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Readers Respond: Monitoring Lumps and Bumps in Pets - watch without worry

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bump on cocker spaniels head

we have a six year old cocker spaniel who has a bump on hi s head it has not grown for almost two years it looks ok. The vet checks it out ever so often.
—Guest brian


We just lost a gorgeous 2 yr old Cairn Terrier to stomach cancer. We are devastated. She started out vomiting in the middle of the night small amounts of liquid every now and then. After a couple months she urinated in the house an extremely large puddles which we thought was from our larger dog until I saw her. She started drinking large amounts of water often. Our vet gave her antibiotics after blood and urine test because she had a fever. In two days she stopped eating. I thought it was from the antibiotics. We took her to a different vet who took xrays and found something in her stomach that he thought was a object she ate. He operated and found cancer in her pancreas and stomach. She never woke up. At 2 years old she was a gorgeous picture of health. She was a perfect dog. I am still shocked and terribly heartbroken, I just can't believe it.
—Guest Liz

Lump on Pups spine

Got two Black labs cross puppies, littermates under a year old. Found a lump against the boy puppies spine, about the size of a dollar coin. Worried about him, and now going to check the sister over.. They're both still too young, and I hope it's just a fatty lump.
—Guest Ausi

Freddie is 7 1/2 to 8 years old.

I've had Fred for about 7 years, couple of years ago felt a tiny moving round lump on his right side. Today it feels a little bigger, so I asked my vet (they only speak spanish) about it. And I've come to the conclusion by looking on this site that it is a fatty tumor. I will keep an eye on it now.
—Guest Rhoda

found a lump on my dear dogs leg

I found a lump on my dear dogs leg while washing him tonight. He'll go to the vet tomorrow but I think he has a lipoma. If he can have it removed surgically then so be it but if it's cancer, radiation and chemo are just poisons that make his immune system weak and IT DOESN'T CURE CANCER-surgery of a cancerous mass is real dangerous as those cells get in the blood stream and start metastasizing. I like the Gerson therapy and that is no meat, ground carrots and apples mixed in rice and then I'll give him some fresh fish which isn't part of the gerson therapy. I know we all get rid of cancer cells daily with a proper functioning immune system but money is the root of all evil and "more people live off of cancer then die from it."

joe my australian sheppard

joe had a large lump on the right side of his head in november 2010. At first there seemed to be no hope of living long. Then Andy Wise from channel 5 in Memphis told me about Dr. Kathy Mitchener. She is the best oncologist in the Mid South. My dog has been living with cancer for for a year and three months due to the great care Dr Mitchner with Angel Care has taken of my beloved dog Joe,and he does not even act sick at this point,but I hold my breath every single day just to spend more time with him.
—Guest laura Allen

What do I do

My brothers lab died with little warning after a huge mass was discovered in her tummy. A few weeks later, I found a lump on my wolf. It was small at first and I kept trying to get someone to remove it as it was growing rapidly. Finally when it had grown to almost touching her leg joint, I demanded it removed. The area was left with drain tube and stapled and 5 days after original surgery, a pocket filled and had to go back and this time he sewed the large incision together. My wolf tells me its still hurting, I went back two days ago to see if pocket was filling again and was told it was draining fine. Now I am snowed in 4 feet of snow and it looks like the pocket left is filling and she is in pain taking 50ML liquid Morophine. I am running out of money and my wolf is fed up. She is diabetic also just diagnosed and will not let me give her shot or muzzle her without going crazy. I know this is because she keeps hurting and is getting where she will not trust me. I need help.

