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Readers Respond: Dealing with Canine Parvo

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9 weeks old

Our 9 week old pit bull pup has parvo she spent 3 days in the vet and got to come home she is doing great just a bit on the thin side still, but getting better everyday I hope everyone's puppies do as well as our is doing
—Guest Kiya

Simba's battle

Simba, my 11 wk old tou poodle was diagnosed with parvo on Friday around 10am. He was given an iv and sent home because the vet believes that puppies thrive better when they are with their masters. I administered his iv every 8 hours and closely monitored him. Simba did well the first day, on Saturday he was barking and whining to be held. That evening, he seemed to be getting worse. Sunday morning I woke up at 6:30 to find him almost non responsive. He died in my arms at 8:45am. What makes this much more harder is that he is the son of my female toy poodle, Red. I was there when he took his first breath of life and his last. We love you Simba.
—Guest Lisa

My baby Blue Ivory

Blue began vomitting and had diarrhea on sunday. She tested positive for Parvo on monday and today is wensday and she is still very sick. She has been hospitalized for three days, getting all of the treatments and I am praying and crying a lot. I miss her and pray she comes home
—Guest nini

Love you Bird

I thought my little buddy was protected by shots. I wish that I knew he could still get it. I lost my Bird on July 29, 2013 because I didn't. Please keep your pup away from areas that may be contaminated, and away from unvaccinated dogs and puppies. I love you and miss you Bird.
—Guest Kat

my pit survived

I have a pit bull who made it through parvo last year she's still with me but now i have a border Collie puppy who has has three parvo shots (1st at 7 wks, 2nd at 10 1/2 wks, and his third three days ago at 14 wks and he now has parvo. I'm hoping i can bring him through it just like i did with my daisy girl. He's still dining which is a hopefull sign. Good luck to every body
—Guest Ashley

jada bear

Jada was diagnosed yesterday with parvo. She won't even lift her head up she groans and crys. I have followed everything the vet said with giving her iv fluids and nausea and antibiotics shots. Is this just part of it. I'm afraid she's dying I prey she don't. Please prey for jada bear.
—Guest Tina


Simba had all the symptoms of parvo, so Monday morning I took him to the vet and they did a test and it was negative they gave him a couple of shoots and antiviodics and I was good to go. Tuesday the whole day simba was acting brand new full of energy. Wednesday morning he started gagging and acting weird again just like he did monday, gave him his meds and now I'm waiting to see if he reacts to them. If there anything I could do? Take him back to vet or anything please someone.
—Guest Carlos

My baby Luna

I brought 3 month old Luna home from a shelter near by. A week or two later I started to notice she wasn't so spunky. She started throwing up & had very bad diarrhea & wouldn't eat or drink. I was very emotional when my father told me she might have parvo & if I was to wait she would die. I immediately had a emotional breakdown & cried & cried to God praying for him to do something, to spare her because she was only a puppy & I loved her. I then brought her to a open animal hospital near by & she came out positive for parvo & told me she was pretty far in & every bad with symptoms. I did not have the money to keep her there at the hospital so we decided to do home treatments which was $300 with water infusions 2 times a day with an anti dizzy injection to help keep her food down. This went on for 2 weeks with bleaching EVERYTHING. And I'm happy to say that I saved my dog when she was near death & The Lord, Saint Anthony & Saint Jude heard my frantic prayers
—Guest Reina

My Theodore

My baby Theodore has been diagnosed with parvo! He is only 11 weeks he is also a Morkie!! He only weights 2 1/2 pounds! We took him to the vet once we saw how depressed and tired he was! He didn't want to eat and his behaivor changed. My baby has all the odds against him but thank god he is still with us the vet has taken such good care and call us everyday to let us know how he is! His temperature is stable his vomiting has stoped and he has a little bit of diarrhea.. i love and miss Theodore so much! I have bleached my floors that can be bleached. My wooden floors i have cleaned them with vinegar and water. Carpets have been steamed and his toys/bedding/food trays have been thrown away! I bleached my grass. He has been in the vets for 4 days today and he is making it better to get better!! Theodore has become part of my family and we want to do whatever we can to save him. The vet is pricy but i know Theo is in good hands..
—Guest Gaby

princess the poddle

My 1 year old female poodle came to a quick change from night to day. She didn't want to eat, drink and had dearrhea and vomiting. She got ill and very weak. Parvo is a real virus, hope my poodle makes it. Help your dogs to keep hydrated, you could give them pedialyte, this would maintain your pup hydrated and has electrolytes. This is good since the dog won't eat or drink anything. Good luck to every doggy with parvo, and to the owners, keep your pup company, show it love and affection. Your pup needs you as you need the pup. Good luck fellas.
—Guest david

