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Herman Roosevelt Quinn

Share Your Story: Senior Pets - Older dogs and cats have lots of love to share

By abVetMed

Herman Roosevelt Quinn

Herman and his pal Sophie

Herman Roosevelt Quinn

Herman and his life-long buddy Greta Louise

My Pet's Name

Herman Roosevelt Quinn

My Pet's Age

17 years

How Long We Have Been (or Were) Together

16.5 years

Tell Us About Your Senior Pet

Herman was a once-in-a-lifetime cat. He was brought in by animal control, run over by a care (in the face) and, frankly, a mess. But it was love at first sight, and when it was realized that he was ownerless, I knew he would be mine.

He lived a long life as an indoor-only cat, loved his dogs and most of his cat housemates. He was very friendly and outgoing, serving as a "pet therapist" in his younger years, cheering up the elderly in nursing homes.

He loved eating. He loved purring. He had a sense of humor. He was a sage companion. I miss him.

Other Pets

Herman shared his life with many pets over the years; 6 dogs and 3 cat housemates. He also enjoyed the freshwater fish tanks.

Herman was a cat who enjoyed dogs. He loved being "sassy" and giving them a little run for their money. He also loved curling up with his favorite canines.


  • As Herman's appetite diminished from the effects of kidney failure, I mixed in plain yogurt with canned food. He loved this healthy treat.
  • I provided several soft spots around the house for warmth and comfort as he got older and thinner.
  • As he became hard of hearing (mostly deaf) in later years, I always did a "Herman check" before leaving the house to make sure he wasn't in trouble or not feeling well. Most of the time, he was just really sleeping soundly.
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