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Readers Respond: Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

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Icky Things Pets Eat

I had a Jack Russel who loved tree frogs. The first time he ate one his mouth started to foam and I paniced and called the vet. I thought he had rabies. Scared me too death. Buck lived a long life and always liked the tree frogs. I miss that precious furr baby.
—Guest Brenda

All things great and small

My 2.5 year old Great Pyrenees who was a rescue-stray when we got her used to test everything by eating it. Her crowning achievement was when she got into my bag and ate my visa paperwork. Her others triumphs include 13 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of sneakers, the sleeves of 4 sweaters, 2 laptop power cords, a sewing machine power cord, a pencil, brie still in its plastic wrap, most of the foam from her bed and sushi with wasabi sauce to name but a few. We did get a dog license, but she ate that too.
—Guest Tamsin

cassette tape

male Siamese found cassette tape of prayer meeting; played with it until tape came loose; he had portion wrapped under his tongue; triggered gag and vomiting reflex.
—Guest MaryMargaret


I own a 100 pound Bouvier and when he was a pup he loved to eat gravel about the size of a lima bean. The Vet's X-ray clearly showed all the rocks lined up neatly throughout his system. He out grew it finally.
—Guest PaulJ


My female boxer (I have 3) decided she had a tasks for the powdered concrete, I don't know how you spell it. It was on the back porch and she got into it big time and had it all over her face and all over the porch, and there was no way to tell how much of it she ate. This was several months ago, we kept a close eye on her and she has been fine but I was very worried that it would've caused serious problems.


he threw up and ate his own vomit. it was so nasty!!! he also ate his own poop. but i love him so much. he just ate grapes but we got them back up :) thank goodness
—Guest jennifer

my silly mutt

Luke, my pavement special recently adopted dog, loooves digging in the bin. his favourite finds are eggs shells and avocado skins which he licks spotless. when i first got him and took him to my parents house to visit he stole the chicken for lunch off the kitchen table.. mom was not impressed!! he's also eaten poop and grass, which apparently is normal, as well as grapes off the grapevine if he can reach them. he also loves any nuts and takes them very gently with his front teeth. my previous dog would eat my rabbits poop, and my used tissues while i slept. another dog loooved cheese, he would remind us everyday at 10am that he wanted his snack- vienna or a piece of cheese haha. a friends two dogs would eat gooseberries and strawberries off the plants and raw carrots.. dogs are strange but i love them :)
—Guest Lukies mommy

my dog died agter swallowing a ball

Caine was a healthy loving jack russel. He was my baby boy. He would eat plastic, wood, material, razor blades, basically anything he felt like. Last week I noticed he wasn't feeling well. I took him to the vet. She did blood test and felt his body. Said she felt something, but later said it was nothing and I must keep an eye out for him. On tuesday night he started crying and was very uncomfortable. Phoned the vet and she said they'll do xrays next day. Took him in and they couldn't draw blood because it was too thhick. They put him on IV. He died 2 hrs later. His kidneys were weak, his colon burst, he had a stroke and a heart attack. She asked to do post mortem. She phoned me afterwards, and it was discovered that he'd swallowed his ball. She said that if they did xray last week, it would not have made a difference because they don't operate on account. Who's choice was it, mine or hers?? Since when did vets stop caring about our pets? I miss my baby boy so very much :(
—Guest cheryl

Cat poop

My will eat cat poop from stray cats that go into our yard
—Guest Creasy

where'd it go?

i have an 11 yr old rescue apbt. we brought him home when he was 4. he stole a whole full-sized burrito off of the table. about ten minutes later, it came back up...whole! between the time it took for my husband to get it into the trash and put the dog out, alex had found it, and eaten it, again. that's determination! i've also got the oldest living beagle who is capable of eating a baby aspirin wrappen in cheese, swallowing the cheese and spitting out the pill.
—Guest n

omg....did the vet install a zipper?!!

Due to husbands carelessness rusty found several single edged razor blades to chew on. Vet opened him up and found all the pieces mixed in with his food and was able to remove full contents of his stomach which also included a hard boiled egg with the shell on, my daughter's long lost car keys, some tin foil, eyes to a stuffed toy and part of a jump rope. He recovered in time to devour $10 of my daughters babysitting money left on her dresser. Fun waiting for that to process thru.
—Guest rusty golden retriever

Icky Thinks Pets Eat

Not exactly icky, but interesting: Day-Glo crayons, the entire box of 64. The yard was very festive for days. Tinsel was also decorative. Several bags of flour that had been in the same place for years suddenly grew attractive. Found nothing but bits of bags and lots and lots of white poop. On the much more icky side, our Schipperke came very close to dying by ingesting what we believe was a poisoned nutria. Neurotoxin....nothing you can do but wait. Misdiagnosed by bad emergency vet and went into convulsions. Good vet induced coma. Operated and removed more than a quart of animal from the stomach of this 15 lb. dog. Dog was in the coma for 4 days. Miraculously recovered, thanks to the vets and staff of two hospitals. But for truly revolting, I think I'd have to vote for the ashes of his former companion dog. What do y'all think?
—Guest skipmom

One day...

Came home and found my 6 month old kitten chewing on a makeup sponge I had thrown away earlier that morning. Half of it was gone.
—Guest Jennifer

Icky stuff

Besides the very common litter pan and unrecognizable yard carcases, my dog ate an entire soft shelled turtle; my vet had never heard of that and said to just watch and "see what comes out" after a dose of mineral oil...we never saw evidence of the "exit", but we did actually witness the entire turtle being devoured. Attempts to separate the dog and turtle were unsuccessful and dangerous as both the dog and turtle could still bite. Not a great day.
—Guest Suzanne Donzero

Litter boxes and kiwi fruit

haha bonnieg76 My childhood dogs used to rummage through the cat's litter box and nibble on any little nuggets they found there. Another one loved to eat our horses' manure. I also owned a cat that enjoyed tiny amounts of kiwi fruit and mouthwash. Thankfully, none of this made our pets sick my dog does that tooo bonnieg76
—Guest panda

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Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

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