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Readers Respond: Share your tips to keep arthritic pets comfortable

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Arthritis is a disease that can affect any joint causing pain and discomfort. Dogs and cats who suffer from arthritis may be slow to get up or lay down, reluctant to go up or down stairs, or resist being picked up or handled.

Have you noticed signs of arthritis in your pet? What sign(s) did you notice first? Did you visit your vet to help keep your pet comfortable? What worked for your pet?

Please share your arthritis stories, tips and words of encouragement here.


Put my 10 yo CKCS female on resveratrol (Resveradvantage). She is an agility & obedience champion. Had stopped jumping on the bed & slowed. She was happy to just supervise. I thought it's time to retire or as I say begin her Diva years. She still ran 2 agility courses a week at a much lower height & no climbing @ her speed for exercise. Cut down to 2 therapy visits a month with none @ hospitals-too much walking. After 2 months on the dog-resveratrol she began jumping up on the bed & furniture again. 3 months later started racing to the courses for more runs-sometimes literally pushing a dog out of her way! She's playing with her Papillon brother again & jumping into the car with no problem. Now I'm the one who has to tell her 'enough'. As I was picking up the laundry strewn across the room the other day 'cause she was searching for the slacks I had left a treat in, I yelled "act your age." Her quality of life has definitely improved. She's off her meds now & nobody believes her age!
—Guest star2fire

Arthritis in pets

Indica, my german-shepherc/lab mix who is about 80 lbs and approaching 11 yrs old. I noticed a few yrs ago that she was getting stiff when trying to get up from a laying position and when trying to climb steps. Sometimes she would yelp out, so I took her to a local Vet and they gave her Rimadyl, it worked wonders for her, also I limit her activities when she is having a flare up so that she does not run and strain her hip more. She seems to have her flare ups yearly at the change of weather between fall and winter, so I keep the Rimadyl on hand for her.
—Guest Jatter


Our dog, Biscuit, has spondylosis and arthritis; taking a few pounds off of her, and having her on daily Dasequin has immensely helped her.

Warmth and padding

Besides the joint supplements and pain medications another tool that can be helpful is a coverage solution, something worn by cat or dog that reflects heat back into the body and joints and also provides padding/protection to joints when the animal lays down. We had a rotti named Greif who wore a product called DogLeggs for a hygroma on his elbow, but he also had arthritis in his front limbs. We discovered another benefit of DogLeggs, the warmth and constant protection to his elbows, gave Greif more mobility and less pain. Soon Greif, who had not been able to make the one block walk to the bus stop in the morning to see our daughter off to school, was walking without limping and had a definite spring in his step. Greif regained his interest in playing with the tennis ball and playing with our other dog, actually running and playing for the first time in two years! For full disclosure the result of Greif using the DogLeggs was we started the company now known as DogLeggs.

22 year old cat arthritis gone

My 22 year old cat was limping badly and hardly able to jump. I started her on New Zealand Velvet Agility... 1 pill a day and within 3 months she shows no sign of limping or pain. I also have a second cat about 18 and she has chronic joint problems. It has helped her greatly as well.

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