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Parvovirus infection is a viral disease that most commonly affects the gastrointestinal system (vomiting, diarrhea) or in rare cases, the cardiac systems of dogs. Parvo is a highly contagious and sudden disease; puppies are particularly susceptible, as are some breeds. Vaccination is your dog's best defense against parvovirus.

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I just lost my 6 mo.old pitbull puppy jinsome aka "bug" to parvo. B4 this horrible tragedy I was not familiar w/ parvo We tried what we could 2 nurse him back 2 health & despite our efforts parvo ripped the life outta one of the most full of life, loveable puppies you would ever see. It was horrible seeing my baby sick w/ this virus he eventually gave into. I only hope I did do what I could & that "bug" knows how very much I loved him & how broken my heart is. I miss & love you love bug. May you rest in peace my sweet angel 5/2014-11/2014,
—Guest bridge,,,


Well, I just lost my 1yr4mo poodle with Parvo, I have no idea how she got it, as she is a house dog, and is taken out on a lease to go potty. She got really sick vomiting & diaherra and died in 2 days. We are heartbroken, we have been offered a new puppy from same parents in 2 months but are terrified to bring it home, I have cleaned everything with bleach & getting new carpet do you think the new puppy is safe.
—Guest Connie

Save Scooby!!!

Our 6 month old Great Dane was just diagnosed with parvo. The last 2 days she has been very lethargic, not eating like she should, and she started vomiting last night. I immediately told my husband and when he got home we started looking for a vet to take her to ASAP. I called at 8:30am and was able to get an appt at 10am to see what was wrong with her. They did a parvo test and it was positive. We cant afford leaving her in a 24 hr pet hospital (which the vet said could cost 1-2,000 a day) and I know I cant administer IV fluids under her skin... I tried that with her puppy shots and she bit me... so we opted for the inpatient day treatment. I just hope that she is a fighter like we believe she is.
—Guest Kristi

Max the fighter

We just got a new 9 week old American Eskimo puppy named Max. After 4 days with him he started vomiting and having diahhera. We took him into the vet and learned that he was positive for parvo. He has been in the hospital for three days and is still in there. I don't know if he will be ok again. Please keep max on your prayers,we lost and og six months ago due to seizures and we can't afford another heartbreak.
—Guest Katie


Well it is with very heavy heart that i right this - my baby had been on a shot schedule and was half way done but contracted parvo and died within two day over the weekend it is very serious and deadly - i wish that my baby would have made it i am sick and so are my kids she was our baby
—Guest sadmama

He Made It!!

4 m. old choc lab, notice he wasnt as bouncy, noticed his collar was loose around his neck, subcausiuosly notice food wasnt being eatn (have 2 other dogs) as fast. Called vet, saw clear vomit w/ leaves immd. thought had eatn oleander leaves. Vet said keep an eye on for 24 hr, at vet next day (sat) positive for parvo. Sent home with IV once a day/meds, went downhill FAST. At vet Monday w/105/106 fever 4 two days, dr was hopeful but realistic, for two nights they hope he makes it through the night. He came home Satruday after 5 nights at the vet, HE MADE IT & SURVIVED! I was able to find financial help w/2 Lab organizations & a great vet who kept the cost minimal. Hes bounced back to himself and trying to fattn him up. Now worried for my other dogs, I put them on Parvaid, unknown if herbal remediy really works. One fully vacinated for years, my 2.5yr has had only a few shots. Crossn fingers (day 9). BTW my pup went nowhere for weeks prior to catching, clueless how it was contracted
—Guest Kat

Saving baby KATIE

I got KATIE on a Friday and on Sunday night he had some diarrhea. I took her immediately to the vet where she was diagnosed with parvo. I didn't have 2500 to put her in the hospital so I brought her home with sub Q IV fluids, anti naseau meds, antibiotics, and pedialite. I was hopeful because the first 2 days she was eating an drinking water and not throwing up. Wednesday she took a turn for the worse. She became very lethargic, refused food and water, and started throwing up. I've been nursing her aroun the clock. Giving subQ fluids and pedialite. She is not any better this morning. It's now Thursday. Day 4. I have an appointment with her vet for a follow up this morning. If there is not a good prognosis I have decided to put her to sleep and stop her suffering. Everyone say a prayer for KATIE. I plan to bring awareness to parvo and proper vaccinations of pets. This is a terrible virus. An I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to have to go through this. I feel for everyone in here dealing i
—Guest Cassie

