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Readers Respond: Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

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boris the brat

My Nicholas, a very large cat, likes rubber bands. I don't know if he eats them so much as plays with them. I don't leave them around. Had another cat who would kill for blueberry yogurt and another who loved potato chips and would grab them as you ate!
—Guest Butterbean76


My dog Murphy,a beagle&bassett mix, will eat duck,goose,cat and dog pooh. I'm afraid that he could get some kind of parasite. I try to look out for the stuff when I take him for a walk,but he is so fast he gets it before I can stop him. He also will eat our cat's vomit...yuk!

Lab ate needle.

Our yellow lab ate one of my daughters short (1/2 inch) diabetes needles that was left out for a few minutes. She is currently hospitalized for pancreatitis after eating a whole jar of peanuts. Nothing is off limits for her except "normal" dog treats.
—Guest Karen

My bra strap

My cat Murphy got declawed a while ago and since he can't scratch and tear around like he used to, he has taken to chewing and swallowing string-like materials. He started by chewing up and eating one inch pieces of our shoe laces. I found them pooped out in the litter box. Then he continued his binge by also eating my camera wrist string, draw strings to my sweat pants, any hair tie he can find, Q-tips, more shoe strings, and finally he ate strap off of one of my camisol tops and AN ENTIRE BRA STRAP! I think he needs to be on that show on TLC, My Strange Addiction, because he has a problem. For real.

Grapes and raisins toxic to dogs?

I find it strange that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs. My black lab loved them. I love grapes too. Whenever I ate grapes, he was right there getting his share. Raisins were also one of our favorite treats. He was 20 and 1/2 years old when he passed away. EDITOR'S NOTE: The toxic factor of grapes and raisins has not been identified. Not all dogs experience toxicity, but grapes/raisins have been deadly for some dogs, and in my opinion this is a food not worth the risk. http://vetmedicine.about.com/od/toxicology/f/grape_raisin.htm

weird or what !

when i was at work my 7 year old cat gizmo somehow open'ed my bedroom door, opened my wardrobe, pulled out my best channel dress, dragged it onto my bed and sat there clawing at my dress untill it was rags and ran downstairs and hid, and when i got home and saw my dress, i shouted " GIZMO!" so loud that he went on top of my kitchen cupboard and only came down when i was out of the house for like 3 days, it never happened again lol.
—Guest lovemygizmo x

Mad Sooty bunny

My rabbit Sooty was sat on my knee one day in the garden. I had just given her cabbage. She made a mad noise then moved to cuddle me. I found a hole in my skirt and one very cuddly bunny staring at me guiltily!
—Guest Sammimac :)

Eating pooh

My pup is eating his pooh. That is bad. How horrid when they want to lick your face yuk.
—Guest alice


Leroy our 8 month old mixed breed likes to eat his poo poo sometime which is disgusting to me and been worried if it will hurt him. He doesn't do it all the time and I try to watch him when we let him go out side but not always can watch. I hope he stops this soon.
—Guest guest Jo


My cat ate my dogs puke when my dog ate some grass!
—Guest pie


My 2 black labs seem to love frozen dog poop, which I call poopcicles and get sick whenever I see them with one. My youngest in her "chewing" phase ate 3 remote controls!
—Guest Max and Rayna

This Pup....

My dog at the time was 6mnths. He had a flea collar on when i left for class. i came home no flea collar. next to the crate was an inch of the collar. Yep you guessed it. He ate his flea collar. Week later puked it all up in a day, next day went to the vet and got put on 3 dif medications 1 to calm him stomach, another antibiotic to prevent further infection of the intestines, and an antibiotic to keep him from throwing up more, bc he threw up 5 times the day before to get it all out. Now hes a yr old next month and still eats everything he can get to. paper towels, rocks, tennis ball fuzz, shoes, hospital socks, towels, bugs, pillows, dog beds i could go on and on. He's a beagle coonhound mix he looks for smells and either eats or rolls in it. he likes to roll in bird poop and rabbit poop. he gets a lot of baths needless to say.
—Guest DogOwnerForYrs

The most disgusted

My Mastiff x American Bull, ate used feminine pads. On 2 separate occasions. Once she left the full thing intact puked on the floor. 2nd one I found a lil shredded but still whole while cleaning up the poop in the yard. Couldn't look at her the same for a few days, let alone kiss her. Ever again.
—Guest Never Kissed Again. :(

icky things

My German shepherd once wolfed down a whole plastic shopping bag. He didn't seem to suffer any ill effects.
—Guest tarantella

poor poor boy

My boy cat ate two gerbils in one day. He is now suffering with a bad case pancreatitis and had to see two different vets for a correct diagnosis. I am very worried about my boy. No more Gerbils on his diet!!
—Guest guestwho

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