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Cherry eye in a Chihuahua

Share Your Story: Cherry eye - prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid in the dog


About my pet

My 6 month old chi pup has cherry eye in both eyes. I raised the puppy with his brother. Had both neutered at 4 months of age and they are vaccinated . They are both indoors. I do take them out to do their business. I have not made any changes in their environment. What can you do for a cherry eye if you can not afford the surgery. Hoping for an answer to help little guy, until I can possibly have surgery done. The puppy has had the cherry eye condition for 1 week.

Options my vet gave us to fix cherry eye

Only one option. Surgery to replace gland in eye to its proper place. I am on a fixed income. Just neutered the dog and vacc. I feed only the best dog food and house the dog in my home. He is potty trained and goes outside only to do his business. otherwise he is indoors with my other chi dog. age 6 mths also. All has been going fine. The other pup was scratched by the cat and took to vet. He said all would be ok and dispensed a eye drop to administer in the eye. A week after that visit the other puppy got cherry eye in the right eye. I treated with the same eye drop and it did get better but then the other eye got cherry eye and the right eye worsened as well. I am still putting allergy drops in eyes. They seem to get better at night but worsen during the day.

What I'd Do Differently

  • The parents do not have a history of having the problem. I have raised both puppies from birth and the environment has not changed.
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