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Homegrown Catnip, Homemade Catnip Toys

Share Your Story: Is Your Cat Crazy For Catnip?

By jewelzodonnell

Homegrown Catnip, Homemade Catnip Toys

Smokie enjoying his new handmade toy

Homegrown Catnip, Homemade Catnip Toys

Basket of handmade Peek a Boo catnip toys

How often does your cat enjoy catnip?

My Cats want their catnip as often as I will allow it!

When offered catnip, my cat ...

My cats get quite friendly when they get their nip. They will rub their faces in it, roll over it and will purr for quite awhile. Most often, after they will take a nap.

Catnip: Dried or Fresh?

My cats prefer to have dried catnip. I think they feel fresh is too tickly on their tongues. Plus, since I only give them my own organically grown catnip I am not afraid of what might be in it (herbicides, pesticides etc).

As I make my own catnip toys, I know exactly what they are made out of and the excellent quality and potency of the catnip. Only the best for my kitties!

Tips and Tricks

  • grow organically with home made compost
  • pull out plants when they spread where you do not want it to
  • dry leaves and put in air tight containers to preserve freshness
  • if storing long term, consider freezing some. This does not seem to affect the strength
  • use leaves only, no stems.
  • allow to go to seed if you want to have a "full" catnip patch
  • snip off tops and branches as it grows, this will help the plant continue growing throughout the season

Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM, About.com Veterinary Medicine, says:

Great photos and tips! Thank you for adding your cat's nip stories.
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