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Nose cancer and Mast Cell tumors

My wolf hybrid had a mast cell tumor removed 4 months ago and unfortunately clean margins were impossible short of amputation of her leg. Being a large breed and age 13 amputation was not an option. Her orginal tumor has returned with 2 additional tumors in other places. She is not a candidate for another surgery and we opted not to do chemo or radiation, as quality of life outweighs quantity. My vet is checking into a new cancer therapy called Neoplasene. I don't think my dear girl is going to be a good candidate for this approach because of the location of the growing tumor, but we will see with her appointment in two days. However in trying to research as much as I can on this Neoplasene and reading comments on several sites, I wanted to share that I have read some have had success with this approach in nose cancers as well as other tumors. It may be worth checking into as another option. Best of luck to you all.
—Guest Wolfie

Lump on face

About a month ago I noticed a swelling on my 14 year old Labradors face I thought it was a abscess but it was hard its got bigger and is cauliflower shape very red and bleeds some times been giving her antibiotics but doesn't get any better .
—Guest Andy

Softball lump on right hip

My lab is 11 and up until 2 weeks ago he was very healthy. Until one night he would not lift his head up above his shoulders, and had a difficult time getting I the back door. When checking him out I noticed a lump on his right rear hip, he showed no pain but acted sick and lathargic. I took him to the vet the next day and he started to act better but after blood tests they told me it may be cancer. The lump is the size of a oval softball cut in half now but he still seems to not be in pain. I know that time is short now but I have come to grips that I get to show him how much I love him before we loose him. I love my lab his name is Bear and cancer will take him from me, but it will not take the memory's. Love your family love your pets, 2 weeks ago he was fine but 2 weeks from now he may be gone. Good luck if your dog is sick I wish you well!
—Guest Lab lover

Mast Cell

Darling Tigger (15) had a lump grow on his tummy (for 2 months). Then all of a sudden thanks to a massive flea infestation, it became ferociously inflamed. He licked & scratched for a week, causing him so much distress and there was constant blood everywhere. I didnt know what it was, so I bathed it with saline and cotton wool. It was finally when the vet aspirated it on the Friday, that it just exploded. His next appointment wasnt until the Tuesday. BIG MISTAKE! Warning - if a lump gets aspirated, and its perhaps a Mast Cell tumor MAKE CERTAIN your vet is on call for the next 48 hours. Tigger and I went through hell for 5 days as our vet was away, we went to emergency vet where they suggested putting him down it was so bad. I learnt later (thankyou internet) that MCT just go crazy on histamine and cell production, so even if you just touch them, they think they're under attack & they flood the lump with even more histamine. Thankfully, Tigger had all clear margins. (But more lumps now
—Guest Sky


i just found a lump on my 10 year dogs head and a large lump on her hip. she hardly eats and cant goe to the bathroom. it just seemed to happen overnight, and dosent seem to be in pain. she will see the vet monday. i love her so much and she stays by my side. i cant lose her.
—Guest carol

cancer in my dog

My dog which is a female she is 13yrs now her nipples started to turn black , went to vet and said she needed them taken off and needed doctored she was then 10yr old, but when they opperated she had a hernia, so could only fix that and take 3 nipples off said too much for her at her age. Her other nipples have turned black and she has big lumps under her front legs where her first 4 nipples or and they or getting bigger and there is more lumps. Vet said it is cancer, but as long as she is in no pain let her carrie on , she has good days and bad, but does not seem to be in pain at all .
—Guest Angela Campbell

very sad

I found out that my rottie has osteosarcoma. He is 9 almost 10. He has a tumor in the right tibia and a hairline fracture. The tumor developed quickly, in one week he was having difficulty walking and had a huge lump. I have noticed his nose is runny. He sleeps a lot and is sad but not as sad and depressed as I am. The vet said he has about 4 months. I can't believe this evil cancer has attacked my furry sweet best friend. I have him on tramadol & rymadil for pain.
—Guest myrna

