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Readers Respond: Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

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Litter boxes and kiwi fruit

haha bonnieg76 My childhood dogs used to rummage through the cat's litter box and nibble on any little nuggets they found there. Another one loved to eat our horses' manure. I also owned a cat that enjoyed tiny amounts of kiwi fruit and mouthwash. Thankfully, none of this made our pets sick my dog does that tooo bonnieg76
—Guest panda

Ha! How much time you got?

Vaseline, poop (every kind..every), egg shells, ink, dead birds, alive birds, lizards, lotion, uncooked pasta, raw potatoes and dead mice.
—Guest kytrex

Icky things ..

Before I finally coaught him in the act and repremanded him, my adopted shelter dog (rescued from death row just minutes before his scheduled 'execution') would get in my dirty clothes basket and eat the croch out of my undies ! EWW !
—Guest LuLu

my dog ate what?

My dog ate a used tampon. And, anotgr time she ate about half of a plastic grocery bag. I found out both times that she ate the items when she tried pooping, & i had to finish tugging the items out when she couldnt push them out! Gross!
—Guest michelle

used care items

I had a wonderful american bulldog. When we first got him he ate used tampons. I induced vomiting and everything was fine. Later in life he seemed to really enjoy used dirty diapers. Somehow the diapers grossed me out more then the tampons.
—Guest michelle g.

Princess' First Vet Visit.

In the past few months my dog has been into everything... Last week she ate a entire baggy of sea salt and her muscles started drawing in and spasming, and she couldn't walk right. We immediately took her to the local vet who gave her fluids and thankfully she got better... On Friday she licked up clorox off the kitchen floor when my father mopped, and about 30 minutes ago I found her chewing up a makeup sponge into small pieces and swallowing it. I called the vet who said she would more in likely be fine, but if I noticed anything out of the ordinary or if she couldn't poop to bring her in as she may have an obstruction. I love her to death, but she's a handful.
—Guest Kimmie

things pets eat

I swear one dog I had was self sufficient other than water. She filled herself with poop from herself and her friends. NO room to eat normal food.
—Guest anon

things pets eat

Dogs eat poop. It is their favorite;. Every dog I have owned has eaten poop sometimes lots of it. I've had dogs eat it as it is coming out of the other dog. Nice and warm. I don't know what it is but they all will do it, given a chance.
—Guest 68gto

Live squirrels & chipmunks

My sister-in-law has a mini-pincer and he will eat squirrels, chipmunks, birds and mice. I watch him occasionally and all of these critters are fair game when he's around. The dog should be in the Olympics as he can leap and take a squirrel or chipmunk off the top of the birdfeeder (6' high) without really trying. Same is true when a bird is flying to the feeder. He will just spring up and snatch it out of the air. I can't believe he can swallow some of the squirrels whole. He doesn't vomit them up and I wonder what my brother-in-law must think when he goes to clean up the poop in his yard later.
—Guest bigkid

my dog was poisoned

my neighbour lured my dog into her compound and fed him weed killer cooked in chicken soup
—Guest caroline

gopher guts

I have a puginese who is the joy of my life, at least until he got hold of the trapped gopher we'd caught and ate it, unknown to us at the time. It wasn't long after that he threw up in the house and I thought it looked like all the innards of something, and thought, "Oh no, he's eaten the gopher." It wasn't the first time. And I shooed him out of the house as he was about to hurl again. The sight and smell of the first pile was beyond nauseating. I went outside behind him by a few minutes and discovered his 2nd pile and then was both elated and horrified by what I found there; six 3/4 inch long fetuses had come up in the next go round! My dog had eaten a pregnant, dead gopher and it didn't agree with him! Now 7 gophers were eradicated from my garden instead of just one! We gave him a pepto bismol and he was fine.
—Guest mpathhealr

Only stuff that's expensive to fix...

My yellow Lab Sailor is the most food-motivated creature I've ever known. Gobble, swallow, then decide later if it was food. The first expensive meal was a nylon stocking wrapped up in his intestines -- hours of waiting at weekend, emergency rates for a determination about surgery. Fortunately, after about 30 hours it unwound iself and came out. Then another emergency weekend visit eith Giardia from eating bird pop.
—Guest Ron

Big Smelly Turds!

Me and my partner recently aquired, for our 4yr old daughter Laci, a Collie pup, bitch, 12wks old, absolutely beautiful, bouncy, cute and fun. BUT.. she will eat ANYTHING. Most of the time, I think swallowing things is just a secondary thought after CHEWING them up. For example; plasterboard from when our celling collapsed. Also when we take her for walkies, we have to be careful, because if she spots a nice, fresh, steaming-turd, she will up and swallow it before you can say a word! She also enjoys play fighting, which can be quite painful(especially for my daughter), with pippa's pin-like milk teeth, which have become super-sharp due to trying to chew hard stuff, like stones. OOWWCH!!
—Guest Pippa the Nippa's Dad

my dog has a tummy of steel

My dog has eaten, Roach baits, chewed up Daisy razors, dish soap, tries to drink mop water ......but the worst thing was he chewed a bottle of dove conditioner, he broke out in hives and vomiting, vet fixed him with a shot of antihistamine! $550.00 vet bill! But my Bentley is worth it
—Guest Bentleys Mama

Crazy Roscoe!

We have a boxer/hound mix named Roscoe. We rescued him a little over a year ago when he was almost 4 yrs old and knew from the beginning he got attached to us quickly and has a lot of energy. We walk/jog him two miles a day and have no less than 8 or 9 toys lying around the house for him at any given time. However, in our first year with him he has eaten the following: 24 cockroach traps (in his defense they were peanut butter flavored) 6 inches of an ace bandage a 1'X1' section of a blanket the front of a pair of pants (huge holes in both legs) my new zinnias and finally socks Thankfully he has passed everything or vomited it and nothing has been toxic to him. Fingers crossed!
—Guest Jenny

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Icky Things Pets Eat - Tell us the worst thing your pet has eaten

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