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Readers Respond: Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis - Prompt veterinary care is critical

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hge new to me. Bruiser in hospital

I took Bruiser to the vet this Tues and told him Bruiser has diarhea and blood in his stool. He gave usw an antibiotic and sent us home. Now after bleeding out his rectum he's back at the vet hospital being treated for HGE. I'm very worried.
—Guest Patty

My 8yr old White German Shepard is....

Still hanging on! On 5/21 I took my dogs to the beach, Sonny was very happy & active, swimming & running around with my 2 other dogs, no signs that something was wrong at all. Later he was displaying Extremely Strange Behavior! He then disappeared for 4 hrs. When he returned he seem as if he had been poisoned! After rushing him to the ER I was told that he had possibly suffered a heat stroke!!! They also mentioned Addisons Disease, Parvo & HGE??? Now he is on day 3 @ the vet! I have never witnessed or seen anything so horrible & the onset was almost immediate. I really am praying that he comes home soon. He is still unable to eat but is drinking water & is very responsive to his treatment, however we do not know how long it will take for him to fully recover & now that I know he is susceptible to this disease again... I WILL NEVER TAKE MY DOG BACK TO THE BEACH!!! The Dr believes that it was something he contracted from ingesting salt water containing parasites!
—Guest Arlene

HGE episodes with my pet

My Lil Dog Sparky had HGE in May. We took him home from the dog hospital on the 11 of may. HGE retured on the 22 of May. I hope some day they find out what causes this. Sparky had barely enough recovery before it came back. He is right now still at the vets. But doing good.
—Guest Denise


My black lab came down with this. didnt see any blood, but could smell it. he was dehydrated, lathargic, would not eat anything, even his favorite foods. my vet started iv immediatly, ran test , x ray. his kedneys were shutting down. it came back hge, which she(my vet suspected) he is home after three days of iv;s and meds. he gets 1/2 chicken breast two times a day.i inheirted this dog when my brother passed away, sure am glad i didnt loose him.

Da-Budha Recovery

My 13 yr old chow w/HGE. Look for any dead animals in yard & remove animal droppings. Spray yard with mix 1 cup bleach per gal of water. Toss all dog food, treats, old bones, & wash bowls, hard floors with 1 part bleach 9 parts water. Wash all bedding. Use only dog foods that include prebiotics or probiotics...or...add it to your pet’s food. I use Flora Source for myself as it has 22 strands of healthy bacteria which prevent bad bacteria’s from overtaking the digestive system. My husband and I have Crohn's disease. It works! I believe this to be the exact equivalent as Crohn's in humans. It is most likely due to a bad bacterial explosion in the dog's system. Do not let your dog near any dead animals or let them dig in your compost pile; dig up old bones, etc...Do NOT give your dog suspicious foods! If it can make you sick, it can just as easily make them sick. Stress just lowers the immunity and makes them more susceptible to HGE. Use metal food bowls instead of plastic. Make SURE y
—Guest Valerie Orlando

hge pdsa

Everyone be very allert. After noticing vomiting and no diarrhea we took our 7 month old to pdsa hospital. We were told Jo starve her for 24 hours and that doctor is not going to have a look at her before this is done. We waited. She didn't stop vomiting. Kept ringing and asking them saying its not normal. Eventuality, took her in myself saying its emergency. They gave her medication to stop vomiting. It did for sometime, but then started again. She still didn't drink. The very next day we took her in again. They injected her and told us to go home again. But nothing had changed. She was vomiting once, and had a normal poo. The 3rd morning we took her in again saying we are not taking her home, she wasn't very week, could still jump on our bed. Pdsa kept her over nigh. However, they said she is not improving. When I saw her at this hospital I was in shock. My dog was just crying, not moving, not reacting. They advised me to put her to sleep. We did. Why they didn't look at her earlier
—Guest guest

My Cavalier had it twice

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is currently at the vet's on a drip with this condition for the second time. She had it first when she was about 4 years old, very sudden onset of bloody vomiting and runny bloody stools, very listless, no interest in food. Because I got her to the vet for treatment quickly she recovered quickly. I was told that as she had it once it was a good possibility she would get it again. I have just returned from the emergency vets tonight having taken her in and she is hospitalised on a drip with a second bout of HGE aged 7 years. As she has had it before I knew the signs so she has received immediate treatment and I am hoping that she will pull through again this time - I am told that with prompt treatment most dogs survive this condition. Knowing the signs and quick treatment are the key to beating this condition. HGE is also not contagious which is a godsend as I have 2 other dogs.
—Guest CavvieOwner

