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Reader Stories: Tell Us About Your Special Needs Dog or Cat


Animals are very adaptable. Often even more than people realize. Some animals are born this way, some lose their sight, hearing, or even a limb to disease or injury. They will have a small adjustment period, but most pets do just fine.

Please tell us about your special pet and how their 'disability' enables them in other ways and how your life has been enriched, too. Sharing your story helps ease anxieties for those who are facing a similar change for their pet and create awareness for those considering adopting special needs or senior pets.

Tell Us About Your Senior Pet
Living with FELV or FIV cats

Hit By Car Harley

I don't know if Harley is an exception, but she acts as if she doesnt know she has only three legs. She runs faster than the other two cats, climbs on everything, and jumps with no problems. Some peo…More

My Cat Pi -- because he has 3.14 feet!

I had been looking for an adult male cat with a gray coat. I'd also been looking to adopt a cat that would have trouble finding a home, like an older cat. I found Pi through a Craigslist ad. He was e…More

Julius the Diabetic Cat

I've learned patience and perseverance. : ) I've learned that there are not hard and fast rules to treating a diabetic cat, and that you have to be flexible and try not to get frustrated. Jules has r…More


Buckley's disability was a "non-issue" for her - she didn't know the meaning of the word. After a while, I didn't notice it anymore, and I was always surprised when people asked about it. It was just…More

Lilly Grace, my specially-abled sweetheart

It took Lilly Grace no longer to get used to our home than any of the kitties we have adopted. Once she started to feel at home she not only came into her own, she became the alpha female of the home…More

Tough Tilly

Tillly taught me that her disability does not define her courage and will to live her life fully. She never whimpered or gave any indication of the pain that she endured with that horrible injury. I …More

Murphy the FIV Positive Cat

It isn't always easy having a special needs pet. It was hard. I did not know what to do. I kept him separate from my other cat for about 2 years out of fear. I had quite the system of door openings a…More

Taking life in stride... with three legs!

Animals can handle such trauma a lot better than humans. Most of the time, I don't think Sasha even notices that her leg is gone. She is 15 but still acts like herself, hopping around, and sometimes …More

Buddy and Peaut - cats with eye problems

I have learned that there are no more loving cats than these. They are very active and curious about their world which is our house. Since they were feral they are a bit leery of other people but onc…More

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