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The opinions, comments and tips from viewers greatly enrich this site. See what viewers have to say on a variety of veterinary and pet health topics, and add in your comments as well. Do you have tips on how you saved money with pets? Has your pet eaten anything particularly icky lately? Are you considering a career as a veterinary technician and wonder what the salary is like? Learn and contribute your knowledge to these subjects and more.

1. My Pet's Encounter With Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac

Poison Oak by goingslo on Flickr
by goingslo on Flickr

A common question on this site is if pets can "get" poison ivy. Not in the sense that humans do, with a intensely itchy, blister-filled rash like humans, but dogs and cats can transmit poison ivy, oak and sumac. 

Has your pet helped spread poison ivy/oak/sumac to human family members? Please share your poison ivy story and any poison ivy tips you may have.

2. Cat Food and Treat Reviews

Kappy and his bowl by melloveschallah on Flickr
by melloveschallah on Flickr

How did you select your cat's food? Are you happy with the cost and seeing health benefits for your cat? Please share your reviews of your cat's favorite - or not so favorite - foods and treats. Please add your review for Adult, Kitten, Senior, Prescription and Treat categories. We also have viewer reviews for dog foods.

3. Dog Food and Treat Reviews

You will give me treats by Perry McKenna on Flickr
by Perry McKenna on Flickr
Knowing what is the "best" food to feed dogs at each life stage is a very common question. Is there a best food? What if your dog has special dietary needs? We are lucky in that there is a huge variety of pet foods to select from at this time and lots of ways to make pet foods at home. How did you select your dog's food? Are you happy with the cost and seeing health benefits for your dog? Please share your reviews of your dog's favorite - or not so favorite - foods and treats.

4. Is Your Cat Crazy For Catnip?

I Luv Catnip by barockschloss on Flickr
by barockschloss on Flickr

Catnip is a cat-friendly plant that causes a variety of behaviors in cats. Some cats get "wild," some seem drowsy, and some cats don't react at all. Catnip is a popular filler for cat toys and scratching posts and may be great for enticing some playful activity out of cats who may be more inclined to nap all day.

What about your cat? Please share your stories and photos of kitties and catnip here.

5. Tell Us About Your Special Needs Dog or Cat

Cassidy after surgery / Philip Ruckart, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine
hilip Ruckart, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine
Animals are very adaptable. Often even more than people realize. Some animals are born this way, some lose their sight, hearing, or even a limb to disease or injury. They will have a small adjustment period, but most pets do just fine. Please tell us about your special pet and how their 'disability' enables them in other ways and how your life has been enriched, too.

6. Has your dog or cat had a urinary tract infection?

Dog and Fire Hydrant by sibtigre2 on Flickr
by sibtigre2 on Flickr

Urinary problems in dogs are common. Clinical signs of a urinary tract infection or other urinary problem can range from barely noticeable to unable to urinate (this is an emergency). Some urinary problems are the result of other diseases, such as diabetes with increased urination as the most common first sign.

Has your pet had a urinary tract infection, blockage or stones?

7. Pet ID: Is your dog or cat microchipped?

Microchip close up by HomeAgain Microchips
by HomeAgain Microchips

Thanks to pet microchips, the small computer chip ID implants used by shelters, rescue groups and veterinarians, thousands of pets have found their way back home.

Microchips work when tags fall off or collars are removed. Is your pet microchipped? Why or why not? Please share your opinions and microchip success stories.

8. Pet Vaccinations: Are your pets vaccinated regularly?

Rabies vaccine and syringe © Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVM
© Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVM

It used to be that dogs and cats were examined and vaccinated annually, as soon as that reminder card came in the mail. In recent years, with the development of new vaccine technologies and ways to assess risks and protection levels, thoughts on vaccination protocols have changed.

What are your thoughts on vaccinations? Share your thoughts

9. Helping kids deal with loss and grief after losing a pet

Mikey, age 10, saying good-bye to Gerri the gerbil.
Barbara Whiting, Guide to Stay-at-Home Parents

Dealing with the loss of a pet is never easy. When children are involved, special considerations must be made to help them understand what is going on and how to deal with pet loss and grief.

Please share your tips for talking to children when dealing with pet loss and grief. If possible, include age-related tips (i.e. tips for dealing with very young, pre-teens, teenagers, etc.).

10. Celebrate Seniors

Herman Roosevelt Quinn - Cat Relaxing on a Rug Credit: Janet Tobiassen DVM
Credit: Janet Tobiassen DVM

Senior pets have a special place in my heart. While they often take lots of time and extra care to accommodate for the changes seen in old age, they still give their all to their human family members.

Let's celebrate seniors. Share your stories and photos here. Your entry should spotlight your senior pet's life (current or in memory of) or why you chose to adopt a senior pet and how they add to your life. See published senior pet stories.

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