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Readers Respond: Dealing With Osteosarcoma

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From the article: Canine Osteosarcoma
Bone cancer, also known as osteosarcoma, is fairly common in dogs. Even with early diagnosis and aggressive treatment, the prognosis is poor. The first step is usually amputation of the affected limb, although newer limb-sparing technologies are being researched in addition to traditional chemotherapies.

After diagnosis, it is typical to have only days, weeks or months to make a decision. This space is for sharing your experiences with your pet's osteosarcoma.

NOTE: This is not a question/answer forum. Please see these articles for information:
Canine Osteosarcoma I
Canine Osteosarcoma II


My dog was diagnosed with bone cancer almost 4 months ago. We are monitoring her and of course giving medication daily. At this point she is alert, eating well and appears to be in no pain. She does hold up the back leg from time to time. I do believe I will be able to tell when the pain is just too much. So for now I just love her and be thankful for the remaining days I have left with her. My heart goes out to all of you that are experiencing a dog with bone cancer.
—Guest Sue

Broken leg one day Cancer the next

Our 9 y/o Golden broke his hind leg 8wks ago at check up vet says he has bone cancer. I wonder if metal rod could have caused infection. Is it major infection or is it cancer. Monday he was walking thursday he wont let me touch his leg. Vet did needle aspirtation & is on pain meds. I am so confused. We took him in to fix broken leg and now I am told he has l month left to live. Heartbroken
—Guest Dana

Golden Retriever just diagnosed

My 15 year old Golden was just diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her shoulder. She started limping and it didn't go away after a couple of days. X-rays confirmed her diagnosis. She is on morphine for pain and doesn't have much time. Vet says it is very aggressive and painful. I'm devastated and enjoying every moment I have with this beautiful soul who has been at my side for so long. My sympathies to everyone who has experienced a loss of a pet. Difficult indeed.
—Guest Sue

Young Lab

our precious "Mojo" was diagnosed with osteo 3 weeks ago at the age of 2.5. It was verified with a bone biopsy. This limp started 6 months ago and our vet wrote it off as a minor sprain. The steroid shot they gave him took the limp right away. After a few more steroid injections for his allergies I realized when the shot wore off the limp came back so we took him for an xray # weeks ago. The xay showed cancer and we were referred to a specialist for a biopsy. Since the biopsy 2 weeks ago his shoulder has developed a softball sized lump out of nowhere. he only uses three legs the last week and has stopped eating dry food all together. he will only eat fresh meat, in small amounts. We are planning on taking him Thursday or Friday to have him put to sleep, cant stand to see him in pain any longer.
—Guest jason

Oh no not Harley

Diagnosed today. Her back right ankle was swollen. Shes a daniff. Lost her appetite and was limping. She just turned 6. Im thinking of amputation? Theyre doing chest xrays now. Im so confused. No one seems to amputate. So i dont know. 2014
—Guest Laurel

Our Magoo

We only just found out yesterday that our Magoo has Osteosarcoma. My eyes are swollen and my heart is broken. We are all devastated. Magoo is a Newfoundland x German Shepherd. He's 140lbs and we just love him. We adopted him from the humane society, he was 7 years old. He'll be 9 next month. I'm so blessed to have been his Mommy even if its going to be a short time. We have decided to not go ahead with the amputation. Being such a big guy he would have great difficulty adjusting. He is starting to slow down. We are going to make him as comfortable and loved as much as we can. We too are going to take it day by day and enjoy our time we have left.
—Guest Mom of an amazing dog


Sadie my 9 year old golden retriever/ husky mix was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on Feb.15. She was limping and my vet examined her and said she hyper extended her muscle. Went to another vet who did an xray only to find she had bone cancer. We had to ampute her left back leg because it was broke because of this aweful disease. After surgery she walked as if she had all 4 legs but her joyful spirit has left her. She lays around and dont want to go for her usual walks or barely lifts her head when I come home from work. She hasnt touched any dog food so I give her whatever she will eat. Lately pizza. Im just praying and would appreciate other prayers for her to beat this.
—Guest angie

Big Man Rocky 6 y.o. Rotti

I put my Big Man Rocky to rest today. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma about 8 weeks ago. Like most stories he starting limping on his back leg. I took him to the vet and my fears became reality. This is the second Rotti I have put to rest due to osteosarcoma. Champ was also only 6. I keep him comfortable for the duration of his time with me and had to make the tough decision today. He was not a candidate for amputation and chemo, he was 145 lbs. My advice to anyone facing this is keep your puppy as comfortable as possible and you will know when its time. Watch them close because it progresses rapidly. See you at the bridge big man. Adrian (Rocky's sis) and I will miss you so much. It wont be the same without you, but I sure we will all be together again someday. Till then I'm sure Champ will keep you company.
—Guest Chad


