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Top 6 Winter Items for Pets

Keep your pet warm and safe


Pets in harsh winter climates need extra protection during the snowy, icy winter months. These items will help keep snow and ice at bay and ensure your pet's comfort and safety.

1. Heated Water Bowl

Heated water bowl © Pricegrabber.com
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With temperatures dropping and snow falling, it can be easy to forget about the fresh water you set out a few hours ago. Pets don't innately know to paw through ice to find water (if it isn't already frozen solid). Eating snow isn't an adequate way to take in water, either. Keep the pet water unfrozen and readily available with a heated water bowl.
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2. Heated Pet Bed

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For arthritic pets, a heated bed is a helpful addition all year round, in all climates! For the cold days of winter, a heated bed is a welcome comfort for indoor pets and a necessity for many outdoor pets. Different beds are available for indoor or outdoor use. Find one that fits your pet's needs.
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3. Dog Sweaters and Jackets

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While some people dress up their pets for fun, harsh climates make dog coats a necessity for some breeds. All dogs are not suited for all types of weather. Short-coated dogs benefit from a weather-resistant coat. Older dogs can keep a chill off even indoors with a sweater. Caution is advised for pets wearing clothes -- supervision is advised.
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4. Pet Boots

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Dogs can be very picky about their feet and what touches their paws, but if they will be tolerant of boots, these are a great way to protect paws from snow, ice, cold temperatures and chemical deicers.
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5. Pet ID Tags

Pet ID tags © Pricegrabber.com
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Pet ID tags are a necessity all year round. I am including them here as a reminder that pets may become disoriented if separated from you in a storm or while out running in the snow. Pet ID tag information should also be updated as necessary. Finding your lost pet or locating an owner of an injured pet could mean the difference between life and death.
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6. Pet Safe Ice Melt and Antifreeze

Pet Safe Ice Melt / Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Keeping things from freezing or becoming icy and slippery are top concerns for winter. These endeavors used to pose a potentially deadly hazard from pets who lick paws or boots that had deicer on them or by tasting deadly antifreeze.

Thankfully, we now have safer antifreeze alternatives and pet-safe deicers to melt icy surfaces.

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