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Readers Respond: Living with a dog or cat who has seizures

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4 week old boxer pup

I witnessed our baby boxer have a seizure at 4weeks old (Wednesday). Can't say for certain it was his first one. Started him on .8 mg zonisamide twice daily (saturday) 4 days later (monday) he had 3 more in one day. Valium during the seizures helps him out of it. Upped his dosage to 1 mg twice daily. Next day (today,Tuesday) he had a seizure. We're not sure what his prognosis is being so little. He is 5 1/2 weeks now. And not sure if we want to start him on phenobarbital bc of the liver damage risk. We love him so much and want him to have the best life possible. So sad to see such a little baby puppy go through so much.
—Guest Boxermom

My west highland terrier

My 12 year old Westie had her first fit today the vets don't know what cuased it is they anything I can do in a couple of days prevent it happing again Does anybody know how long it take for my dog to back to her active self again? The vets have put her in sleeping pills at the mo so that will help. Just need more info what to do like after care.
—Guest Chloe

Seizure in Dog - Herbal Medicine

My 6 years old Doberman had first seizure 8 days ago and second yesterday. While going through all the 71 Readers Response, I noticed in one response that EaseSure, a herbal remedy has helped one pet. Will sone one who has used this enlighten benefits of this medicine or othersies please ?

Cheyenne Fourshields (Wolf hybrid)

Cheyenne is 8 yrs old n started having seizures last December. She was put on phenobarbital n last month her seizures got even worse. I was at the point of putting her down but vet put her on Levetiractam along with her phenobarbital. So now she has no shakes so far nor seizures. Just hope it last. I will not let her suffer just to keep me company. She a proud girl. She's gone from K-9 to Search n Rescue to my Service Animal. She gets upset wen she loses her bladder during a seizure.
—Guest Arell Crow Fourshields

Seizures in Cat

Bella only has seizures during sleep, and she urinates. Finding all the places where she has slept is a nightmare, and my house smells horrible. I fixed a box for her to keep her from falling during a seizure and change the bedding once to twice per day. I clipped the fur from the area to help her keep herself clean. She is extremely sweet and good with children. My vet has never heard of this, but I can't afford a bunch of tests. I am wondering about the cat with the irregular heartbeat. If meds can straighten out the rhythm, will the seizures stop? Hard stuff....
—Guest Bellasmom

Guest Kathy

My 10 yr old golden retriever started having seizures every day. My husband found this website allergicpet.com. After reading the testimonials for the herbal therapy for seizures, we gave it a try after finding the right dosage my dog has been seizure free for 13 months I highly recommend it. It is called Nuroplex (Seizure) Formula. The price is right and it works!!!
—Guest Kathy Carlton

My Hankie

So my boyfriend and I have a large pitbull who was diagnosed as epileptic before he was a year. He is 2 1/2 now, 90 lbs, and taking 700 mg of pheno and 300 mg of potassium bromide a day. Even with all that medication, Hank still has at least 5 seizures a week. He is already at his lethal limit of pheno and we are don't know what to do now. We are worried about his quality of life because when he isn't seizing, he is all doped up. If anyone has suggestion PLEASE let me know. We are getting pretty desperate.
—Guest Tara

GS Mix with idiopathic epilepsy

I had to have my GS Mix, Molly put to sleep yesterday due to a seizure she wouldn't recover from. She was 14 years old, and the seizures started approx. 2 years ago. On the first vet trip after the first seizure, the vet told me she probably had a brain tumor, and needed to be euthanized. Instead, I had her go through an MRI, that showed NO tumor. We put her on 64.8 mg phenobarbitol - 2 pills twice a day; and no seizures until yesterday. I was feeding her IAMS and Purina One, as requested by the vet, and this diet seemed to do so much good for her: her coat was thick, shiny and beautiful! Yesterday, she went into a grand mal seizure that lasted over an hour, while I was calling every vet I knew to see if someone could come to my farm to euthanize her - no help on that one. I finally called a friend that was strong enough to help me carry this 75 lb dog to my van. The vet agreed she needed to be put to sleep as she was still seizing once we got her to the vet. Heartbroken!
—Guest Brixmolly

Such a scary thing!

