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Readers Respond: Dealing with Canine Parvo

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I got a rescue dog in Doncaster area in Aug 2013 to keep my old dog company. Ginger was about 12 months old and a x-breed who had been taken in as a stray by dog wardens. She was beautiful, seemed healthy, great with my old dog (whos about 16) and I was smitten. She was DEAD within 7 days of taking her home. Once you have smelled that awful yellow diahorrea you'll know what's wrong. Neither the Vets nor kennels were helpful - she died peacefully at home. Bleach everything! And I MEAN EVERYTHING! Everywhere your Dog has been/toys and especially where they poo'd. Keep them in. My old boy is still with me BUT I think thats because he's ALWAYS HAD HIS JABS. I assume that if you read this you'll understand the heartache I went thro, Gingers suffering, and will be responsible. Vets cant help (they'll just cost a fortune). Look at the survival rates if you doubt me! INNOCULATE!!!!!!!
—Guest ellie

my angel amber

Yesterday 1/31/2014 at 430pm i took my 8month old pamapoo 2nd time to vet, it was the second. Day the first day she woulnt eat had diarrhea vomiting and wouldnt drink water. The vet said she had hook worms and did blood work but didnt do a parvo test and gave her fluids and meds for stomach. Her blood wrk came back good. The next day she was worse went back to vet and then they did test for parvo came back severe they gave me some crap about if u spend 3000 dollars that i didnt have. Cause i already maxed out the care card with unnecessary test and the look on the vets face really said it all. Her cbc counts went from good day before to severe. Amber was my baby and i had to put her to sleep. If only the vet that first day did the test she might of had a chance. I was giving her pedyalite thru a straw. It was my fault.because if i had bothered to get those shots she would of had a chance or not gotten it at all. The moral of this very sad story is please please get those vaccinations!
—Guest Ann

1 gone 1 saved

I adopted a pit/shepherd mix from the pound. about 5 days after getting her she showed signs for parvo, the pound provides vet care but it took me 3 days of bringing her to force them to test her, she declined real fast and sadly Eevee lost her battle. months later after following cleaning procedures I adopted a new puppy from a friend. A husky lab mix, she just recently got parvo, luckily having the first shot helps fight it and I reconized the signs right away she is now a happy healthy pup and yes the vet bill is ugly but if you love family then money shouldn't be an issue
—Guest Charity

Pray for Molly

Molly is a 3 month old shih tzu and we have her since christmas day. On monday she would not eat anything but we gave her food table and she ate a lot but the diarreah came. She was pooping everywhere all the time and on tuesday the vomiting started. Now its wednesday and we hospitalized her. I went to visit her she looked weak but she was happy to see me but looked very weak. The vet said to pick her up on friday that she is showing positive signs but she is not sure baby molly will survive. Please pray for her, I love her with all my heart.
—Guest Angy

puppy with parvo

my puppy was diagonosed with a strong snap test on Wed 1/8/2014, by my vetr, he gave her two shots 1 for worms and the other was an antibotic, well she had been drinking, throwing it up, well by Thurs nite I saw a slight change in her, and by Sat 01/11/2014 she is actting like her ole self, my secret was pedolite,plain yogurt, pepto and the antibotics. and let herbe. I was very lucky even my vet commented how fast she was coming around. she is a grt pry/shepard mix no shots were given by her old owner nor wormer mind you she was full of worms tape,hoof,whip,round. So a dog can be cured at home for just a little over 100.00. She will live to see 3 months of age now.


We had a puppie name midnight she died of parvo a week ago it was bad we took her to the vet and they send her home to die because she was a very small dog with no chances of fighting parvo and what makin Hurder was that she didn't have no shots we never took her on time to get her shots my point is please if u love yr dog take him to get there shots they are just like kids they need they shots to be strong in live
—Guest sandy

puppy with parvo

My poor 4 month old poodle-terrier mix was diagnosed with parvo today. Her white blood cell count is 1000 but i dont know if thats good or bad... shes stayin at the vets for the next 7days so hopefully she makes it. She had been sick for 3 days now and i feel so guilty cause i never got her the shots she needed.
—Guest angel