Lump in throat

Our 9 year old choc lab has many lipomas and needle aspiration confirms they are benign. Recently I found a lump in the throat area, the vet says it must come off because of the location, it is also an area full of blood vessels. We are very worried but have agreed to surgery next week. I am so worried whether we are doing the right thing...
—Guest Denise

cancer in my golden retrievier

Missy, is 9 years old when she was 4 I noticed a small mole come up on top of her nose, I took her to vet as soon as he saw it he said it had to come off. It was cancer. Since then she has had 4 surgeries.she has a lot of fatty lumps, but the ones they came up like moles were the cancerous ones. Please get them checked. Every one told me it wasn't anything, But it was.
—Guest Dawn Thrasher

Mast cell tumor

Our Roxy is a 10 year old border collie/chow mix. A few months back, she developed a tiny bump on the left side of her nose that looked like a papiloma. The vet did an aspirate and didn't see anything definitive, so we decided to watch it. It hasn't grown, but a little over a week ago, I found a tiny red bump on her tummy. This time, the aspirate showed mast cells. So we had both lumps removed and am now awaiting a pathology report. The tummy lump allowed for large margins, but the nose lump obviously did not. Ominously, her nose is now inflamed looking and the incision site is oozing blood (mast cell tumors often secrete histamines when disturbed), so I am very worried. A friend had a dog with a mast cell tumor on his nose a couple of years back, and she opted for radiation treatment. It seems this killed the tumor, but now his nose is permanently scarred and inflamed and he now has skin cancer there. Radiation treatment is very costly, but Roxy is like a child to us.
—Guest Erica

Bump on nose

My giant schnoodle, Mirage, had a bump on her nose. I was having tests for breeding so was going to several specialist vets for each type of test. I asked each vet to look at it. They said it was nothing. 2 vets (nothing) later, I took her to my regular vet. He took a slide & showed it to me. It was a sarcopic (sp?) mange. He showed me the slide. It looks like a tiny tick like insect, only microscopic. I used a cream from the vet & eventually it went away. Never a problem again. I have 4 dogs. None of the other had it. Mystery but so glad I caught it before it spread on her or the other dogs. So glad I listened to my intuition in spite of some high grade specialist vet opinions & so grateful that it wasn't something worse!
—Guest Inventing JOy

chest lump operable

My beloved Zoey is 15 years old, and was diagnosed 6 months ago with limpoma. We are scared to death to lose her, as our vet has told us she may not live through the surgery. This is the second lump, the first was removed 5 years ago. we have discovered a miricle drug called dermax that has changed her life. We strugle with the removal of this cist which has become the size of a golf ball. I have comfort reading these stories because Zoey is my family. I hope to God I am doing the right thing.
—Guest Cindy Stepp

Histiocytoma onright front paw

My 2yr.+9mo.old English Springer Spaniel has had the histioctoma lump on her paw for almost 3 mo. Took her to the vet and he told me that the histiocytoma lump will probably go away by itself.. One problem is she is continually licking it. i have applied salves such as Bacitracin and enterderm and covered it with a sock and of course you guessed it the sock didn't stay on very long. I am going to wait it out hoping it will go away on its own. Also because of her licking it bleeds so I feel bad for her because I confine her to the kitchen so she does not get blood on my carpet. What about using the Elizabethan collar the same as if she had surgery?I just want to make my Shalimar happy!!! EDITOR'S NOTE - you can use the e-collar to prevent licking.
—Guest Karen Johannes

tumor near left eye

Last weekend we discovered a bump on our 2 yr. old mixed breed. The bump is near his left eye and the size of a dime. It seemed to appear out of nowhere. We had a needle aspiration done immediately and found it is a tumor. We are getting it removed next week and will then know if it is benign or malignant. We are scared but hopeful. He seems himself in every other way.
—Guest Alicia Morell

Myosarcomas/soft tissue sarcoma

My Gracie, a collie, had surgery for a growth on her abdomen. I discovered it in Oct.2007. At first, I though it was just fat, but when it went from being about the size of a wedge shaped ice cube to the size of my whole hand in just 3 mos. I knew it was not fat. We had it removed Feb 2008. It came back (our vet told us it could)in Oct 2009. It started out the same, looked like fat hanging down. Then it grew to the size of my hand. She had surgery for it again in Mar. 2010. Cost over $800.00. It started growing again before she got her stitches out. She turned 12 on May 11th. Now, it's the size of a canteloupe. I don't know what to do. I'm not ready to put her to sleep. I was hoping for another two years with her. We don't have the money for another surgery. She has so much life left in her. She loves to play with one of our other dogs, Darlin', in the morning when it cool. They are so cute together.
—Guest Nancy Braswell
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