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Readers Respond: Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

Responses: 355


Dogs eating weird stuff

When my lab was a puppy she ate shoes (of course), a calculator, part of my biology book, a bottle of conditioner and my entire birthday cake. My Rottie ate a door and loved to take tissues out of the wastebasket to chew on. My husband's German Wirehair Pointers liked to eat animal parts they found, large animal parts with bones and hide which they brought home (yuk).
—Guest Unlimited

Weird things my CAT eats.

My cat likes to eat wall plaster, bits of paper, broom straw - natural and plastic. I think she has pica, or she just likes to make herself sick. She ate string last spring, but she is okay. We call it "snarf and barf."
—Guest regretela

worst thing my dog has eaten

My Blue Heeler/Lab mix Daisy ate a box of nails (hubby picked up almost all of them, although one found it's way into my tire) an ATV seat and a self darkening welding helmet that my husband had never even used.

Ick ban Sauerkraut

My husband bought a beautiful sheltie named sadie for our 1 year anniversary. She was awesome and easy to train but the dog in her could not resist the occasional trash can raid. The hubs bought the worlds largest bag of sauerkraut for the two of us so after dinner there was a ton left and being young and not frugal at all I threw it in the trash and went to work. The hubs called a couple hours later to let me know that our dog was spinning in circles shooting diarrhea across the living room floor and that he had found a completely empty bag of sauerkraut next to the trash can. I came home to tents of newspaper covering what looked like a fecal war zone and a house that smelled like glade and doggie doo. She made it through and is now 12 years old. She also went through a phase of eating used tampons. Always nice and embarrassing to pull that string out while chatting with the neighbors.
—Guest Danelle H.

The crazy things pups eat

Our jack russell terrier ate the crotch out of my daughter's $50 AE blue jeans. He also ate shoes, our underwear, a hardback book and a DVD!! We still have him, he finally grew out of that chewing stage.

What a silly puppy

He ate crayons and had some very colorful poop! He also, ate yarn, socks and underwear. Doll clothes were one of his favorties.
—Guest Gammy

cat and coffee grounds

My cat loves to eat coffee grounds if the lid is loose on the coffee can he will push it off and try to eat straight out of the can I keep the lid on tight.
—Guest ziplock91

what did you eat???

My giant malamute girl, as a half grown dog, ate one of my bras, wires and all. I found it out on the lawn quite "icky"
—Guest keiserk


My Corgi-cross ate a 2 pound bag of boiled sweets. Had hot sugary water coming from all appertures. Also ate a bag of onions. Not nice.
—Guest vivian

The worst thing my dog ever ate

The worst thing one of my dogs ever ate was sheetrock - repeatedly.
—Guest Shannon Converse


My half-Rottie ate: part of my sofa, parts of 3 expensive art books, a jar of sea salt, a jar of coconut oil, a bottle of prozac, (and everything else I left on the kitchen counter), 2 extension cords, pounds of cat poop, and the inside of my car door, before I found a new home for him.
—Guest loelyb

Christmas Time

My dog is so crazy, one Christmas she decided to eat a few decorations. I couldn't figure out what happened to them, until later that day when she puked it up...gross. I had a nice mess to clean up. Hopefully she learned her lesson, she hasn't done it since, thank goodness.
—Guest Strawberry

A dog named Corpral

As a young dog, "Corp", so named because his master was a marine stationed at the Virgina base. He chewed up and swallowed many tv and radio glass tubes and also an entire package of Gillett razor blades, all in one afternoon while he was home alone. He was fine and went on to live to the ripe old age of 14 years. He also loved beer..... He was part Boxer and part German Shepard. EDITOR'S NOTE: alcohol is toxic and possibly lethal to pets. Please keep out of reach.
—Guest Rose

Grateful Dead

Many years ago, our dog ate a Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead tape. I came home & he had a piece of cassette tape hanging out of his mouth. I tried to pull it, thinking it was stuck between his teeth, but his whole body came with it. I took him to the vets where he underwent surgery to remove each piece of tape that he had entwined around his insides. The doctor said he had to make many, many incisions to get each piece of the tape out. The dog, Moose, turned out just fine. I never did like the Grateful Dead.
—Guest Jeannie

A Sheet

He ate an entire full sized bed sheet. When he was done digesting we had to "help" the sheet out. Ighickyuck.
—Guest LTL

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