Our 4 year old pup Brutus was diagnosed in early october with this gorrible cancer. Brutus is an english Neapolitan mastiff. His getting cancer after only 4 years with us isdevastating as we did not have our fill with him yet. We had his front right leg amputated in november and he has been on chemotherapy ever since. We hoped that since he is so lively and young he would beat this thing. After the surgery it was really rough but he asjusted rather quickly and is now ableto run and do his normal dog things. We were beginning to get back to being a happy little family again, until last week we found out that the cancer spread to his lungs. Last nighthe kept on caughing until he finally spit out blood. I am so angry and sad for my pup. He doesnt deserve this. No dog deserves this.We spent over $9,000 trying to save him but I not looking hopeful. Whatever time we have left we will just try and enjoy. It is so sad and I truly feel for all of you going through this.
—Guest anna and bill

My boy Yankee

One week ago I found out my baby who is 13 yrs old has bone cancer. The drs said I can have his leg amputated n chemo. I feel he lived a great life he doesn't nd to go through that. They put him on several pain meds but idk if it's workin. He limps on his front left leg. I just want him to stay home with me till the end. He still eatin and wants to play. When I see that change I will make the right decioion for him. I want him to be around along time but if I see him suffering I will put him down. I'll miss I'm veery much but til then I will enjoy the time I have with him. Liove u Yankee
—Guest Joann squelch

Best dog ever!

Our dog Chloe was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in January 2014 ,when the vet told me it was the worst news ever. Cancer affects everyone and the pain for your canine friend is no different my heart is broken. I miss my loyal friend ,it has been a week now since I said goodbye to her. I know deep in my heart I made the right choice for her. I miss her bark and her greeting me at the door, the silence is deafening ! To all who have a pet with Cancer what ever choice you make know you made the right one for your beloved friend. May time heal our broken hearts....we will love and miss you Chloe always xx
—Guest Debbie


My 14yo Golden Retriever was diagnosed 3/13, underwent rear leg amputation with no difficulty in recovery. He was running up a hill and suddenly cried out and holding is leg up. It was obvious broken. To my surprise it was more than a break. We contemplated on the amputation however he was healthy in all other ways possible. there was no macro level of mets however could not rule out micro level mets so decided to move forward with amputation. It has been 11 months now and he has adjusted well. Yes we had build ramps for him at all doors. However just last few days he has been declining a meal here and there and starting to cough with some blood. Still has his treats, drinks, and goes to bathroom fine. We are going to vet tomorrow for chest x ray to see if spread to lungs. We lost our lab to lymphoma so we do not want to see him suffer with breathing problems. I want to get a clear picture of where he stands so we can get a better understanding of the disease process.

Here we go again!

Just a few months back I lost my Scamp (cat) to oral cancer. Now we are being told it looks like our Great Dane Bella has Osteosarcoma. Started with a limp, then the neighbor noticed her toe was swollen. She had been out for run shortly before so we thought maybe she had hurt it then. Decided to have the vet come out & look at it she suggested antibiotics & anti inflammatory pills. I called her today & we scheduled an x-ray for Monday. Should have our results by mid week. She's just over 3 hope it hasn't spread & we can do amputation.
—Guest Milly


My 9.4 yo f Dobe was dx's with OSA on 7-27-13. We opt for amp and chemo, first dose on table on 7-29-13. So far, so good. She has good days and bad. She is on grain free kibble, with assort. of human foods: yogurt, blueberries, kefir, and an array of veggies and supplements. Each day with her is a blessing! She gives me so much joy, even if just laying by me. When we did the amp, we 2nd guessed ourselves. She cried, I mean CRIED the 1st 2 nights, would not eat or drink. I finally got her to get up on her own the 2nd night, and she ate some kibble and drank water on her own. I am glad we made the decisions we did. She goes in for her 3 month post chemo visit on 1-27-14. I hope and pray the outcome will be positive. Nothing in life is a sure deal, but I can hope. I think she will make 10, and hoping for a blowout 11th party for her. Maybe for the 10th as well. I love this girl, all of her. She has several new lumps, which we will have checked out in a few days.
—Guest Dobe named Kobe

My pooh bear

Mello. You were the best dog a man have asked for!! Never cared when the boys pulled your tail, or rode you like the horse you were. We're always at the door when I came home. You loved those sunny days in summer when you'd lay there for hours. Know that you will always have A very special place in my heart. All dogs go to heaven
—Guest Ryan

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