He's a trooper

I bought a 6week old puppy off Craigslist to be a companion for my 2 year old dog. Both are beagle/terrier mix. The puppy was being all crazy like a puppy and playing with my dog. Over the next 5 days he got lazy and tired but sill played. He puked up his food but I figured it was due to the fact that he licked some of the apple sauce I dropped on the floor. The next day he didn't eat anything and the following day he wouldn't drink and he had the shits. I took him to the vet and it was parvo. I tested my other dog and it was negative. I had the puppy in the vet for 3 days on all kinds of treatments. It cost me $2,000 for 72 hrs of treatment. He wasn't doing well for 2.5 days but then he ate some baby food, quit puking and pooped normal. The vet was surprised bc my puppy was only 2 pounds and was able to overcome parvo. The 3rd day he was sent home with a few oral meds. He was quarantined from the other dog for over a month. Cleaned everything with bleach. He continues to get better! :
—Guest Ashley

Parvo after vaccination

Being a breeder/exhibitor, I did every thing right. Mom vaccinated, wormed,pups had Hemopet at 24 hours old, vaccinated at 7 weeks. Vaccinated #2 at 10 1/2 weeks and 16 hours later the first pup came down with Parvo. No exposer to other dogs or people. Inside with no other human around. Didnt leave the house for over a week before it struck. Hubby did grocery shopping and was not in same building as pups. Did the Hemopet cause them to build up antibodies to the first shot and they were susceptible then to the virus? They were isolated with no other people or animals around. Vaccine was the best brand and handled properly. A total nightmare. Lost 3 pups out of 9
—Guest Cindy

We won the battle! Hope you all do too!

Our little 3.4 lb Cavapoo puppy was only with us for 3 days before he started showing symptoms. Within hours of first throwing up, he was lethargic, weak, and wouldn't eat or drink. We took him to the veterinary ER at 9:00pm. He was diagnosed almost immediately and we spent the next 5 hours sitting in the exam room waiting for vets/nurses/techs to talk with us and help out. This guy DID have his first vaccination and was scheduled for his next just days after he came down with the virus. Long story short, as much as we adore this little guy, we decided to treat him at home even though his survival chances were really low. (Paying close to $1000/day for a hospital stay was not an option for us... especially when it still didn't guarantee a positive outcome.) We kept the medical bills to less than $300 dollars by purchasing generic drugs that the vet recommended instead of the name brands they tried to sell us at the vet hospital. We injected our little guy with fluids (so hard to do... he hated it) and forced meds down his throat with a dropper - it's very important to get your dog the recommended antibiotics to ward off possible bacterial infection they're highly susceptible to while fighting parvo. Also, he was on an acid reducer to help protect his stomach and GI due to possible complications from the virus and the vomiting. I woke up every 2 hours at night to check on him and get him more fluids. He really liked wet, canned dog food and would actually eat it! So I would try to feed him as often as he would take a few bites. And... HE CAME THROUGH!!!! In just 4 days of around-the-clock tender, loving care our little "Topher" is the happy, healthy, hyper little bundle of joy that we was the day we first brought him home. We're sooo relieved. That was such a hard thing to go through. I wish all the best for you out there fighting this. Hope your pups/dogs stay strong!
—Guest Sarah

Pedialyte and Prayers

Our 5 month old puppy survived Parvo. We prayed on a daily basis. It is crucial to keep your dog hydrated. We had to stay up with him throughout the night in order to give him Pedialyte. We were tired in the end, but it was worth it because we had saved our puppy's life.
—Guest Rebecca


Today my 6 month old puppy died due to this infection as he was under treatment for 6 days, he died a very painful death so people who r reading this and their dog is having the same problem . If the infection is very high as ur dog is very weak i would suggest to him him injection to sleep forever because this infection is very painful and i have seen this as u will feel helpless and dog will suffer a lot of pain as due to vomiting and dirahea. Today i feel lile killing my self as my dog was very small and he is gone forever..... ;'( !!!
—Guest Prithvi Mishra

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Dealing with Canine Parvo

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