I noticed Christmas night my 4 month old German Sheppard Poseidon was vomiting and not feeling well. The next day I called the vet and got information that I was dreading...signs of parvo. He was taken to the vet this morning where my fears were confirmed. Being a single mom of four there was no way I could afford $1500 for the bill to keep him in the hospital. They gave him some anti nausea medication and two different kinds of antibiotics to come home with. Fluids were administered under his skin to help him from becoming dehydrated. His gums are still pink and his abdomen isn't painful when felt. So we are hoping for the best. Giving him lots and lots of love and praying that he is strong enough to overcome this. Bleach is going to be my best friend, as I am washing everything in the house. This is a horrible virus and I feel for anyone who has had to deal with this.
—Guest Melissa

first experience with Parvo

I adopted a australian shepherd Lab from a shelter in Texas on saturday and my friend adopted her sister. They were playing together at her place and Calla (my puppy) threw up. We figured she was just excited that she now has a family that loves her. The next morning I woke up to vomit and bloody poop everywhere and I knew instantly it was Parvo. All vets are closed on sundays and the on call vet told me "just try to keep her alive until monday" I couldnt believe her! I babied her all day while crying feeling like I was just watching her die. this morning i took her to the vet and they confirmed it is parvo and she has a 80% chance of making it there. so for $400 she may live and so I said ok. As of right now she is being treated and I hope and pray every minute that she will be able to come home soon and be apart of my family with my 2 other dogs. She's only 3 months old she has such a long life ahead of her. please keep your fingers crossed for Calla to survive & my other 2 not get i
—Guest Jessica

rest in peace Beaux Cephus Douglas

I found a basset hound... just appeared on my street one day. He was quite the hand full along with my five other pug/cocker/shi-su/lasso mix. He still had puppy teeth and no nuts so very young. Anyways had him about 2 months n one of the other dogs got sick n stopped eating. Beaux bein the sympathetic sweetheart he was he layed with his sick friend day in and day out. After 4 days of pedialyte n chicken and rice the other dog Porky recovered, but within 12 hours Beaux was showing same symptoms. He was vomiting and pooping blood n became more and more lethargic as the days past. I fed him chicken by hand n gave him pedialyte. On the third day, he whined a bit when i came in to check on him so i sat down with him. I was petting him and telling him how he was such a strong good boy and sadly he died in my arms after vomiting one more time a foul smelling bloody vile. I will miss u forever Beaux!!!
—Guest Rage

Battling with Parvo

We've got 5 Shih Tzus and 2 of them died already, I am so scared as one of them is critical with bloody stool and very lethargic while the other one is still responding to stimulus though week and vomit 3 times already. All of them received VET Care and Hospitalization though the third one we chose to have it cared at home. I am hoping that the remaining pups will survive the virus and Im asking for your prayers.


I had two staffies, 7&8 years old. Our Rex was poorly so we took him to the vets and they diagnosed gastroenteritis. Gave him 2 injections. We took him home and he died the next morning (yesterday). Our Tess was showing the same symptoms the same day Rex died so we took her to the vet, the vet confirmed she had the same and we had her put to sleep after advice from the vet. We didnt have the dogs vaccinated against parvo and I have never felt so much pain knowing what they have gone through. They werent just dogs, they were part of the family, loved very much and good pals, never known dogs to be so loyal and we will never forget them. I wish I could turn back time and get there vaccinations, our house feels so empty.
—Guest Rob


My beautiful jade passed away due to parvo. Ihad gotten her from a women who said she had all of her shots and that she was almost 5 months old. Unfortunatly the women lied about both. It was my fault for trusting so the lesson is to not trust and get the proper paperwork and please take any dog you get immediately to the vet for a check up. My son was devastated because the dog was his b-day gift. Watching her die was heartbreaking. I would also recommend doing research on parvo if your dog gets parvo. If I had done my research I would have realized the vet did not give me all of the info I needed. I hope my story helps someone so they don't go through the heartbreak that my family did. Watching a puppy with parvo is horrible it is a very painful illness. I am sending my prayers to all puppys that get parvo. ♡♡♡
—Guest cherie

lost Chance

I just lost my Chance (Belgian malinios) due to this parvo, nov30 and i,m still heartbroken. She was 7 months Old and always jumping upon my sight. A nEighbor came over with his german sheperd, about 30 minutes my dog started to vomit the dogfood i just gave before they arrived. Night comes she already had lbm. Fed her So I got bothered when she had no appetite, gave her smp500 at once. Gave same meds the following day, twice. With no improvement brought her to the vet and she was given iv at once. She was there for 2 days but was already too weak to survive. Friendly advice, when your pet vomits and has lbm, go to the vet asap.
—Guest markus

Poor Scout

Just this morning my little puppy that I just adopted three days ago past away. Poor thing was just having all the horrible symptoms from flat out blood instead of stool, vomiting a greenish yellowish gel type mucus and foaming. As bad as it sounds I had not cash to treat him with so I had to do anything I could from home even if it mean going to Walgreens to buy chicken broth, Pedialyte, and a sureng at 4 in the morning. I could tell he was in pain and it killed me to know that I couldn't do anymore but try to keep him hydrated until I could raise funds. Scout must have been waiting for me...this morning my friend said he is still alive, and when I went to look a bit later he was bearly fighting for a breathe but within a minute he moved his leg and stopped breathing. It was definitely something I didn't want to see but I know that he is safer and I'm sure he is thankful of what I tried to help with. Parvo is definitely something that little ones can't handle especially at 2 months.:(
—Guest Levi

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