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Glossary Term: Pruritus


Definition: Pruritus is the medical term for "itchiness"; something that causes a desire to scratch. What causes pruritus? The reasons are too many to list - everything from a dry skin to parasites to hypothyroidism.

If your pet shows signs of pruritus; scratching, chewing, licking and / or biting at the skin, feet or ears, please see your veterinarian to diagnose the cause and get some relief for your itchy pet. Prolonged pruritus (and the resultant trauma of chewing and scratching) can lead to other health problems, such as skin and ear infections.

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Pronunciation: proo-i'-tis
Also Known As: itchy, puritic
Common Misspellings: puritic
Her dog was so pruritic that the vet recommended an immediate oatmeal bath and oral medications to help lessen her dog's discomfort.
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