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21. Itchy pets - what was the cause and cure for your pet?

Scratching dog © blmurch on Flickr
© blmurch on Flickr

Itchy pets, especially dogs, are very common finding in vet medicine. Not all cases are as severe as Asia and Simba, the dogs featured in the Derm Diary, but a very real problem just the same. What was the cause of your pet's itchiness, and what finally helped bring comfort?

Please share what worked

22. E-Collar alternatives

Dog wearing traditional e-collar after surgery by apanoply on Flickr
Dog wearing traditional e-collar after surgery by apanoply on Flickr

Most people are familiar with the traditional "cone" or e-collar used to prevent dogs and cats from licking or scratching at incisions or wounds. Have you used an "e-collar alternative" for your pet such as inflatable collars or fabric cones described here?

Please share what worked or ... what didn't work here.

23. How did you find the "best" pet sitter or kennel for your pet?

Tabby cat enjoying being petted by Maarten on Flickr
by Maarten on Flickr

Our pets are our family. They share our lives, homes and, when possible, travel with us. Sometimes though, traveling with our pets is not feasible. In those times, we must make arrangements for pet care.

Will your pet go to a boarding kennel, a friend's house, or will someone come to your house to take care of your pets? What is most important to you when seeking pet care? Please share your tips for finding reliable and trustworthy pet care while you are away.

24. Finding a Veterinarian You & Your Pets Love

Mo the cat getting 'fixed' © Bill in Ash Vegas on Flickr
© Bill in Ash Vegas on Flickr

Most of us have experienced the need to find a new vet at some point. Whether you just moved to a new location, adopted a first pet, need to find a vet specialist, or get second opinion for your pets, how did you do it?

Please share how you found your vet and tips for finding a good vet. I would also like to know why you (and your pets!) like your vet or... why you found a new one.

25. Pet Food Recalls - What Changed At Your House?

Oliver Eating © Bonnie Vengrow
© Bonnie Vengrow

The massive pet food recalls in 2007 shook consumer confidence. Now, despite what we have learned from that horrible episode, the pet food recalls continue.

How did the pet food recalls affect your household? What are you feeding your pet(s) now? Do you trust pet food manufacturers?

Share your thoughts and experiences with pet food recalls here.

26. Tips For Making Your Own Pet First Aid Kits

First Aid Kit - Getty Images / Stockbytes
Getty Images / Stockbytes

Building your own pet first aid kit can be a daunting task. Here are some kit-building tips for those who want to make their own. There are also many pet first aid kits available for purchase (view/compare prices).

Have you built or used a pet first aid kit? What items did you find most useful? What items could you save money by omitting? Have you taken a pet first aid class? Please share your kit-building and pet first aid tips here.

27. What worked to clear up your cat's case of chin acne?

Pustular feline chin acne © Wikimedia Commons
© Wikimedia Commons
Feline chin acne cases are varied in appearance and severity. Sometimes changing food and water dishes and washing the dishes daily is all that is needed. Other times, cleansing the chin in conjunction with veterinarian-prescribed medications are essential to clear up the condition. What worked to clear up your cat's chin acne?

28. What Does "Pet Hospice Care" Mean To You?

Old Dog © BobMacInnes on Flickr
© BobMacInnes on Flickr
In the past, most end-of-life choices for pets were limited to euthanasia and pet owners were left to their own devices to "get over it." Pet loss grief is a common theme in the VetMed forum. Many people struggle with end-of-life issues for their pets. What does the more encompassing concept of "pet hospice" mean to you?

29. Tell us your curious-pet-meets-skunk story

Tomato Juice Bath for Skunked Dog by Oakley Originals on Flickr
by Oakley Originals on Flickr

Many of us have had the unpleasant realization, usually at night, of "uh oh, my dog has been skunked!" With a direct attack, the odor is often so strong that the amount of skunk oil on the pet may be underestimated. This can lead to bringing the dog (or articles of clothing) in the house a bit too soon.

Annoying, frustrating...what's your skunk story?

30. Knowing when it is "time"

Herman Quinn - October 2007
Janet Tobiassen Crosby DVM
There's always that "what if" chance that tomorrow will be a better day, our pet really isn't that sick, or the appetite will come back. But usually, deep down, we do know when it is time, whether we can admit it or not. How did you "know" it was time? Can you offer advice for coping with guilt or grief? Please share your tips.

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