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Readers Respond: Living with a dog or cat who has seizures

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About 2 years ago my JRT started having head trimmer seziures we took him to a Vet and put him on Phenobarbital after seeing my dog struggle in and out of moods and dizzyness lazy, vomiting ect I did my own reaserch. I put him on 3 Keppra pills 8 hours apart . I noticed a hugh change and the seziures were about 3 a month that i witnessed . After 2 years I just went down to 2 pills a day seziure free for 3 weeks and a much more active dog. Soon to try to stop all Keppra slowly. I want to share my story because Keppra alone WORKS. God bless all
—Guest Roger

Seizures after injury

I had a beagle-mix who had a slight sideswipe with a car. Shortly thereafter, she went into a slight seizure that lasted about 3-5 mins. I kept a log of the days and times and then thought of the car encounter where she had received a small, little gash over her eyebrow. I remember the whole thing lasting less than a year. I had taken her to the vet right after the accident and everything was fine. So, I believe it was just an abrasion on her head that caused the seizures until it healed completely.
—Guest About.com

Out living seizures

My Sheltie is now 15 years old,He has had seizures since he was 3yo. He has not had any spells for 2 years,I still give him one 10mg a day.Just to be on the safe side.
—Guest m.k. westermayer

Daisy the Great Dane....

I have a 2 year old Great Dane. She has 2 seizures in the past 4 months. Both times she has awoke abruptly from a sleep, acting confused, then going into a seizure for about a minute. Afterwards she is better, but drinks a lot of water. My vet didn't test after the first one, but I am insisting he test her now. Daisy was born deaf and sleeps very sound.

Ming-Ming's Seizures

Ming-Ming is a tortie-point Siamese x (about 2 1/2 years old) we adopted from the local Animal Shelter. We discovered she had idiopathic epilepsy about a month afterwards, when she was sleeping in bed with us and had a seizure. Then she had several more over the next moth and a half - really ugly Grand Mal type seizures where she gets thrown all over the room. She also gets "wild running" and "seeing ghosts" both of which we think are pre-cursors to larger seizures. But fortunately, Ming-Ming's seizures seem to be controlled by Phenobarbital, and she hasn't had one in months. The other really fortunate thing is that she's easy to pill! We're hoping both these things continue!

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