I have unfortunately have had 2 dogs so far who have had seizures! My first experience was with my yellow lab! All of a sudden he would start going very stiff and would have a blank stare, this would last anywhere from 30 seconds to about 2 mins! Usually he would recover very quickly and he would be back to normal. However when he was about 10 years old, I came home and usually he would meet me at the door but didn't this particular day! I went to the bed room where he was laying on my bed. I tried to get him up and he could not stand on his hind legs. My husband put him in the car and took him to the vet, thinking it was a stroke! The vet examined him and thankfully it was not a stroke! It was a siezure! He was given IV Valium and that brought him completely out of it and he was able to walk in about 5 mins. He was very drowsy afterward but at least he was better!Koki was diagnosed with seizures at age 4 and was placed on potassium bromide. He passed away this month at age 13:(
—Guest Ashley

Springer with seizures

I have a soon to be 9 year old English springer. He has been having seizures since he was 1 1/2 years old. He is on 129 MGM of phenobarbital 2 times a day and 1500 MGM of potassium bromide. He weighs 75 lbs and has been seizure free for two years. My vet is now worried about liver disease and wants me to have liver tests and bile liver acid tests done every 6 months in addition to phenobarbital and potassium bromide levels. His liver enzymes are slightly elevated so the vet has started him on Denamarin which is a vitamin supplement- costing $140.00 a month. Does anyone have any information on the incidence of liver disease in dogs taking phenobarbital? This is getting very costly and I would do anything to keep him from having a seizure. Sometimes I think the vets over react or just try and make money from people who love their pets? After reading some stories and hearing that some dogs live a full life even with a seizure disorder I am skeptical about being so concerned about liver d

Epileptic Pekingese

I have a 17 month old Pekingese that was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 6 months. He was immediately put onto phenobarbital (half a tab twice a day) and was seizure free for 7 months. He recently has had 3 seizures so I took him to have his phenobarbital levels checked and he was right at the minimum optimal range. We have increased his dosage to 1 tab twice a day and is doing so well. My only advice to all the stressed moms and dads is to make sure their levels are being tested every 6 months to ensure dosage is correct. Good luck to all the stressed epilepsy owners!! :)
—Guest Sara Volker


My chihuahua Toby, is 5 1/2 yrs. had the first seizure this morning at 3am He sleeps close so I felt him going in it. I rushed him to emer. , but he was over it, lasted 2 min. Now 5 hrs later he had another seizures I rushed him to my regular vet. they did blood draw and said he might need a neuro. to to the MRI ($2800.3,000) cost. Last month my doxy had back surgery at a cost of $3,000. My lord, my dogs are all I have in this world. My Toby now had three seizures in less than 12 hrs. My vet put him on Zonisamide 50 mg. 2xday right now. I'm praying this will control them. I'm 67 and have had cats and dogs since childhood, never had seem seizures. I will wait now and see what next.
—Guest guzzi

Sad Day

We found our 5 year old cat, Meisha, dead in our garden today. We suspect it is seizure related. I thought that I witnessed her having a fit a couple of months ago but thought that she would be ok. Today, we are distraught to have found her, freezing cold and in a shock like state. The lesson to everyone is don't take a chance if you've witnessed your pet having a fit. Get them seen to immediately. We feel awful that we didn't act before. Her illness could have been controlled and she may have still been with us. Please learn from our tale so that you don't have a day like the one we're having today. RIP little Meisha x
—Guest Richard

grand mal

my dog started having seizures on 26 jan.. I took her to the vet, and the doctor gave her ambiplex and antiworm tablet.. She took it.. She was fine till 6th feb. Then again on 6th she had it once.. So i didn't to anything as i read it on the net that "you don't have to panic , blah blah.." and again today, 8th feb. She got it more then 15 times within 3 hours.. I took her to the vet.. It happened there as well.. The doctor said, you should change the place where she stays, and blah blah.. I've my exams in march.. And i just pray that , she shouldn't get it during my exams..
—Guest king

Drugs costs

Our Lhaso-poodle mix started seizing right before his 5th birthday. He has had clusters from the very start and have tried and quit Potassium Bromide because it didn't seem to do any good. It's taken 3 years but he is now on: Pheno, zonisamide and Keppra. He has not had a seizure in 7 months! This is after 2.5 years of clusters- 6 at a time every 3 weeks or so. We were very concerned about the costs of the Zonisamide and Keppra but found that Costco can provide what we need at a fraction of the cost. Our little guy doesn't take huge doses but the costs could have been staggering! Check Costco if you can.
—Guest Rick

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Living with a dog or cat who has seizures

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