him pass it. Cooper was then OK.
—Guest Ted Kuester

She is eating my house!

My 1 1/2 year old German shepherd takes the opportunity to eat my house and contents within. She has chewed through door frames, window frames, carpeting, the couch, coffee table, stairs and front door knob. She eats anything left on the floor and sometimes the counter when we are out if the room or asleep on the couch. Her favorites are glasses, sunglasses, hair ties, socks, pens, markers, lip gloss. She also ate my 9 -year-old's homework once!!
—Guest Kkennedy643

Cat Turds Like Candy

Two of my dogs eat cat turds like they are candy. They hunt all over the yard looking for the neighbor cat's surprise delicasies.
—Guest j

My Dog At a Net Meat Bag

One Sunday evening I threw the net bag from a roast in the trash as I was carrying the meat to the table. Before I could stop him, my Boston Terrier tipped over the can and swallowed the savory smelling bag. I immediately called the vet and we rushed him into the office for an emergency stomach pumping. We are lucky we found the vet at home and we both lived near the office. If we had had to drive our dog over 22 miles to nearest emergency clinic, the extra time would have meant intestinal surgery.
—Guest MizVixi

My lab ate a piece of gum.

My lab ate a piece of gum. Now he won't poop. He will pee but he won't poop. It jas been one day since this happened. What sjould I do
—Guest Robert

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Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

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