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Readers Respond: Dealing with Canine Parvo

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Parvovirus infection is a viral disease that most commonly affects the gastrointestinal system (vomiting, diarrhea) or in rare cases, the cardiac systems of dogs. Parvo is a highly contagious and sudden disease; puppies are particularly susceptible, as are some breeds. Vaccination is your dog's best defense against parvovirus.

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Share the story of your dog's experiences with parvo. How did you cope?

Please note: this space is for your stories. Questions will not be answered on this page. If your pet is ill, please see your vet as soon as possible.

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My 15 week old Maltese got diagnosed with parvo today, yesterday she was throwing up. He got worse so we took him today to the hospital and he was given shots and liquids to help hydrate her please keep him in your prayers I want to keep him as long as I can.
—Guest jackie

where did he get it?

puppy came home saturday evening. jabs monday morning. By friday has raging parvo .Never been outside, I reckon he came from breeders with it. Thoughts please! very very expensive breed here to buy, breeder was amatuer, puppies on grass outfront of her house, no foot spray for visiting 'parents', she is adamant that it didnt come from hers as her Vet said 5 days, ours says normal is 8-10 days. he has been hospitalised and on drip from saturday, its now wednesday. MIGHT make it, monday was told prepare for the worst. Big prayers peoples please!
—Guest guest louise

One of the worst experiences...

Watching my new puppy die from this horrible disease was one of the worst experiences of my life. I live in South Korea working as an English teacher. I recently brought home my new puppy on a Saturday night and had one wonderful day with him before he became very ill. After three days of treatments at the vet I was sent home with an IV bag. I had no idea that he could go downhill as fast as he did. Within a few hours I could see that he was in a lot of pain. I had my boss call the vet for me but they had already closed. We called many other vets but no one was open. There were, unbelievably, no 24 hour vets in the city I live in. At that point I knew my little puppy was doomed. For the next 9 hours I sat with my little puppy and watched it die the most painful horrible death I could imagine. I sobbed and sobbed as I stroked his head and told him I loved him. I've never felt that helpless in my entire life. It was awful.
—Guest Kara

My buddy is a survivor..so far

My 5 yr.old chihuahua mix contracted parvo,with an entire day of vomiting,I took him to the vet,who gave him an antiviral and nausea injection.For the next six days we gave him sprite,gatoraid,pedialyte,and puppy formula.He is pretty much back to his old self including his appetite.Why my other three dogs remain healthy?,I am grateful for.How he contracted this,since he is never out of our yard? A mystery to me.Since he is the youngest of our group,then age must be a contributing factor for this disease to be as limited as it is.I'm just so very happy my little guy is getting better
—Guest richard

This is beatable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started our research after Cash got Parvo. We couldn't figure out where he got it from. We were SUPER CAREFUL...here's what we didn't know...now that I've been doing research...puppies have "some" protection from their Mother's milk. It all depends on how much milk the puppy received from his Mother, then you have to realize it wears off at around 4 months. Cash only has 2 shot series left. My son took Cash to meet my Dad at the worst time ever...he is 4 months old. A week later Cash got Parvo. Cash is a Trooper, we gave Cash TLC, Pedialyte and the IV around the clock and he made a speedy recovery...I can't tell you what it meant when I went to see Cash only 2 days after my son told me he had Parvo...thinking I would see death...Cash almost jumped out of the bathtub when I poked my head in the door. My son and his girlfriend were shocked, because he had been in a paralyzed state up to that point...he had recovered!!!!!...from near death...seriously...he came very close.

I cried so hard @ feel so sad

I made a promise to myself this year that if anyone or anything needed my help I would ..I have a weak spot for the elderly , children , @ animals . My husband seen two little pitbull puppies wondering the road , he brought them home . I was kinda iffy bc I already have two adult pit bulls . They were so sweet to them. Anyway the first day that were so happy , I showered them with love.. I'm just so sad bc the other one died in my arms, but I'm going to try my best to save the other one , he is a fighter , I'm crying now , so please pray for me
—Guest Jrenee

New Strain? I would say, YES!

I have been a breeder for 14 years and a show breeder/exhibitor since '07. This new strain of parvo, whether or not it's been identified, started out in fully vaccinated puppies up to 12 months of age, like the F strain with copious amounts of blood in the stool. It seemed to evolve to minimal amounts of blood excreted in new cases, as a late-term event. Cleaning with bleach at 1 ounce per quart/4 ounces per gallon does NOT touch this virus; aggressive vaccinations do absolutely no good against this virus; dams pass on no immunities to this virus, with 4 week old pups succumbing to it. MUST use parvo-specific disinfectants to control it! We think the virus must have been hiding out in our car or at our vet's office (our vet cleans with bleach) because it started up at our home again. :''( Our vet withheld info from us, probably trying to avoid panic (CYA?), when we paid $400 for a necropsy on our first case. He did us AND our pups a GRAVE injustice. Sorry this sketchy/out of space.
—Guest showme.pups

