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Reader Stories: Tell Us About Your Special Needs Dog or Cat

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Animals are very adaptable. Often even more than people realize. Some animals are born this way, some lose their sight, hearing, or even a limb to disease or injury. They will have a small adjustment period, but most pets do just fine.

Please tell us about your special pet and how their 'disability' enables them in other ways and how your life has been enriched, too. Sharing your story helps ease anxieties for those who are facing a similar change for their pet and create awareness for those considering adopting special needs or senior pets.

Tell Us About Your Senior Pet
Living with FELV or FIV cats

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How long have you had your pet? What are his or her special needs and how long have you dealt with these issues?
How long did your pet take to acclimate? How does your pet cope now? How do you cope? Do you do anything differently?

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Do you have any advice for someone facing a similar situation or considering adopting a special needs pet?

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