Warning: do a biopsy on all bumps lumps

Lumps, bumps on an older dog? Aspirate for biopsy, that's the answer. If your vet says not needed, find a different vet. Mast Cell Tumors can ulcerate and degranulate releasing histamines through out its body. Imagine your dog covered in spider bites and poison oak -then the skin sluffs under nail. But they don't need to ulcerate to release histamines. Be very careful. Mast Cell Cancer can kill your dog in less than a month if aggressive. My dog's tumor stayed the same way for a year. The vet said most likely benign a year before it took off and grew 3x in size, ulcerated. I took it in: most likely benign. The histamines released five days later -wen back in: most likely benign. A week later I went to another vet: GRADE III MAST CELL TUMOR, aggressive; regional lymph node. She died 13 days after diagnoses. Tried chemo, and it was too effective. Knocker her back, last day we even tried a blood transfusion to bounce her around the corner. All failed. Horrible. painful, destructiv
—Guest I miss her so much

Corbi's paw lump

Corbi's a 5 year old australian shepherd/lab.About 6 weeks ago, I noticed a small lump on his right forepaw. It grew quite rapidly and after being treated with anti-biotics for a possible infection, his inevitable biopsy showed grade 2 cancer. He's since had his 2 inside toes removed, as the growth was in between the toes. Now that the final bandaging has been removed, 2 days ago, he walks quite well. I am keeping a close eye on it though..as I've been warned of the possibility that all cancer cells have not been removed. I hope that the stitched site on top of his foot isn't a bit puffy. Hope it's just concern that has me imagining things. He's my life-line.
—Guest Laurie

Hard, unpainful lump on Cocker Spaniel

Our 9 year old cocker spaniel is at the age where dogs just start getting lumpy. She has spots here and there that are fatty tumors, but she has this large, hard mass of a tumor on her teet that just continues to grow. The thing is, is that she seems perfectly fine. She runs around and plays, wags her tail, eats with gusto. The only time it seems she's in any pain is if she lays directly on it, which she follows with a shift of her body and is fine. I want it removed because it just gets bigger every day, but since it doesn't bother the dog, my mother doesn't want to pay for the surgery since she's so old. It worries me to see how big it's getting (roughly the size of a baseball, but kind of tear drop shaped), but as long as she's not in pain, there's nothing I can do but keep an eye on it.
—Guest mkb

Sofie - cancerous lump inside cheek

Sofie is a boxer. I took her to a dental veterinarian to have her teeth cleaned and excess gums removed. Dr. Bloom called me during the procedure to inform me of a lump inside her right cheek and recommended its removal. I agreed and she sent it out for a biopsy. The biopsy results were cancerous. Sofie is fine but we continue to monitor her for signs of cancer in her lymph nodes. I am truly grateful to my vet. Sofie is my heart and little heavenly angel.
—Guest Sofie - bump on rt cheek

Mass cell tumor

My 7 year old boston terrier had a grade 2 tumor removed from her paw. Vet said to watch. I will love her and manage her pain if things turn for the worst as I had to put a boxer down years ago this is the sad part of having pets as we love them SO much they bring so much joy I am falling apart now.
—Guest Sissy Arant

bump on cocker spaniels head

we have a six year old cocker spaniel who has a bump on hi s head it has not grown for almost two years it looks ok. The vet checks it out ever so often.
—Guest brian


We just lost a gorgeous 2 yr old Cairn Terrier to stomach cancer. We are devastated. She started out vomiting in the middle of the night small amounts of liquid every now and then. After a couple months she urinated in the house an extremely large puddles which we thought was from our larger dog until I saw her. She started drinking large amounts of water often. Our vet gave her antibiotics after blood and urine test because she had a fever. In two days she stopped eating. I thought it was from the antibiotics. We took her to a different vet who took xrays and found something in her stomach that he thought was a object she ate. He operated and found cancer in her pancreas and stomach. She never woke up. At 2 years old she was a gorgeous picture of health. She was a perfect dog. I am still shocked and terribly heartbroken, I just can't believe it.
—Guest Liz

Lump on Pups spine

Got two Black labs cross puppies, littermates under a year old. Found a lump against the boy puppies spine, about the size of a dollar coin. Worried about him, and now going to check the sister over.. They're both still too young, and I hope it's just a fatty lump.
—Guest Ausi

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Monitoring Lumps and Bumps in Pets - watch without worry

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