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Winter Heath Hazards and Cold Temperature Information for Pets

Keep your pet protected and safe during the freezing temperatures of winter. Protect your pet from seasonal toxins and hazards, help ease health conditions such as arthritis, and how to make outdoor pet living quarters comfortable during extreme weather.

Winter Pet Safety - Share Your Tips For Keeping Pets Safe and Comfortable in...
Many dogs (and a few cats, too) like to play in the snow and enjoy winter time activities with the family. The beauty and fun of winter snow and ice may become dangerous quickly. Care must be taken to ensure that your pet stays warm and comfortable during winter months. Keeping pets warm and comfortable, protecting paws, and planning for power...

Winter Pet Safety Tips
Cold weather poses special risks for pets, such as running out of water (frozen over) and increased pain from arthritis. Winter dangers aren't just about the cold temperatures. Learn about other potential hazards seen in winter such as antifreeze and deicer toxicity, and get tips on how to be pet-prepared for winter storms and power outages.

Halloween and Fall Safety
Fall is the time when the focus turns indoors. Is your home pet-proofed? Halloween is the first holiday of the winter holiday season, and with that brings additional holiday hazards. Here are some tips and ideas for keeping your pets safe through the fall and winter months.

Top 6 Winter Items for Pets
Pets in harsh winter climates need extra protection during the snowy, icy winter months. These items will help keep snow and ice at bay and ensure your pet's comfort and safety.

Paws to Protect
Winter boots are essential wear for humans to provide traction and protection on snow and ice. Our pets need special care and attention for their feet during harsh weather, too. Learn how to minimize injury and discomfort for your pet's paws and be aware of other winter dangers.

Safe Pet Toys
While it may be tempting for some to get that gigantic chew bone or the red and green colored 'candy canes' made of who-knows-what, some caution is advised before shopping for your pet(s) or your friend's pet(s). As with a gift for a human, realize that each pet has their preferences (chewer, ball player, etc.) and some may have health...

Cold Weather Checklist
Make a list and check it twice - to keep your pets safe when cold weather strikes.

Cats and Cold Weather
This article is covers cold weather hazards specifically related to cats and cat care.

Cold Weather Advice for Pet Owners
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) offers tips for keeping pets safe during the bitter cold winter weather.

Cold Weather Complications
Winter diet, bedding, and chemical hazards are discussed.

Cold Weather Protection for Pets
Comprehensive article covering cold weather safety, exercise, emergencies, and outdoor pets, from the Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW) organization.

Cold Weather Tips For Pets
Saftey tips for winter safety, including watching out for cats getting up into warm car hoods, from the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Considerations for Winter
Housing guidelines and the toxicity of winter plants and products.

Fall & Winter Pet Care Tips
Pet maintenance tips and hazard warnings from Dr. Sue.

Protect Your Pets This Winter
Wintertime cautions for your pet's health and safety, from your Guide.

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