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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Black Spots on Your Orange Cat

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Orange tabby cats, just like calico cats, are often the inspiration for questions. A common question (and worry) of cat owners relates to black spots on orange cats that just seem to "appear" on the lips, nose and eye margins, especially on orange colored cats. This is a common finding, and usually not one to worry about. (But always visit your vet for any discoloration, lump or new finding to be sure).

Does your cat have black spots on the lips and nose? When did you notice this? What did your vet say? Please share your stories here.

Note: this page is for viewer stories, questions are not answered in this space.

Tell us about your cat

tabby cat

My cat had oozing blisters on his feet . The vet gave him a thyroid blood test, and then he had to take thyroid pills.
—Guest sheffer

8yr old calico

My Sydney was a stray. Vet said she was about 2yrs old then. I noticed the spots when she was about 6. Seems to have gotten worse but I am relieved to read that this may be a harmless condition. She still has the rowdy spunk that she did when I got her.
—Guest John W

Orange male tabby 2 yrs.

My oi r as needed MN are Twitch is the smartest cat..can open my cupboards! He has black tiny spots on his nose a b d around his gums...glad to know they are freckles!
—Guest Maria B

Siamese with Mouth Spots

I have a male red-point siamese (so mainly cream with ginger markings just on his face, ears and tail, and pale markings on his paws and along his back). He is about 2 and a half years old. He has had mouth spots since a very young age - he was probably about a year old when I noticed the first spot in his mouth, maybe even younger. Since then he has developed a few more. At the moment they are only present in his mouth on his gums, not anywhere else. It is clear they are just pigment spots; no inflammation, raised skin, or anything suspicious, any they obviously don't bother him, so they have never bothered me either! :)
—Guest Jade

3 orange cats with black spots

We found pretty girl about 2 1/2 years ago she was pregnant and she already had a bunch of black spots on her lip. Just recently her to boys Tank and Tuff started getting the spots.
—Guest James and Alanna

Orange tab black spot on lip

Tito has had a black spot on his lower lip since i adopted him. Never bothers him and the vet never really pays no attention to it. It stays the same and hes full grown now. Something to live with.
—Guest Lucky

Charlie, orange tabby

My Charlie is about 5 years old and I've noticed a growing number of black spots on his lips, and a couple of them on his nose. I was glad to find this site, which seems to assure that this is a fairly common condition with orange cats. The spots do not seem to give him any discomfort.
—Guest Vona Lindsey


Ha! That's exactly what I thought,freckles!! My big orange tabby, Goldie has them on nose and lips!!! For a long time I thought it was dirt!
—Guest Louise

Jasper's face

My cat Jasper has them also. I was scared because he's always running the streets.
—Guest philly

Black spots/orange tabby cats.

My orange tabby named Carmen has black spots on her nose and mouth and shes only 16 months old!
—Guest Renee Redmond

Flame Point Siamese Cat

I have a Flame Point Siamese Cat and she has black freckles on her nose, upper lip area, and bottom of her paws. She is a perfectly healthy 2 year old cat. She started getting the freckles on her nose at about 9 or 10 months old. ;-)
—Guest Carrie

fat orange tabby with black spots

My male orange tabby Rusty is around ten (hard to tell for sure since we got him from the SPCA) and just recently started getting black spots on his nose and mouth. Scared me because, when he was young, was put on steroids b/c our vet told us he had "rodent mouth" since he would break out with painful blisters on the pads of his feet and his mouth every couple months. His pads would bleed, his blisters on his mouth would too, making it hard for him to eat. He hasn't had a breakout in a couple years (knock on wood!!!!) But he is also overweight, no matter the diet I put him on. I have been so concerned about the black spots, thinking that they may be a side affect of the rodent mouth. It is reassuring to know that other orange tabbies have the same freckles. Also, we adopted another orange rescue named Newman and, although he is young, he too is getting the same freckles.Glad to know my boys are normal gingers!!!
—Guest jen7334

Black spot

Idk when I noticed it I just did and they look adorable. I was getting licked on my cheek and I a black spot on her nose and I opened her mouth and fed her some peanut butter and noticed it in her mouth and ate the peanut butter cause I didn't know what was causing it my mom and vet said it would be fine and they were like birth makes the slowly grew on your cat kinda like the spots on domations idk it was weird the I ended up staring for a while and realized they were right
—Guest Dani


My orange/white striped tabby is 3 years, and has very black shiny spots on his lower gum.
—Guest Karen

Of course, mine too

3-4 year old long haired rescue. the black spots aren't permanent but appear quite often. I asked the vet and they said not to worry :] glad it's normal and common :] my grey tabby has never had these and he has a pinkish nose.
—Guest Angie

Tell us about your cat

Tell Us About Black Spots on Your Orange Cat

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