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Casey Got Quilled

Share Your Story: Tell us about your dog's experience with porcupine quills

By kismutt

What my dog was doing when we found the porcupine

The dog that met the porcupine was Casey, my three legged Boxer X. We were in a nature park at dusk with my two other dogs and a friend with her two dogs. We started off on our walk and Casey went snuffling off. The next thing I heard was a yelp so I went racing to the last place I saw Casey. She had found a porcupine and rather than stick her face in, had put her paw on the prickly fellow. The leg that is missing is Casey's front leg so needless to say she couldn't stand.

What I did to help my quilled dog

Fortunately my friends house wasn't too far away so she ran off for a flashlight and pliers, while I waited with Casey, as carrying a fifty pound dog that distance was not a solution at the moment and there weren't too many quills in my poor Casey's paw. My friend returned and I managed to pull the quills out and Casey was able to stand again, though I did end up carrying her most of the way.

The next day my friend and I went back and found porkie and escorted her/him to a nearby sanctuary. Details on how to capture a porcupine are another story...:)

Lessons Learned

  • carry a flashlight if you're walking at dusk
  • if your dog is known to check out wild critters, keep her leashed, especially at dusk and dawn
  • if you pull the quills yourself, keep a close eye on your dog to make sure she does not develop an infection from a quill or quill part left behind (Casey did get an infection and we needed to see our vet).
  • let others in the park know that there is a porcupine in the area
  • post a sign at all entrance areas to the park (if possible)

Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM, About.com Veterinary Medicine, says:

Excellent tips! Thanks for sharing Casey's story.
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