Do NOT wait to go to the vet

Please, please go to your vet asap if your dog had multiple episodes of diarrhea or vomiting! My dog is very, very lucky to have survived this rare disease - only because I was able to monitor the symtomes.
—Guest guest


My dog who weights only 3 LBS full grown vomited 5 times at 9am on mothers day n she had 2 episodes of diarrhea but there was no blood in her diarrhea. She had no energy n didn't want to eat or drink. Due to her size the doctor said if I would have waited to bring her in I could have lost her. She lost 4 oz in 8 hours n for her weight size that is a lot for her to loose.
—Guest Amie


My dog who weights only 3 LBS full grown vomited 5 times at 9am on mothers day n she had 2 episodes of diarrhea but there was no blood in her diarrhea. She had no energy n didn't want to eat or drink. Due to her size the doctor said if I would have waited to bring her in I could have lost her. She lost 4 oz in 8 hours n for her weight size that is a lot for her to loose.
—Guest Amie

Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis

my 12 year old collie, had been sick the night before with bile, but it hadn't stopped her stealing a piece of steak. But next day she started to reach small amounts of CLEAR SLIMY Fluid, tried to get her to drink which she then vomitted up like a water cannon, she was clingy, wimpering, and took on the praying position so took her off to the emergency vets, who said it was poss just a tummy upset, came home, she vomitted badly went into the garden and passed a huge pool of blood, the clour and consistency of Tomatoe ketcup. Straight back to the vets, who diagonossed HGE, My girl is not insured and as I know what I am doing the vet was happy for me to bring her home and do the job of the IV Drip. which meant syringing 2,5 ml into her mouth every 20 mins for the next 12 hours, by morning she had stopped crying and no more blood loss (although plenty during the night) and has actually asked for food, only a teaspoon, every 2 hrs of chicken and rice. important, get to vets imediantly.
—Guest RebHayter

HGE currently

My daisy is currently at the vet on IVF. Luckily for me she was at my parents and began to throw up blood and have bloody diarrhea. She became lethargic and was foaming at the mouth. Had she not been at my parents I probably would have lost her. My vet sad had we waited till morning to bring her in she would have passed away. She is not out of the woods yet but they say she is doing better. Take your dog in immediately if they begin to show any of these signs.
—Guest Sarah

Hits fast, lots of blood

5 yrs old male Lhasa Apso threw up early yesterday afternoon. He had good stool that morning. By 8pm, he had bad diarrhea, was drooling excessively, still vomiting. By 2am, he was unable to hold his bowels and the stool was more blood than anything else. (explosive!) Blood was bright red and I was in a panic. Rushed him to the vet at 7am. My vet, knew exactly what it was, having seen many cases treated my dog with antibiotics and IV drip. The dehydration is the real problem. Its a day later, I just picked him up. He's doing much better though seems very tired from the episode. He's wagging his tail, and eating a little. He's on a bland diet for a few days along with meds to help soothe and heal his belly. The vet said she never heard of this until she moved from the north to the south. (We're in FL). I know its not uncommon to see blood in dog stool. This is something different. Get your dog to the vet asap. They decline fast once you notice the obvious symptoms.
—Guest Ali


I have a beautiful 3 year old Aussie that developed diarrhea on a Friday morning, I took her dog food away and gave her hamburger and rice. By Saturday morning she was doing much better. Sunday morning she started to vomit and after about 3 bowel movements It looked like solid blood. There were also small amounts of blood in her vomit. I found a vet that would see her (it was Sunday). She treated her with fluids and antivomiting shot and antibotics and also sent several medications home, both shots (she wont take a pill) and pills that I can mix in her food when she is eating. She is much better today. I would suggest to anyone to take your pet to the vet right away for frequent vomiting and diarrhea. My girl was just slightly dehydrated but it had only been about 6 hours. They can go down hill fast if not treated.
—Guest Rhonda

My Beagle hit suddenly with HGE

My 3 yr old Beagle Bowie had a diagnosed episode of Colitis a month ago which was loose and semi bloody stools. But now exactly 1 month later he is in the hospital with HGE. It came on suddenly within 24 hrs and started off with loose stools and within hours just blood running out of him. He had symptoms of tender abdomen and listlessness that quickly became foam vomiting at the mouth and blood in stools. No obstructions were found no parasites and no adrenal gland disease. He is on IV fluids and other medications as well as being tested for other conditions. For now they say it's HGE. I'm so glad I followed my intuition and rushed him to the ER because he would not have made it through the night. This sickness is quick and deadly so immediate attention is a must. $2000 dollars later and he's still not out of the woods but he's my everything so I will spare no expense until he's at home.
—Guest Fina

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