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Reader Stories: Show us your gift ideas for pets, vets and animal lovers

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I am not really a "shopper" kind of person, more of a necessities kind of shopper. I also procrastinate. Not a good combination. I am sure that I have missed many cool pet products. This is where you come in.

This gift idea section is a viewer-inspired idea bank for year-round gift giving suggestions. I've started this list and would like your input for additional veterinary items and books, pet safety items and fun "necessary" items, such as food bowls, leashes, and so on.

What are your pet's favorite things? Please share what items to stay away from, too.

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Some items, like food dishes, appeal to all three. Other gift ideas are species-specific.
What features do you like best about this gift? What can you say about cost versus value?

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Did you purchase this yourself, or was it a gift? Is there a specific occasion that this gift works well for?

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