Positive story

Hi all, My 7 month old pup was diagnosed with Parvovirus on a Wednesday and struggled the first few days but by the following Wednesday he was back to his normal self. This disease is beatable! Jax was sick Wednesday late at night and Thursday afternoon, which I then took him to the vet. They gave us meds and we went home as he was doing ok, and was still drinking. We gave him Pediolyte by a syringe and ensured he drank a ton of water (both out of his bowl, through the syringe and ice cubes). Saturday took a turn for the worst and he was vomiting everything up. We took him back to the vet, put him on IV for a 15 minute quick fix and gave him a shot to relief the vomiting and he has been REALLY well since!. There is hope; prayers to all experiencing this with their pups, its a terrible disease!
—Guest Julia

Ike....2 month old Pitt

We just got Ike 4 days ago from a guy selling his puppies on Craiglist. 2 Days ago he just started throwing up and had some diarrhea. We thought it was the new food we started him since leaving his mother....we found out today it is the Parvovirus. Our little puppy that was so full of life 4 days ago has gone to being carried around and is so weak but he still wags his little tail when you look at him. I just hope he an pull through this horrible disease. He has only been with a short couple of days but he has stolen our hearts. I pray he makes it. Vet gave us everything we are supposed to need for him and the vet gave him IV fluids and medication to stop the vomiting. All we can do now is wait.
—Guest Pamela Simmons


I just got a golden retreiver pup and had her for a day and she suddenly started vomitting all day, wouldn't eat or drink and had a fever. She tested positive for parvo and was fading quick. The only option was to put her to sleep. She was only 9 weeks old. I will miss her so much!!! :(
—Guest Julie01soccer

rescue dog

i got my heading cross collie four days ago from the local pound, very timid little dog with no history of vaccinations or age but probably about 6-9 months old, obviously been abused, but so loving and caring little dog, i gave her a home and lots of love, on day four she was off her food and i checked her through the day and still no food eaten, and looking tired and lethargic, loose stools but not diarrhoea, that evening vomited once so arranged a vet, i took her in and tested posotive for parvo! sent home after jabs for pain relief and antibiotics and anti vomiting, have only managed about 85 mls of electrolytes so far, will stay with her tonight and keep trying to get fluids in, Hang in there Misty,
—Guest Misty


I am at day 7 of parvo, my baby girl kenda who is a 1 1/2 yrs. old chihuahua got sick last weds. took her to the vet thurs. didn't have the $$$ to leave her there. got some pedialyte and vet gave me antibiotics. then bought some beef liver, mixed pedialyte and liver in blender strained it and have been giving it to her in a syringe. she isn't eating on her own yet, but she is drinking water. it is time consuming but you can treat parvo at home and WIN!

7 week old Female Pit Bull

We got our baby girl Brosie on a Saturday afternoon from a breeder. We took her home. Our 2 year old black lab retriever loved her. She was eating and drinking. Wednesday morning she started acting like she needed to throw up and didn't eat at all that day, drank a little. Once Thursday hit and she didn't show a sign of improvement, I took her to the emergency vet after work and she tested positive for parvo. She was shivering as she suffered. the vet allowed us to do outpatient instead of paying the $1600 for a 1 night stay. She got IV's and first round of medications there. We started on a bland diet and lots of water with pedialyte while continued on meds from vet. We invested in Parvaid to give her 4 times a day as well as the probiotic PB-8 to put in her food. Now, being Sunday, 3 days later, she is acting better than when we first got her! Full of energy, eating like she's never seen food and gulping down water. Lots of prayer that she continues to gain strength. There is hope!
—Guest Emily

Rest in peace Titan

We just put our beloved Titan down two days ago. Our fatal mistake was not getting the parvo vaccination. He contracted it from out back of our home, after a pack of coyotes chased down a dear. We didn't know until our dog was rolling in it and had a piece if hide or something in his mouth. Never knew it was there at all. 2 weeks later... Day one he list his appetite and we thought he was just a little sick everyone here had a stomach bug. Day 2 he had lost the energy we lived so much. By day three the smell and the blood was what prompted us to go to the vet. We live out in the middle of no where so it took a little while to get there. We snuggled our baby boy for as long as we could. He was almost 3. Personally we chose to have him put down because of the amount of pain he was in. As much as I wish he were snuggled on my lap right now I know we made the right choice for him.
—Guest Crystal

Lobie w/parvo

He was 4 mos. old and I took him to get neutered. All went fine until around the 9th day when he started vomiting and became violently ill. I called the vet and took him in immediately. After taking some x-rays I was told he had eaten something and it needed to come out or he probably wouldn't make it through the night. So to surgery he went. Well, there wasn't anything in his stomach instead it was parvo. He was never checked for parvo due to him having all his shots. Even though in their clinic he had been in close proximity with a dog that had parvo. When finally diagnosed he had intensive veterinary management. hospitalization, blood transfusions, intravenous fluids and medications. After 21/2 mos. he finally pulled through. Now he is a healthy vibrant dog enjoying his life.

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