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Readers Respond: Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis - Prompt veterinary care is critical

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My Girly-Girl had this about 2 years ago. I took her to the animal hospital around midnight. They kept her on an IV until 7am when I picked her up to take to my regular Vet. The emergency hospital only kept her hydrated with the IV until the morning. The first thing my vet did was stop her diarrhea with some type of shot . He then gave her an antibiotic shot and a hydration pack on each one if her sides. He monitored her all that day, but let me take her home that night. He had me go back to him for 3 days in a row, where he continued the same procedure. Which was the hydration packs, anti diarrhea shot and 2 hydration packs. After the 3rd day he gave me the antibiotic to give her orally for a week or two. During the first 3 days of her illness, he told me to only offer her a teaspoon of yogurt or a slice of cheese each hour. He said the cheese might help stiffen her stool. If I didn't take her that night, she would have been dead by morning he said!
—Guest Miss Tickle


I woke on Friday and noticed my peke was very lethargic. Left him outside and noticed him vomit once. Then within minutes bloody diarrhea. Called vet immediately and took him in. Ruled out parvo. Vet diagnosed him right away. He is still very lethargic and seems to be in distress. But he is medicated, drinking, and eating a bland diet. I pray I caught it fast enough. I lost my Taz 10 yrs ago to this horrible illness when the vet misdiagnosed him. Still cry when I think that he didn't have to die if she would have given him a blood test. If your dog gets sudden bloody diarrhea and foamy vomit get him to vet immediately.
—Guest Wanda

My 3 year old Black lab has this

My Black lab would not eat he rbreakfast yesterday which is very unusual! Checked her poo,it was softer than usual but not diarreah. Monitered her bowel movements throughout the day. She vomited a couple of times but this not unusual for her. Her poo became quite runny and she was not her usual self. Last poo had specks of blood- rushed her to the vet. Kept in overnight on antibiotics and fluid drip. Still cant come home as she is not recovering as quickly as they would like.I am so distraught, she is our baby! Cant believe how quickly this disease came on. Fingers crossed and prayers that she will be ok x please get your dog to the vet immediately, am glad that we didnt wait x
—Guest Linda


My little girl was taken from me today!! The vet said it was HGE I am sooo sad !! My little doxie was my best friend!! She was so happy last night! She went to "Grandma's house chased some lizard, chewed on a ham bone for a little, then we came home and went to bd. About %am Igot up to go tothe bathroom and I notice she had thrown up I did not think much about it. Dogs throw up! She also did not want to go out in themorning. Butthat too happens if it i rining , which it was! I went into work for 4 hours and then came home to check on her.OMG!!! When I got homeshe was in a strnge spot in my house and she was breathing so heavy shaking and unresponsive, She did not even know me!!I rushed her to the Emergency vet! They did everything they could (so they said! I was not there!!) but my little girl passed this evening! I am truly SAD!! I love you Little Angel Girl!!
—Guest Michelle keenan

HGE - Get the word out!

I just lost my baby of 7 years. She was a playful and alert Yorkie on Saturday - died at the emergency clinic on Sunday. Other than the vomiting on Sunday morning there were no obvious signs that she was sick, however looking back, it did appear as if she was gaining weight. I thought this was due to her age, but it was probably fluid build up. I had just taken her to the vet for shots and a check-up a week earlier. Had I known about HGE, I would have insisted they check her blood then. We have to let others know of this horrible disease and to seek medical attention at ANY signs. Do not assume they just ate something bad. Better to be over cautious than to lose your loved one!! I am truly devastated...
—Guest Leanne

my dog too

Hi. My purebred cocker spaniel was perky and alert at 12:00 on Saturday. 1:30 she began to vomit. She deteriorated very quickly and on Sunday at 2:00 was taken to the emergency vet clinic and found to be profoundly dehydrated. How did it happen so quickly? Immediate iv liquids with antibiotics. 26 hours later still lethargic but more hydrated. I am convinced that the stress of my daughter and infant grandchildren were too much for this highly strung, and most beloved cocker. She's still at the vet's with an iv in situ. We pick her up in the am...or so we're told. 1600 dollars later, but let's face it...the vets are highly educated folk who deserve recompense.
—Guest lindsay

Don't wait to get help - GO TO VET!

Don't google "dog throwing up and diarrhea" and assume you will find the answer. I made that mistake and may have waited too long. Our shih tzu was throwing up all day today - thought maybe a silly stomach bug and would be better in a day or two. My search on the internet concluded the same thing. WRONG. HGE - after almost 20 hours of waiting for my pup to get better i finally decided that he needed to see the vet. I needed an after-hours vet due to the time - one was about 20 mins away - On the way there, my dog went into shock and became unresponsive. Blood and oxygen stopped flowing to his brain. No blood pressure, but a faint heartbeat upon arrival. They managed to get an IV and oxygen hooked up to him and blood pressure has returned to normal. Neurological function after 3 hours is not 100% yet. Not out of the woods and there's no guarentee he will survive this. THIS DISEASE IS DEADLY AND HITS VERY VERY QUICKLY. DO NOT WAIT. GET TO THE VET, SAVE YOUR DOG!
—Guest Jay

