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Readers Respond: Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

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My beagle-lab mix lived to be 14 years old, but he ate a lot of strange stuff. I had to change my underwear drawer to a top drawer, because he once ate a pair of knee-high nylons and a cotton sock (both passed through his system). I also had to buy a wastebasket with a tight lid, because the same dog ate a couple of used Kotex pads. He died last fall (cancer and diabetic complications). Jack was a character!

Chicken Leg

My small jack russell terrier ate an entire chicken leg. He didnt even chew it. He snatched it as soon as it hit the floor. He had to go get surgery that night.
—Guest Mike

Darkest of the Dark Chocolate

When we left the room, our Shar-Pei ate 3/4 of a small, concentrated dark chocolate cake from a natural foods store.
—Guest Murr

Dog eats anything, Cat is finicky

Bala, adopted stray mutt happily chewed/destroyed- power cords, her bed, my bed, used/unused tissues, used feminine pads, toys, hair brushes, soil, chair/table legs, sofa upholstery, pompoms on cushions, SHOES, unattended food left on counters, bees/flies/ants, lizards live/dead from the back yard, my precious yarn, some of my unfinished crochet projects, cat poop, plants, door frames, wall paint & cement, soap, chapsticks, 2 of my cell phones, TV/AC remote, corner of my laptop... phew! She also was an excellent escape artist, could scale 5ft walls, push down door handles & once jumped off my 2nd floor balcony, landed in a tree & tumbled down with only minor scratches! She now lives in a farm, does not chew/destroy/tries to escape. :D Snowie, Persian cat, chomps on ANY raw vegetable he can find, fake/real leaves, baby lizards. Cherie, a blind LhasaApso, very well behaved, but sneaks in cat poop when she thinks no one is looking! Thankfully neither of my babies ever fell ill!
—Guest MooMoo


As a kid our family springer spaniel ate a 64 pack of Crayola crayons. Made for some amazingly psychedelic poop!!! I was on lawn mowing duty that week so I had to pick up the poop.
—Guest Colorful

What don't they eat?

My ferrets stole and ate my Swiffers all the time. The dog ate all sorts of odd things, but I expected that. The cats...*shakes head* The list, over the years and a variety of cats: gummibears, cinnamon gum (had to clip that out of fur all the time), salt and vinegar potato chips, ashes from the fireplace, potatoes of all sorts, but the kicker? My 10 year old cat actively *craves* the hot and amazingly spicy habanero salsa I get and add even more hot sauce to. This cat must have lived south of the border in her last life.
—Guest Laureth

Barbie be gone

We had a miniature Border Collie growing up. He normally preferred raw hide bones, but one day he got a hold of my sister's brand new Barbie. By the time he was discovered, the Barbie's clothes, head, shoes, arms, legs were gone...leaving just a mangled Barbie torso. Oh my. Was our dog a feminist? You know I never thought to ask...
—Guest Kathy_Utah

Metal Mouth

Our black lab obviously hates being left in the backyard while we are at work, and has shown this by eating / chewing up anything she can get her paws on. Most recently, she ate the screen on our window. When we got home that day, we thought someone had tried to break in to the house! Then, I guess she figured the door was the way to get in, so she ate the bottom off the metal security screen door. Of course, she still didn't get in. We just can't believe it does not cut her mouth to pieces! She also has eaten through 2 wood gates leading out of the backyard. And, adding to her list which includes: 1 TV remote, numerous stuffed animals, pillows, comforters, shoes, oh, and the ickiest (besides our other dogs poop!) was a pound of raw bacon right off the sink! Which is why she does not get left inside the house!
—Guest Sallier

Cat Box

Yep, I have had not one, but seveal dogs whose favorite snack is cat turds. Helped keep the litter box clean, but their breath...eeek.
—Guest Mike

(EX)Boyfriend's Foot

A six-foot albino Burmese Python I had adopted a few months before chomped down onto my boyfriend's foot. He wasn't letting go and the boyf was in a lot of pain, so I poured cold vodka over its head to get it to release his foot. The python released, I got him back into his cage, and found a new home for him the next day with a more experienced snake owner. The boyfriend also didn't stay in my life for much longer.
—Guest Rebecca82

1 in 100

My husband had played a card game the night before and won. He was about 100 $1 bills and 1 $100 bill sitting on the table. Of all the dollar bills there our Chihuahua ate the 1 $100. We were able to pour salt down his throat and he threw it up. It was in pieces but we had the serial number and the bank replaced it.
—Guest petpaw

Used Condoms

My boyfriend's dog managed to eat three used condoms on day. Boy were we nervous waiting for those to pass through! He has also eaten an entire roasted chicken, fan belts, my glasses, and a cell phone.
—Guest Elf

Ate steel wool

My late Golden "Pal", of 11 years, ate two coarse Steel wool pads I had cleaned my grill with. No ill results. He also was partial to Canada Goose droppings.
—Guest My Pal

No, really!

One night I was working on my final paper for school which came to a whopping 47 pages, not including citations, cover page, etc. I printed it out, put it into its own duotang folder, set it on my night table and went to bed. My 4 year old German/Belgian Shep, who loves to sleep with me at night, must have wanted a midnight snack because when I woke up the next day the folder was ripped to shreds and all that was left was the last page of my paper! Fortunately I printed it out again but man was that a close one!
—Guest Jack

Doggie Upper

My dog ate an Effexor tablet. That's an anti-depressant. She was fine!
—Guest SaraBeth

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Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

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