Go Straight to Vet

If you can afford it, go straight to somewhere with 24 hour care. Support the dog as much as you can emotionally-bring something with their packs sent in to keep with them in the kennel. While the vets keep the dogs body alive you keep them strong mentally by visiting, being close and letting them know they need to fight. I had a pup five days ago that came from a kennel with Parvo. It cost me about $1200 in emergency care over the weekend but she is home now tearing around the yard like a healthy puppy. I have had to isolate my older dog (12 yrs) even though he is vaccinated just to be safe. In the future I will take any dog I adopt to the vet for a SNAP Parvo test (70 bucks-15 minutes max) just to make sure I am not bringing it home to neighborhood pets or my own animals.
—Guest Tim Martin

Little Bear

I had a 6 month Labrador Poodle mix named Bear. He was my best friend. One day when I had gotten home from work my boyfriend said that he was real lethargic and didnt do much that day. I didnt think nothing of it at the time. Later that night he had really baad diaherra. So I kept a close eye on him as much as I could till the vet opened at 5am. The next moring I get up get him ready and we go to the vet. At this point he is vomiting water. The vet gave him a parvo tesy and it came up postive. She told me my options so I left him in the care of the vet for the next couple of days. I called later the next day to see how he was doing they told me hes getting a little better. Not even 2 days later I get a call at 4:25am and I was told he passed away. Please people there is a new strain of parvo that takes their life quickly. Please get your dogs vaccinated. R.I.P Bear I will always love and miss you baby.
—Guest Chelsea

Missy made it through parvo

Our Great White Pyrenees, Missy pulled through and is seeming very strong now. We live in the high country of Colorado where Missy has 2.5 acres to romp on. Recently we made a trip to Nevada with her. She was fine while there. Two days after we got home she seemed pretty droopy and lethargic. We thought that was a little weird, but had no clue what could be wrong. By that night she was throwing up white vomit that looked like it was full of air bubbles. Calling all the vets within 100 miles at 2:am, we were frantic by then. My husband got her in to a vet the following morning and she was diagnosed with parvo. He wanted to keep her there for five days of IV fluids and antibiotics. The cost was inhibiting, something like $500 for the first day and $250 for each consecutive day. When my husband told the vet that was out of our range at the moment, he was given antibiotic pills, anti-vomiting and anti-diarrhea pills and told to get some Zantac to give to her. She was given a
—Guest Janice

Chicco (chica)

Chicco is a white German sheperd 9 months at present...when chica was about 13 weeks he had his 2nd shot alredi....he had the symptoms of parvo direaha vomiting nd bad smell to his feaces....at this point in tym I knew that it culd b parvo coz I had lost 2 German sheperds prior 2 him nd I knew that I would not bear 2 lose him I remember that night he was so ill and numb I was up alnight crying and praying the next morning it seemed that it onli got worse I rushed him 2 the vet and the vet treated him 2 days later chicco was up and running playing and I was so happy jus the thought of losing him would hav ripped my heart into pieces.....so if u notice something unusual about ur pet b frEe 2 contact your local vet for assistance


My Australian sheperd caught parvo at 4 months old, he was near death! I googled all symptoms and did the home methods for 2 days to keep him hydrated. I ended up rushing him to the vet and 3 days later he was able to come home. 2,000$ and not including meds. Very expensive but my dog is priceless. He is now 6yrs old and will always have a sensitive stomach the vet said. Every once in a while he gets sick but soon recovers. Parvo is a horrible disease! I'm just thankful I didn't lose my Toby! Thank god..
—Guest Dog lover

My puppy Thumper

My 2 month old puppy became sick with parvo after all night I b reasearch on curing parvo I tried a home remedy with Activated Charcoal tablets and pedialyte after 3 days of this he got better and was back to normal.
—Guest Stephanie

I got my puppy to drink

My 8 week old puppy is fighting through parvo now. It's bad but today she ate a little. I got her to drink water only by standing her in front of her bowl with The hose above dripping into the bowl and making a gentle sound. Only with the sound would she drink. Hope this helps.
—Guest Guest

Pravo free

My lil baby was positive in pavro how idk she has had her shots and including the parvo one but idk how she got it so I got it on time and I took her to the vet with no money and she stayed there for five days and she was doing way better she's back to herself and she's begging to eat and drink water on her own and playing again like if never ever happen to her so plz if u love your pet take it to the vet when u smell nasty poo or they don't feel normal to you staying in the vet isn't cheap but it would save your pets life and there's take home treatment idk if that one works as well as her staying there it was worth it
—Guest Peach

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Dealing with Canine Parvo

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