Reoccuring HGE

I have a male 1 1/2 year old cane Corso with a history of foreign body ingestion (as a puppy he ate rocks, socks, etc). Within the last 6 months he has had 4 episodes of HGE. Bloodwork and fecals come back normal/negative. His episodes seem to be induced by stress or new food/treats. He won't eat, may or may not vomit, then starts with severe bloody diarrhea. Since there isnt a known cause and since he doesnt immediately dehydrate, I withold food/water for 24 hours now whenever I know the episodes are coming on. After 24 hours I feed him chicken and rice for a couple days and he is always back to normal after 24 hours. I don't recommend this to anyone, especially if your dog is having HGE for the first time. In my dog's case I have been lucky it hasn't progressed to anything worse or more severe. I do hope to find what triggers his stress or episodes and try to treat that rather than treat the HGE. :(
—Guest Tammy

get it sorted

my 5 month old lab cross pup had this yesterday, took him to the vets and im pleased to say he is back home with this afternoon, on antibiotics and a bland diet. it was very scary and upsetting to watch my "baby" go through this. I strongly suggest that if a dog is sick more than 3 times and loose bowels when they have not eaten to seek vets advise. I certainly hope he doesn't get it again.
—Guest becky and jed

Died 8 July 2013

Devastated to lose our Maltese Shitzu ysterday - abslutely adored by hsband and self. Lethagic Sunday, drinking water flat out and vomiting clear. Went to bed, woke 4am to find him barely alive, blood all around where he had been sleeping beside my husband. Went to emergency vet where he was put on oxygen and fluid, couple of hours later after more tests we were advised he could have protein infusions but out come not likely to be good, $2000 dollars later. They kept him comfotable till we could get back from my husbands hospital appt so we could be with him whilehe was euthanised. Devastated as husband in CCF, had stroke and I always thought Slippa would be there to keep me company when my husband passes which is not likely to be too far away.
—Guest Dee

HGE stole my kiddo

Up early this past Saturday morning, taking pics of Kas and his stuffed cow. This turned into a full day of vomiting and later that night bloody diarrhea. Took Kas to the Vet ER and wasn't expecting to leave without him. I miss my kiddo so much!!! Never saw it coming. My Kas was in so much pain.
—Guest Kasper

We're very lucky :)

My 4 1/2 year old Maltese, Roxie was just discharged from the vet yesterday with HGE. We're so lucky that a caring vet and staff made an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. She was totally fine, then one day of vomiting and dry heaves. I didn't think much of it until she started acting strange, just couldn't get comfortable, climbing up on boxes in the closet and wouldn't eat or drink. I decided I would take her to the vet the next day if not better, the next morning she was a little better and even drank some water. THEN, explosive bloody diarrhea, off to the vet we went. Lab work confirmed HGE with a high PCV of 65 and low protein level. She was kept on continuous IV fluids, antibiotics, nausea, acid and pain medication. It took 4 days before her labs were good enough for discharge. I'm really hoping she won't have a relapse. The most important think to remember is DON'T wait, at the first signs get immediate vet attention. Cost about $1500 for all of her care.
—Guest JNadler

HGE in Eskimo dog with liver shunt

HGE episode w/our 3 yo Eskimo dog Pablo. Typical to other posts. Wasted too much time in diagnosis. Took trips to 2 vets offices & 3 day stay in vet ER with IV fluids and meds. Any blood - bleeding in GI tract- get immediate medical attention! Get a blood test done. Look at hemocrit counts (once over 60, dehydrated, Pablo at 51 and very bad), and liver enzyme levels. If levels high, liver can't remove toxins fast enough. After a lot of research I'm convinced liver conditions have a correlation to HGE. Discovered Pablo has almost all the symptoms of a dog with a congenital birth defect known as a liver shunt. He exhibited the liver shunt behaviors in the 2 days before this incident! I didn't put it all together until after the fact. I had also treated him with a flea treatment 3 days before this happened, adding more toxins to his overloaded system. He's home now, on home cooked diet & liver supplements. AMAZING chg just 1 wk. do research, test blood, treat early b4 HGE!!!
—Guest Pablo's Mom

So quick

We lost our 15yr Golden in December and now we lost our 9yr Golden Bella to HGE. She was fine this morning and then she vomitted several times. She became lethargic then passed bloody stool. Within 15min of blood we had her at the Vet. IV for several hours, slight improvement and bleeding slowed. She then suddenly passed away at 11:00 So happy and her sweet self yesterday. HGE is quick and has no mercy.
—Guest missingbell


Our dog Molly was healthy and playing on Saturday, Saturday night she started with vomitting and Sunday she started with bloody diarhea, first thing in Monday we went to the vets who took bloodwork, x-rays and couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. We went for a second opinion and were glad we did, she was diagnosed with HGE and was given antibiotics and iv fluids, she has started eating again. Were hoping we caught it in time and she will continue to improve. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a pet to this horrible illness.
—Guest Jessica

HGE episodes with my pet

Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis - Prompt veterinary care is critical

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